CI VHP1 and VAC1
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Dec 29, 2007
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Last up for consideration is the CI Audio VHP1 headphone amp and VAC1 power supply. Everything else is gone. I want the CIA gear gone too!

So here's what I'll do on this:
$200 + paypal + ship for the SET (all boxes, etc; what you see in pictures).
$150 + paypal + split ship for the VHP1 (that's the headphone amp), with it's wall-pack and it's box
$100 + paypal + split ship for the VAC1 (that's the power supply, it also works with a lot of other CI products, and JDS has said it will drive the O2 as well), with it's box, an IEC power cord, and the lead that connects it to CI products (I don't know if it's the right size for the JDS O2 - it's 14VAC/1.44A out, so you can use it for anything that will need (note that's VAC not VDC))

Obviously if one sells, the combo deal goes away. :xf_eek:

This is all US based shipping via USPS. International we have to talk about.

Amp and PSU are in great condition, I took them apart for cleaning about a year ago (I'm very thorough when I clean electronics), and they were used for maybe a month after that and then boxed up and stored. They came out of boxes for the pictures, and that's it. I feel the need to qualify the pot on the VHP makes a bit of "rustling" noise if you jerk on it (deoxit would solve this problem methinks), it's no worse than any other headamp I've used, and the channel balance is spot-on above the lowest (unusable) volume setting (the only way you're gonna hear the imbalance is with IEMs/something else super sensitive and overloading the input).

Old man style feedback:

I know this is closed, but just realized the thread doesn't show revisions - this thread also sold a Fiio E9 (since that's linked in feedback), but that was removed after it sold. Just wanted it here as a record. :xf_eek:
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