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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. x RELIC x Contributor
    On a different note, I have the Mojo plugged in to my home stereo in pure direct mode on the stereo feeding my floor standing speakers. Man alive! I've abandoned my stereo setup for far too long and the depth and imaging I'm hearing right now is nothing short of amazing. If I close my eyes I can place the singer, instruments, backup singers, etc., easily. Usually when I've listened to my stereo setup in the past it felt like it only had good stereo seperation and never this sort of depth and imaging.

    Over the years headphones have become my default medium of music consumption given family life and my desire to consume tunes anywhere around the house. I forgot how enticing music can be through speakers, at least with the Mojo feeding the system I feel it's on a different level than I've heard before. Eva Cassidy, Nightbird, Fields of Gold(live), is amazing on this right now... I'm there. Yikes, do I want to upgrade my speakers now?!
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  2. GreenBow

    I have mine plugged in as desktop hi-fi. FLAC files from PC on USB, and DAB tuner on optical. (One output leads to desktop active speakers. The other for headphones.) I should in future use a Chord with input selection, because I have to unplug USB to hear the optical. If Chord make a desktop Mojo, input selection should be be part of the unit and manually selectable. Not automatic like the Mojo.
  3. masterpfa
    This had been my plan eventually, but only once I have moved and can set up my Man Pad
    Mojo at the centre of my sytem, home and away
  4. spook76
    I had the SE846 for the first 5 months I owned the Mojo and it pairs beautifully. With the Mojo's very very low output impedance (0.075 ohms), as Hawaiibadboy stated "it eats what you feed it". If you are coming from any amplifier with a greater than 1ohm output impedance to the ultra sensitive SE846 (8ohms) the bass will be elevated but that is an artificial boost.
  5. uzi2

    I've had a preset on my receiver labelled Hugo for some while now.
    Some of what you are hearing will be down to expectation bias, but it sounds like your current speakers are doing a great job. Upgrading speakers has a law of diminishing returns way out of the headphone scale. Maybe there is a gap in your HiFi rack that is Dave shaped? [​IMG]
  6. audi0nick128

    Which radio are you using? Looking for a good dab with digital out.

  7. GreenBow
    Yeah happily tell you. I bought a Denon TU1800 DAB, (which is an old tuner now). http://www.whathifi.com/denon/tu-1800dab/review Good features, like one-hundred pre-sets.
    I paid £139 incl postage for it on ebay, and took delivery yesterday. They can occasionally be bought for about £100. (Remember though if you have good internet connection you can possibly stream at a better bit rate.)
    I was also recently pointed to the Onkyo tuners, like the Onkyo dab/fm-tuner t-4030, for £200. There seems to be a bit of excitement about Onkyo at the moment due to the success of the Onkyo 9010 integrated amplifier.
    As you know, you only need a tuner with digital out, to use the Mojo. Therefor cost need not be excessive for sound quality from the tuner. However I feel happy with my Denon because it has good analogue out; back up if my Mojo gets poorly. 
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  8. x RELIC x Contributor

    I can assure you there was no expectation bias in the surprisingly joyful experience I had. I literally intended to take a short break from work and just wanted to try it out. It may have just been the fact that I hadn't listened to speakers for so long that I was reacting to, and I'd like to test different source gear to confirm, but still, the Mojo played very well to a good speaker amp with a decent full sized set of speakers. The short break ended up being three hours. I'll have to set a preset on mine for the Mojo. :wink:

    I'm quite happy with my speakers and they perform very well, but they aren't top shelf by any stretch. I'm also well aware of the diminishing return on speakers vs headphones and the insane prices they reach. I said it more tongue in cheek. The Dave on the other hand......
  9. raelamb

    I was only joking about Drew. I've purchased many items from him and his service has always been great. He's just very serious lol.
    All of a sudden after 3 months of heavy use the 2 headphone outs are intermittent like there's some kind of "short". Have tried multiple phones.
  10. steffi
    What was wrong with it?
  11. christrz

    From my listening experience, I do agree that the sub bass is not as prominent as what I've heard in other setups. It's not rolled off, but if you specifically want a strong sub bass, the mojo may not be your thing. 
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  12. Peter Hyatt
    I'll have to retest the battery; I was too sleepy!
    It had continuous music for 7.5 hours and had not left the "yellow" stage to the final 25% red.   600 ohm headphones and music at low-moderate sound. 
  13. wahsmoh

    I kind of have similar feelings. But the Chord Mojo makes up for it by being neutral, transparent, and detailed without ever fatiguing. (unless the track is mastered that way)
    My standalone Theta DS Pro progeny A has noticeably more bass and a thicker midrange. Highs on the Theta are a little bit more sparkly but at the cost of having more sizzle at the top of the highs. There is no sizzle at all with the Mojo and there is a lot of air and texture around cymbals with natural decay.
    I'd imagine the larger Chord models might have more slam in the sub-bass. If you look at the inside of the Hugo TT, I would assume the better power supply and capacitors will give it more slam and presence than the smaller Mojo. Still, for a portable setup the Mojo will beat many desktop setups in detail because of the excellent FPGA implementation and timing.
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  14. warrior1975
    I'm really enjoying the Mojo. I'm pleasantly surprised. I definitely experience the toe tapping and more "into" the music sensation. Handles eq superbly as well... Add that bass.
  15. Shetzu
    Got my  Mojo delivered an hour back. It was exciting unboxing the same. Could someone tell me what amp Charger  I require to charge it. Can I use  a 2.1amp charger or do I need to charge it with 1 amp charger.
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