CIEM recommendations under or around 1000$
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Oct 19, 2007
Hey guys, so after losing my Westone ES50s last year, I finally have a budget around 1000$ to purchase a new pair of CIEMs.

I use studio monitors in my living room and in general like flat response on my audio gear. So far I've came up with two options:

-Ultimate ears reference remastered
-Westone ES50 (just because I've had them and I liked the sound)

one thing I like about both of these is that I can get a bluetooth cable with them which could be handy on flights for listening to podcasts etc. And both companies have decent customer service. Over the recent years I've seen so many brands from Asia specially that I think I'd need months of reading to have an idea what's out there!

Do you guys have any recommendations? Bluetooth cable is a very nice to have feature but not an absolute must.


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