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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. warrior1975
    Anyone have an issue with their usb port? The data port. I tried connecting the Mojo just now to my cell, worked the other night, not now. Tried with my Note 8,no good. Tried different cables, nothing. Also tried using the otg cable and it work on a different device.

    No light on the power button, likes it's not receving a signal. Any suggestions? Don't have another otg cable, but that doesn't appear to be the problem. Don't have a dig coax yet either.
  2. Wyd4

    Hey mate.

    Don't know if you are using usb audio player pro or not. But try installing the demo and see if it will find the device.

    I had issues with my Samsung tablet and native support for any dac.

    Other than that. You did it is working with another device so I don't think it will be the mojo its self. Short of rebooting. Force closing apps. Unplug and replug. I don't really have any golden answer unfortunately.
  3. warrior1975
    It worked Saturday night on my phone... Haven't changed a thing. Really odd. I put it on charge for now, maybe it will reset itself or some crazy electrical magic. I'll TRY UAPP too. :sob::sob::sob:

    UAPP doesn't have a trial player anymore?

    Ok... I hooked the USB up to my mac, just to test to see if the light went on and it did. Must be the otg cable. I don't get audio through the Mac, but I need a cck. Just wanted to test and see if it would connect.

  4. captblaze
    I always have an opinion, and since you asked...
    USB is the way to get the highest resolution #s of all the inputs, but is horrible in its restrictions (driver, cable spec). Optical get the jitters, but for short runs perhaps not and digital coax is also cable sensitive.
    this why super expensive DAPs offer all of the 3, or any combination of the 3 whereas a mobile  phone gives you one choice and it is as fickle as the hot girl you drooled over in high school but couldn't get anywhere with her
    moral of the story... time for a new OTG cable and don't make it a cheap knock off
  5. warrior1975
    It's a brand new cable. Literally bought it Saturday. Lol. I'm going to order a better one online. Going to bestbuy to get a 3.5 dig cable for now.
  6. Wyd4
    Love it.

    Though I married the hot girl I drooled over in highschool and I have had no issues with USB from android phone or iPhone.  Perhaps I am just lucky :p
  7. warrior1975
    Lol... Sounds like you are. I have 9 minutes to get to best buy... Fml. Stuck at a light. Plus, they probably won't have it even though they said they did.
  8. Vigrith
    Now I'm torn, that case is beautiful actually, I want one of those, shame I'd get rammed by VAT considering it's from outside Europe. Looks so good though.
  9. Townyj

    When i owned my X2 headphones it was night and day difference between my phone and mojo/concero hp. The phone sounded less controlled throughout. You need to remember that sometimes there isnt a massive gain, the mojo doesnt seem to jump out instantly. You obviously dont hear it or feel like its worth it. Sometimes wonder why i forked out $900 on the little thing. My new headphones sound pretty good straight out of my phone. Go figure.
  10. x RELIC x Contributor

    Well, the Crossfade isn't exactly a top tier headphone. At his level you need to have a transducer (headphone/IEM) that can keep up. I know, cliche, but it's true.
  11. warrior1975
    esm87 I couldn't pick then out blind either. Lgv10 and C5. That being said, I'm enjoying the music more. Not sure why as I ab I hear the same. Either way, mojo sounds better to me, oddly. I'm not happy I can't use it now to work tonight.. Many damn it all, I can't because I've my cheap ass usb other cable.
  12. esm87
    I have a feeling that a £400 investment in a pair of IEM's or stretch to the se846 would give me a far, far bigger audio upgrade.... or Im using the mojo wrong, i've convinced myself I dont know how to use it properly. I mean, theres no way that a cheap android dac with a cayin c5 amp playing mp3 downloads of 128 to 320 kbps on poweramp, could sound identical to mojo streaming tidal HIFI. Given, Im not using TOTL headphones (v moda crossfade wireless/sony ex650 iem/psb m4u2) but they aint exactly terrible, compared to the average joes apple ear buds my headphones are leagues above.

    Gutted nvm...
  13. warrior1975
    Bro, don't be surprised. I've owned lots of nice audio gear, and some things, I couldn't hear a difference, especially the electronics. Headphones or IEMS, different story. Daps, dacs, and amps all sound similar to me generally speaking. I could tell the difference between my Fiio X1 and my AK240... Easy. But my AK240 and ak120ii, not a chance, not even between my AK240 and ak100ii. Zero. Hell, my girls ipod 5g touch I could barely hear a difference, and I'm not convinced I really could. The damn thing sounded amazing to me. Then again, I've said I have the worst ears here... Might very well be true.

    I'm definitely keeping the Mojo. Just because. :wink:
  14. esm87
    I totally understand where your coming from. The psb m4u2 are fairly respected at their price point, more so than the crossfade wireless, still... exact same sound. If anything, my old setup is superior due to zero sound stutter etc in any audio app.

    Where does the entry level start for headphones to actually be impressed by the mojo?
  15. x RELIC x Contributor

    Your headphones aren't garbage by any stretch, and your approach is fairly realistic. I suggest you read Rob's blog post on the subject of listening to help understand a little more about where some shortcomings may be happening in your listening experience, or at least to add a different perspective.

    I'll link it again in case you missed it.

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