Chromecast audio - can anyone comment on sound quality?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by peddler, Oct 3, 2015.
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  1. snoroqc
    Allo group, Thank for the add. I read almost the whole thread. 
    My source
    - MP3 320kbps (can rip my cds in flac if it help).
    - on a portable hard drive (can have a computer with Bubbleupnp DLNA server if it help). 
    - connect VIA USB2.0 to a router (tp-link AC1750) with built in DLNA server 
    - ....CCA ? 
    - ..  DAC ?
    - ... amplifier (To be determined)
    - Magnepan MMG speaker (brand new, receive it today WAAAAAA)
     I now control and access the MP3s with Bubbleupnp via android phone (nexus 5x) with Chromecast audio in another system . 
    What do I need to keep the highest quality sound the the speakers ??! 
    3- (??)
    I'M LOST. 
    Thank you 
  2. EElegances
    Use a quality toslink cable and Option #1 and you are golden.
  3. jcn3
    definitely re-rip your cds in flac at full 16/44.1 with no compression.  maggie's are revealing so they deserve your material to be as good as possible.
  4. snoroqc
    Thank I'll. Is it worth it to use another DLNA server (bubbleupnp server) instead of the router AC1750 dlna server built in ? 
    What dac around 200 $ I don't need amplification/portability. Only need optialcal in . RCA out. 
  5. jcn3
    I think you would be much better served using Minimserver (dlna server) and bubbleupnp server. What's in your router in typically not that robust.
    For a dac, get in Schiit Modi Multibit. It's $250 and much loved. Check out the thread here. 
  6. joeike
    I'm using option #2 with Elac UF5 tower's & Yamaha RX-V 481 & bubble upnp app.Hi res FLAC / wave sound great!
  7. snoroqc
    If a got
    DLNA server - AC1750 router - Chromecast Audio digital to -- DAC RCA to -- Amplifier - 
    What device control the volume ? I would like to control the volume with CCA is that possible ?  The amplifier volume must be at a fixed level (low, middle , high )? Any recommandations ? 
  8. Ggroch
    Yes, You can control the volume in your described setup with the Google "Home" app (which is what they call the chromecast app now).  You can also control the volume with your BubbleDNLA app from your phone (or most other DNLA apps I expect). Should sound great. 
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  9. snoroqc
    The amplifier volume should be at (relatively) fixed volume. What are you recommending ? For best sound (all other things being equal)
    1- Highest possible ?
    2- Lowest possible ?
    3- Dont do any difference?
  10. markbrauer
    I find the CCA digital volume works quite well, with no discernible degradation of sound quality even at low volume settings.
    The BubbleUpNp app for Android controls the volume of the CCA with 50 steps rather than the usual 20 steps or so of other smartphone music players. Eliminates the too-loud / too-quiet problem when setting volume.
  11. SP Wild
    Digital is supposed to be easy... But DLNA... Bubblepop this.. Usb convertor that, mqa, bit perfect...

    I am thinking about buying a record player... Can't be anymore confusing right?
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  12. buchignani
    Sprinkled through the postings here are some concerns about the quality of the power supplied to the CCA. I thought that I would try the option of improving the output of a typical charger supply by filtering and adding a reserve bank of capacitors. I started with a short USB extension cable that already had a ferrite bead on it. I then opened up the cable midway and added 10,000 mF of audio grade storage capacity and a set of progressively smaller bypass caps. The lower value bypass were film caps.

    The neat thing with this option is that I can shift it around to wherever I need it.

    To be honest I did not think that this device would improve the quality of the audio output of the CCA but I am pretty sure that it does. I will try switching it in and out over the next few days and report back.
  13. SP Wild
    Usb power supplies...

    Here us a strange one. I bought a powerboard that incorporates 2 x 2 amp usb charging ports.

    My phone touchsreen goes bonkers when connected to those ports.

    Then the battery life turned schiit... Out of nowhere... Having consistent battery performance for years.

    Realising these two strange occurrence happened at the time I bought the power board... I figured the usb ports are killing my phone.

    The battery life was restored finally... After I let the phone run down in power and switched off. I used the supplied charger to charge from complete empty. Battery was back to normal.

    Must be a very bad charger to shorten battery life and mess with the touchsreen. I still don't understand it.
  14. yay101

    That's pretty standard for putting phones that came before fast charging on fast charging ports. Older phones don't usually support more than 1 amp from a charger without overheating/ not charging/ causing issues like touchscreens playing up while plugged in.

    A lot of people in the android community learnt about this way back when the one plus one came out.
  15. SP Wild

    Interesting. My Nexus 5 phone supports two amp charging... But the usb ports are actually 2.4 amps.

    I suspected that it was poor voltage regulation with ripples and peaks in the output and the phone only reading the peak voltage with no clue of RMS voltage and assumed phone was charged with false voltage reading. The higher voltage might mess with the phone circuitry. But I can't see how a well regulated voltage output could cause any problems no matter how high the amperage.
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