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Chord Mojo

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  1. wormsdriver
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • North America
    Up for sale is my Chord Mojo. It comes with the box and USB cable. It is in good used condition, I took close up pictures, check them out! BTW, I tested the battery and it lasted me 8 hours on a full charge.

    Price is $349 shipping included(ConUS) Buyer pays PayPal fees or PP gift
    IMG_9572.JPG IMG_9573.JPG IMG_9574.JPG IMG_9575.JPG IMG_9576.JPG IMG_9577.JPG IMG_9578.JPG IMG_9537.JPG IMG_9538.JPG IMG_9539.JPG
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
  2. Seancs14
    How new/old is your mojo? The box looks different than the black one I’ve seen with some mojos, so just wondering. I’m in the market for one right now.
  3. wormsdriver
    I'm not entirely sure how old it is, I've had it for over a year
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  4. wormsdriver
    Price drop!
  5. wormsdriver
  6. wormsdriver
  7. wormsdriver
  8. wormsdriver
  9. wormsdriver
  10. CorvetteGarage
    Dang good deal here...
    wormsdriver likes this.
  11. wormsdriver
    Still available!
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