ChronicSh**age puter
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 3, 2002
I have a computer now dedicated to Sony's ChronicSh**age because, well, I want to like the recently introduced NW-A808 Walkman enough to do it.

Right now it's running on an E6700 (unOC'd), a P5B-Deluxe, Kingston PC6400 5-5-5, a 7900GS, WD Raptor 10K 150Gb boot / ChronicSh**age load drive and Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750Gb for the library. Vista Ultimate OS. Software load is the OS, Firefox, Acrobat Reader, Flash, Synctoy and ChronicSh**age + supporting software. That's it - no other software, codecs, etc. Not even a virus scanner.

It still runs (especially loads) like an iguana in a deep freeze given a triple dose of tranquilisers whose limbs have been hacked off and is trapped in a time dilation sphere. Tried XP, no discernibly better in terms of response. How the hell do I make it go faster? Or is this the end of a brief Sony affair?

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