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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. tuna47
    Thanks thought so what is the least expensive dap that I can use
  2. opienor
    Sure thing! It´s a Swedish indie/rock band named "Kent" and the song is called "999". They are widely considered to be Scandinavia´s biggest band during the last decades. They are both on Tidal and Spotify.
    The acoustic pick attack is quite noticeable in the background already from the beginning of the song. Just did some A/B-ing with and without the Mojo now (straight into my Macbook Air) and now the acoustic guitar is easy to hear with both. But cool thing is I have listended to this song an endless number of times and never noticed until now with the Mojo. What a sweet feeling (although pretty anal ha ha).
    After spending a lot of time with my Mojo the last few weeks I feel it´s easy to sum it up like this: Listening to my favourite music through my idevices or my AK100 sounds good but really like listening to a device. Listening through the Mojo sounds like just listening directly to the music. More like being in a very dynamic live situation. If that made any sense at all. And it´s true what many of you say that this "phenomenon" really grows on you the more you listen.
    And by the way I´m mostly using Shure SE846.
  3. sheldaze
    I use a FiiO X3, first generation. I just checked on Amazon and they're currently $120 used.
    The trick though is getting a digital cable. IIRC the Mojo came with one cable and the FiiO came with another - these linked together to make a complete 1/8" phono-sized coax digital cable.
    But my "audiophile" tendencies forced me to buy a custom cable from Moon Audio. In truth though, it is just a mono cable with 1/8" phono on both ends.
  4. Francisk
    I connect my FiiO X3 (1st Gen) and DX90 to my Mojo with a stereo 3.5mm jack without any problems. In fact I've been using more of the X3 because the battery last longer than the DX90. It's a pity my DX90 has taken the back seat ever since the Mojo arrives [​IMG]
  5. esm87
    Anybody compared and noticed a difference in sound quality from usb otg to the other playback sources? How much of a difference if there is any? Thanks
  6. Gonzi
    I have crackling issue with Mojo through Direct Sound at Windows7. With any software player.
    All other output methods (ASIO, KS, WASAPI) are ok, only Direct Sound is crackling.
    That makes impossible using Mojo for Deezer, Spotify and any sound output from browser, DS is only option there.
    Other my DACs (Teac, Fostex) play clear through DS.
    Looks like Chord driver issue.
  7. captblaze

    are you streaming through foobar or jriver? I can run tidal directly through my browser ie11 win7 with no issue other than the tidal hifi restriction on any browser beside chrome
  8. Gonzi
    What do you mean? How to stream something (e.g. deezer.com, youtube.com) through foobar or jriver?
  9. captblaze
    foobar and jriver are media players that you can stream audio through.... what browser do you use? like I mentioned I can stream from my tidal account using ie11 win7 version
  10. Gonzi

    I use Firefox. But it doesn't matter, I can run any browser.
  11. wahsmoh

    It's more worth it to get a custom cable for the X3II or X5II because they both use non-standard 1/8 plugs. I believe the line-out and coax are shared so the new Fiio X3 and X5 both use 4-pole plugs instead of the standard.
    I purchased my mini-coax cable through Moon Audio and it was expensive for being so small, but the build quality is very nice. Now I'm just waiting til next week to purchase my X3 from Fry's because the store close to my house was sold out and my other option would have been to drive up to San Marcos which was too far for me yesterday cause I was too busy enjoying my Mojo via toslink from my PC soundcard.
    I have a feeling the Fiio X3 and Mojo combo is going to make my desktop setup collect dust now that I can go to my backyard pond and feed koi without being tethered to my desk.
    sheldaze likes this.
  12. msp

    I have a Audioquest USB cable, it have the best sound of my collection, I whis it didn't as it is quite stiff, I also have others in the 50 USD range but they do not sound as good...

    The difference is easy to hear, the music is more alive with the Audioquest.

    Kind regards Morten
  13. chillaxing
    So who makes a quality angles micro to micro otg at a reasonable price, under $50?

    Gonna get the one from eBay but want some nice cables
  14. esm87
    Hey guys, ive seen it mentioned but I cant find it, im not sure post 3 covers this either. Im using the mojo with my s6 edge plus, all my music files doesnt show a different colour on the mojo even though some are 256, 320, etc. Does this hold the mojo back from sounding as good as it should? I've only been able to test it for half hour, earlier after work. How do I get it to scale with the different files? I just want to make sure I'm getting the most out of it, cheers
  15. esm87
    Guys.... listening to kings of leon - cold desert. One of my fave songs, its amazing, im listening through my sony ex650 in ears. I cant explain it, it doesnt sound like im listening to earphones, the sound is extremely clean and clear, his awesome voice doesnt sound in my head. The sound is around my head if that makes sense. Obviously i can feel the earbuds in my ears but the music is just.... I dont know. Awesome sounding... lol. Fleetwood mac just came on as I'm typing, £400 well spent!!!
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