Cleaning Shure Olives?
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Jan 10, 2008
I dont know how I should be cleaning my olive foams (Ive had to ask for replacement foams from Shure because of a wrecked pair). According to the Shure website, you can clean the olive foams by washing them in water, but I find that after I do so, they no longer stay compressed as well as they used to. Ive also tried wiping them with alcohol and thats also a no-no because they become more spongy afterwards and dont stay compressed.

So what is the proper way to clean these things? They seem to accumulate caked on wax after a while which is kind of nasty, and Id like to get the crap off.
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I'd just wipe it off with moist paper towel. I soaked mines in water, and it didn't retain its memory as well as before the soaking. Don't squeeze your wet foamies, as it bursts the bubbles inside.
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So wiping with a damp cloth is the only way to do it? Theres no other way that would actually disinfect as well? (Im sure my pockets arent that clean either)

And why do the bubbles burst when wet but can be squeezed normally
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I have the black foamies... and what I do is wipe them down with an antiseptic solution (non-alcohol) with a cotton bud, and remove any ear wax that's 'stuck' on them every few days.

I haven't tried washing them before... but I guess they should survive the washing as long as they are not squeezed as some of the other posts point out.
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I lick my forefinger and thumb and rub them over a bit, picking off any bits of wax with a fingernail. Repeat until clean, then wipe fingers and do it again to dry. This seems to work quite well for me.
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lol i squeeze them every time
i shouldnt do that it seems^^

i just wash them in hot water
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Yeah, don't soak them, it kills them. Just wipe with a moist wash cloth and let air dry.

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