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Cleaning ear wax from Sennheiser ie8s

  1. holden4th
    My new ie8s have worked well until recently when the left channel became more prominent than the right. Acting on a hunch, I used the wax cleaning tool provided on the right ear bud (which seemed to have a lot of wax on it) and it immediately got worse, suggesting that I have actually pushed the wax down through the grille. Obviously, this tool is not a very good idea but how do I now go about cleaning the wax out? These are amazing iems and I want them functional again.
    I have only had a limited time listening to these and was surprised at how much wax there was. Is this normal Maybe I have very waxy ears or maybe I used the wrong tips (double flange mediums). These are my first ever set of iems so I'm a newbie in this regard.
     I read that a surface soaking in hydrogen peroxide will do the trick but am not that keen on putting these into any form of liquid.
    All suggestions gratefully accepted.

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