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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. ddaktiv

    I completely agree :) I love the mojo and it's transparency, it's actually one of the reasons why I got it. Details and power are there, I'm not sure what mutes the low end though.
    I've tried dap+mojo dap+mojo+amp and they're all very level sounding... My conclusion is it really does let you hear the recording very accurately as I've tried r&b w the stack and the low end is there, classical and it's there but not as dominant..

    When you want to have the extended lows or an omnipresent bass layer, it can't be achieved with any mojo combination (so far haven't found a combo that does this). It's like listening to an hd800... It's there but it's not really there.
    It's weird because a different story when using it w iems. There's more extension and notes are all very distinctively presented.

    Mojo has enough juice to power big cans but I think when you have good bass capable cans, mojo won't satisfy your reason for buying those cans. I'm open for amp recommendations for mojo combos as I really prefer the mojo dac to my DAP's.
  2. twiceboss

    Oh come on.. read the rest of it. It solved.

    What do you expect me to buy extreme bass than Th600? ... that equalify pro did So Fxxking amazing with the deep and thump bass now haha xD

    Thanks for the suggestion though! :wink:
  3. Townyj

    Hahaha after i replied i went through the next few pages and saw! :wink: good stuff.
  4. Rob Watts

    Originally Posted by Multimediers [​IMG]
    Just wonder if anyone here experience the same situation.
    I had fully charged up my Mojo and had been using it for not more than 10 mins yesterday. When I started using it today I discovered that the power indicator went to green immediately. It seems the battery level was going down even if I am not using it. The USB power supply was being disconnected every time when the Mojo was being fully charged and the Mojo is never being used when it was being charged. The Mojo had went thru 6-7 times of complete charge-up/discharge cycles. The longest play time (continuous) which I got is not more than 5 hours (can't remember where from this thread that some others can get 8 to 10 hrs of play time).
    Is my Mojo not working as expected (in terms of battery life)?
    BTW, would battery life be shorter if Mojo is being used under DSD mode?   
    I think the clue is the fact that it starts at green - and getting five hours from green is about right. Make sure that the unit is properly charged - turn it off, and charge overnight, so that the white charging light goes out. When you power up it should be blue. If not, its possible that your charger is not capable of delivering 1A for 4 hours - what can happen is the charger gets hot inside, reduces its OP current, then Mojo will stop charging as it does not have enough voltage. So try a 2A charger for example.
    The power consumed by the FPGA is 475 mW - less than a third of the power used in total. Using DSD should actually be slightly lower power, as most of the WTA DSP cores are not being used.
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  5. Rob Watts
    I had a similar experience with Hugo - in that I found I was listening to much more music in general. Also, the really odd thing was that I found I could enjoy really bad 1930's recordings - now you can hear all the EQ problems and the distortion, but Hugo/Mojo allowed me to connect to the music in a profoundly different way than before.
    Technically, it caused me big headaches, as I could not understand why it had this quality. I managed to fully understand it with the Dave project. It turned out to be the timing errors that digital recordings introduced - or rather the timing errors that DAC's create when it goes from sampled data back to the original continuous analogue signal. What was strange is that extremely small timing errors have a very big impact to how our brains makes sense of the music - and reducing these very small timing errors allowed me to connect with the music.
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  6. avesta07
    Hey guys
    i have Samsung Galaxy S6, i saw someone said that the Samsung DAC is quite good.
    if i want to pair up with Mojo, does the improvement will be noticeable?
    i need your opinion, should i buy DAP such as Fiio X5 2nd gen pair it with Mojo ? or
    just stick with my galaxy S6 and buy Mojo ?
    and if im going to pair it with only the s6, i also heard that it best to download UAPP apps for listening music due to limitation in samsung built in player. is it true?
    for the set up itself, mostly i will use my AAW W300 for portable set up.
    thank you!
  7. NPWS
    just stick with your s6 and buy mojo instead buying fiio x5 2nd gen pair with mojo
  8. mrback
    i;ve just got an X5ii to pair with my mojo, so apples & pears really. I wanted something with big storage possibilities & to have good sound if I wanted to take out & about without the mojo. Just awaiting a cable from Vidal to test, the mojo was great with a dx50 so looking forward to hearing it with the X5ii.
  9. avesta07
    oh i see, 
    aand also i eard that we need to use UAPP instead of the built in music player in Samsung due to some limitation, is it true?
    one of my concern using the s6 is the storage and the battery consumption 
    would love to hear your review using  mojo + X5 ii [​IMG]
  10. GreenBow
    I have come across a problem with a new device that I just bought, but I think it's the cable.
    I bought a used DAB tuner on ebay, (with coaxial and optical outputs, as well as analogue). It's stopped working across the jack-to-phono cable that I was using for coaxial to Mojo. I had the set up working ten minutes, then switched off. When I try it again I get only a bit of crackle. The sampling rate indicator on the Mojo is flickering red. While it was running orange when it was working and playing broadcasts.
    I need to get a digital cable; either coaxial or optical. I was originally thinking optical. I'd like to run the tuner through my Mojo like that from now on. However I feel I need also to test the coxial situation. Either the Mojo, the cable, or the tuner, is causing a fault.
    I am not a brain-box on coaxial cables. Please can someone advise me if the liklihood of the issue is with the cable?
    I imagine that Chord would have an idea of what a flickering power button means please.
  11. masterpfa
    I would imagine the connection is intermittent hence the sync is also intermittent and the flashing power light. Probably due to a defective cable

    I experienced the same with an optical Toslink to Mini Toslink. Replaced the cable problem gone.
  12. GreenBow

    OK, thank you. I am probably zooming into town today so I will have a look at cables.
  13. Ike1985
    I get DSD in both formats to play fine on my iphone 5 running Onkyo and my S7 edge running UAPP.  I don't have a lot of stuff running in the background though, never experienced stuttering, not once.
  14. Ike1985
    If you're transferring via USB there will be no difference.  If you use the S6 then you can use apps like youtube, bandcamp, spotify, tune-in, tidal, etc. 
  15. Ike1985
    Why not go S7, tmobile and AT&T and euro carriers are literally givinv them away, seriously.  It's Buy-one-get-one free, you buy one, you sell the other to pay off the first and you've got a free s7 or s7edge.  Plus the S7 series has micro SD card support which is huge for audiophiles.  PLus you get a free gear VR virtual reality. =P  However, you should know that apple products are better suited for DACs because they can output audio from all your favorite apps like bandcamp, tidal, etc directly to mojo bypassing the built-in dac thus preventing unnecessary sampling which lowers sound quality.  Android can only pass tidal and actual albums you own on your hard drive to mojo without upsampling, everything else will be upsampled by the native upsampling on android and sound bad.
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