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Christmas exchange 2013

  1. nc8000 Contributor
    In previous years there has been a Christmas cd exchange thread that needs to be run by some official person. Who is up to starting it this year ?
  2. tjohnusa
    I sent a PM to Unkle Eric whom has run it in the past, last night. Last year there was a little confusion on the "official" thread so let's please wait until UE replies as to whether he wants to do it again this year. I am sure it is a time consuming job to match all that participate and he has the most experience and has always done a great job. It would be good to get it solved as to allow 3 weeks to get your gift out to your partner so hopefully something starts soon.....by the way...shouldn't it be for 2012?
  3. MacedonianHero Contributor
    If there's one...I'm in again. [​IMG]
  4. nc8000 Contributor

    Thanks. Yes I remember last year, hence my question.
  5. MorbidToaster
    I'm in again of course, but Unkle Eric hasn't been around I'm afraid. I think your PM might fall on deaf ears.
  6. tjohnusa
    Well if thats the case anyone want to step up?
  7. balderon Contributor
    I nominate tjohnusa! [​IMG]


  8. tjohnusa
    I guess I can give it a shot.....I will wait till Monday 11/19 to start an official thread. Anyone that has an objection to me doing this please post here by 11/19 6pm est.
  9. balderon Contributor
  10. nc8000 Contributor
    Great. This thread is hereby dead
  11. Ultrainferno
    Or isn't it? :D

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