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Chord Mojo/ Woo Audio WA8/ iFi iDSD Micro/ ALO Audio CDM. What to buy?

  1. ufospls2
    Hey guys,
    I'm in need of a transportable (not fully portable) option for travelling/use at home around the house. I have my big desktop set up for when I want to do a hardcore listening session, so absolute top of the line power and performance isn't needed, it would be nice though. I have never owned a tube amp, so the CDM and the WA8 are interesting options. I don't think the CDM has enough power for my needs though, but I haven't tried it yet. The WA8 has a bit more power than the CDM, but is still down on power compared to the Mojo and the iFi. It is however the only all tube design. The Mojo is attractive due to its DAC and small form factor. The iFi has enough power for all my headphones without a doubt. 
    They all have their plusses and minuses, and I have no clue what to do. The WA8 is the most expensive, and I wouldn't like to spend more than that. I realise the WA8 is just out, so there is probably a lack of people with relevant experience to comment on it, but if you are out there please share your experience. 
    So. Out of those options, which would you chose and why? 
  2. jollybob
    I too am interested in the same comparison info/perspectives. I currently have the iFi micro iDSD and I pair it mainly with my Audeze LCD3 (with Fazor) and the results are good in resolution, dynamics and tonal balance, but a bit dry and lacking in the bloom and other wonderful things I associate with the best of tubes. The feature set of the iFi is awesome but I sense that the Chord or Woo WA8 might sound better based on extensive reviews I've read (but haven't heard either unit yet). Don't know muich about the ALO unit. I hope someone posts soon with actual listening comparisons.

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