Cleaning Grados (driver)..
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Mar 13, 2005
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Here's my first post in well over what feels like 2-3 years... although it has actually just been 1

My HF-1s have lasted me all this while and I've had no reason to consider anything else. Although lately I've been hearing the annoying "rattling" sounds coming from the right side of the cans. Usually blowing inside the driver area will remove whatever dust/hair/whatever is sitting on it causing the sound. However this time I could NOT get it to stop. It's only there for the really low freqs, but I can definitely hear it. Desperate times called for desperate measures and I removed the white screen from the driver and began "hunting". I found two or three hairs that were "stuck" in there, they seemed to be very close to the driver itself and blowing on them did nothing, so I took some thin tweezers and began pulling them out. The only thing that worries me is the thin black plastic on the far edges around the driver, I touched it lightly a couple times and I seem to have dented it... is this something to be concerned about?

Despite all I've done I can still hear the sound. The other side (left) is fine and the only abnormal sounds coming from it are when I equalize the low freqs too much, and I hear distortion. The sound coming from the right side is more than that.

I'm about to see if Grado will take them and do anything. In the mean time, what do you guys think?

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