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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. bikutoru

    All of equipment that I tried and kept seem to be getting a little better after a while. I still do not underestimate my brain's ability to adjust, to focus, to enjoy.
    When I go about my day and not paying any attention, the sky is something blue up there, but let me stop, relax and really look at it, it is really has this brilliant color and with polarized sunglasses more so. To me is the same with music and the Mojo are "polarized" sunglasses.
  2. psikey
    No, much more an insulator compared to good conductor such as Aluminium and would stop air convection to Aluminium Mojo case
  3. noobandroid
    but then without the case, the body gets scratched easily by things we cant see sometimes, like dust
  4. psikey
    Actually cases can be the cause of scratching as they trap grit and can then rock between case & Mojo causing a scratch. The Aluminium is Anodised and likely passivated so much more durable than a paint coating.
    Having in a case when used off battery may be fine anyway but not when charging/listening. Will also depend on where you are in the world & Ambient temperature. At least the Mojo has built-in thermal sensors to prevent damage. At least with Chord's own case they should know/test for the thermals.   
  5. lukeap69
    I've just checked and no additional scratches to note. So far no overheating issue since using the case. In the past I had the Mojo to shutdown whilst using and I have noticed it was hotter than normal. IIRC that happened 2x. I will report bacl if that happens whilst the case is on.
  6. jincuteguy
    Yea the Mojo itself is pretty hot already, so I don't see a point in putting it inside a Case.  Will destroy the mojo and its hardware inside pretty fast.
  7. martyn73
    I was waiting for a Mojo case but this case appeared on eBay. This Dignis looks good but like the Hugo case entirely exposes the end of the device. The price is not clear; 14800 yen (£79) for the Buttero or 8000 yen for the Laskina but Google isn't translating the text. If you add on customs charges the price is getting close to £100.
  8. rkt31
    mojo with out burn sounded bass heavy but with about 30 hours with isotek CD sound opened up. it still sounds warmer than Hugo but goes very well with Beyer dt880 600 ohm.
  9. UNOE

    Where did you purchase ?

    I don't think coaxial or optical is different in any way really on most devices it's the same signal. USB with the different drivers in Windows sound different to me but coaxial and optical the same.

    Basically optical is the same signal being sent with light. You can take a coaxial 2 pin source and add 5v pin. Then connect a $6 optical output with the 3 pins.

    jmills8 likes this.
  10. jmills8
    Thanks for the reply.The deal was with a friend who ended up buying a home amp instead.
  11. mrback
    Does anybody have an FiiO X5ii with this stacking kit, just wondered if it fitted the mojo or not.
  12. Peter Hyatt

    I think this is a good question given his reference point and may highlight the differences between Hugo and Mojo.  Perhaps Rob can weigh in, or his prior posts shed light.  In either case, I am interested in the answer.  
  13. rkt31
    other than the guy who offered the short fiiox3 to mojo cable , is there any other offering with short length right angled plugs ?
  14. esm87
    hey, I've been looking at the se846 for a few weeks. Thing is Im going to constantly be wondering how good the next tier IEM sound etc... I know my obsession for the best of things, I'll end up with 3/4 pairs of IEM's within a few weeks lol. Im going to return mojo, add whatever I need to get the se846, update my file quality then re-buy the mojo. All good, I got so intrigued by this mojo I bought it not realising my hardware wouldnt handle it. I'll have it again within a few months. Probably at a discount on the £400 price tag aswell.
  15. esm87
    For example I listen to alot of oasis, nickelback, stereophonics, kings of leon... where do I find well mastered versions compared to the original album? Im hoping to buy them 2nd hand as it will greatly reduce the cost over new
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