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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. jmills8
    Got a Mojo for $350 , couldnt say no, but what is the best way to get the BEST sound from the Mojo ? Also what is the BEST way to get bass from the Mojo? Right now I can use my trusted X3 which has a Coax or can use my Plenue M or 1 optical. Which gives a better sound coax connecting or connecting the Mojo from the optical?



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  2. joshk4
    Nice, would love to see more photos of the dignis and mojo..
  3. karmazynowy
    Mojo its been for a while now, so what mid-tier headphones makes best synergy with Mojo? Anyone tries AKG K702?
    Does Mojo have enough power to make them sing?
  4. masterpfa

    Personally I think you are looking at this from the wrong angle
    I strongly believe the issue is not Mojo but the app, phone or even the connection you are using.

    If for example you were to connect a DAP to your Mojo via USB or COAX/OPT the issues you are experiencing probably would no longer be present.
    I find that Tidal is great for the selection available but I have experienced and issue or two depending on which phone I use, stuttering, tracks being skipped or play stopping altogether these I have experienced from the Tidal app from my phones, the same can happen in UAPP but many factors could affect your experience with UAPP
    1. Screen switching off and how your phone deals with running applications when the screen is off
    2. Dropping Wi-Fi connection or phone signal
    3. The phones RAM or lack thereof and processing power

    Questions regarding UAPP can be sought from the developers thread here
    EDIT just looked on the UAPP thread and I see you have already found it [​IMG] 
  5. music4mhell
    I use mojo with HD650 which is 300 Ohms.

    K702 is only 62 Ohms, i think Mojo can easily drive it :)

  6. Slaphead

    I've really enjoyed the Beyerdynamic DT880s with the Mojo - especially for classical & jazz as the treble of the DT880 makes for a wonderful open sound. However the treble can sound somewhat hot with other genres, though not a fault of the Mojo as the DT880s are well known for their treble peak.

    I have the Q701, but to be honest I've not tried them with the Mojo yet, other than a very brief listen, as I prefer the fuller sound of the DT880s, however if memory serves me correctly the treble is a bit sweeter and less invasive on the Q701.

    In any event the Mojo should be able to drive the K702 with relative ease.
  7. karmazynowy
    Ohms are not so important, sensitivity is.
    I have heard Mojo with 300Ohm HD800 and IMO synergy isn't good. I dont like HD650 anyway. :)
    I have now Panasonic HD10 and the sound is a little too bright.
  8. masterpfa
    I came from an entry level set up so cannot comment on those who have come form an already decent set up, but the only half decent gear I had at the time were my Shure SE535's
    SInce getting the Mojo I have invested in a few more headphones and DAP's as for me the Mojo was that good.
    I would only invest in the 846 only if you had intended to go down that path in the first place, otherwise there are plenty of lower priced IEM that I believe will improve your listening experience
    Flare Audio R2A £150
    RHA T20 £179
    Finder X1 $199
     No doubt others could also recommend other mid-range IEM's

    I would hate to think you purchased the 846's just for the Mojo and still not be satisfied
    I cannot remember if I had provided this link before, there are plenty of free files available in many different formats and tastes.
    PS Consider well mastered CD's over cheap CD's, even contemplate buying used. The well mastered CD's are not necessarily more expensive, but I would imagine for example a Sony CD to be better than a 'No' name CD regardless of the artist.
  9. music4mhell
    I personally couldn't find much difference between HD650 & HD800 (I am no Audiophile :frowning2: ), So i bought the HD650, although now i use only and only earbuds with my Mojo, i havn't used HD650 from months :D
  10. analogmusic
    Did anyone experience burn in with Mojo- mine seems to be sounding better since I bought it almost 3 weeks ago.
    I already have a Hugo so I don't think it was brain burn in ?
  11. audi0nick128
    Concerning affordable headphones, that have a great synergy with Mojo, I can say that I am very happy with the ATH W1000X. They aren't the latest model but they are regularly offered for great price. I stole them on Black Friday for 300€. They are especially great with accouatic music and female voices, BUT IMHO they also can rock out with...
    Also the audioquest nighthawks are supposed to have a especially great synergy... Gonna test them soon.

  12. psikey
    I've still got Klipsch X10i (£110) and had Shure SE535's (£400) before getting my Shure SE846's (£800).
    The SE846's really are a massive step up from the cheaper ones. I got mine 2nd hand off the forums for £470 and if I had to choose one thing that made the largest difference to audio quality between the Mojo & SE846's, or even a Sony ZX2 DAP I had for a while, it would be the SE846's without hesitation.
    Now without using such high end IEM's I doubt you will hear a massive difference with the Mojo for Spotify/Tidal but it will depend on how good your hearing is or how good you are at identifying musical quality.
    The big quality gain for me is when listening to 96/24+ audio and especially DSD. Only with these do I really notice the benefit of the Mojo. If I was only listening with my Klipsch X10i I wouldn't use a Mojo.
    You need to try some high-end ShureSE846's/Noble K10/JH class IEM's or high-end headphones to appreciate the Mojo difference I'd suspect.
    I've not done AB testing with my Klipsch X10i/Mojo but I wouldn't expect to see big improvements like I do the SE846's. I will do some when I get chance.  
  13. psikey
    Are these cases going to cause overheating issues though seeing as the Mojo uses its Aluminium Case as a heat-sink using air convection to dissipate heat? Especially a concern if playing & charging at the same time.  
  14. lukeap69
    If anything the leather case would absorb the heat? No?
  15. ddaktiv

    Hi wondering if this was resolved? I just experienced it in my unit I was using it while charging and it got really extremely hot and automatically shutdown twice after that I just left it to cool.
    What's the cause or how do we deal with this issue? I've had a good 2.5 hour before this happened so I'd like to avoid anything damaging if it's not good use it while charging.
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