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CKS70, S4, or Turbines

  1. killerfrenzi
    I think I pretty much narrowed it down to these 3 since they're all within my budget. I don't know which one I should get. any suggestions?
  2. ZARIM
    CKS70 offers deep reverbing punchy bass with really wide soundstage but mids n highs are less detailed. S4 also offer great bass response with better mids and highs, Turbine is detailed in mids n highs with crisp punchy bass.
  3. killerfrenzi
    I was mainly looking at the cks70 since it'll sit flush in my ear, and I'm not really impressed when looking at the pl-50
  4. tomscy2000
    The CKS70 sits flush to your ear? They certainly didn't when I wore them... The second bass chamber definitely makes the descending stalk float off the ears... having tried all three before, at least IMO the S4 fits best and most comfortably; the oval eartips are nice.. but the build is probably the most questionable of the three

  5. dweaver
    I really liked the comfort ofthe CKS70 myself but I kinda like the way the chamber sat in my ear and I like a shallow insert IEM. Sound wise if want sound stage the CKS70 slays both of the other IEM and has MEGA bass but as has been said is a bit weak in the treble and midrange areas (treble more than midrange in my opinion). I no longer own the S4 or the MT's but my wife likes the CKS70 so we still have that one at home.
  6. tomscy2000
    CKS70 probably gives you the least fatiguing sound of the three because of its spacious soundstage and attenuated mids/highs. If you like its comfort (I didn't), then it's probably the best choice for you. My main issue with it was the lack of bass resolution; it is marketed as a bassy IEM, but even though it brings copious amounts of bass, it doesn't really give well textured bass that I've heard in (albeit higher-tiered) headphones like the MTPC/MD.

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