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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Mython Contributor
    No, there is a little confusion!
    The above solution that I outlined is specifically for Sony DAPs.
    For Samsung phones, yes, you do need an OTG cable.
  2. AndrewH13

    Cables are pretty standard at the Chord end. I would rather curse Sony for their proprietary connection. I cursed Fiio for using combined line out/coax when having a loan unit necessatating dedicated cables or two joined.
  3. Mython Contributor
    As I said, if you check the Sony section in post #3, you will find more discussion on the topic, with some single-cable solutions mentioned, but which I cannot verify as functional with Mojo - they may be, but you'll need to do your own research on those. There are others mentioned in the ZX1 and ZX2 threads, too. [​IMG]
    You have Sony to blame for selfishly creating a proprietary connection, and then failing to ensure decent global distribution of the WMC-NWH10 cable.
  4. masterpfa
    The main reason I have stayed away from all the Sony DAP's I really didn't care how good they sounded

    I detest  proprietary connection from any manufacturer. 
  5. Mython Contributor
    Me, too.
  6. esm87
    People, in the cayin c5 box, of which I have, is a small interconnecting cable. It has a micro to micro double ended connection, one end will fit in my s6 edge, the other will fit in my mojo, will this cable work as the otg missing link? Im over my missus place otherwise I would test it. I realise the c5 is a pure amp, ive asked this question on amazon and everyone replied telling me how to charge my amp and how I can use my amp to charge my phone etc. What?? Lol. Anyone with a cayin c5 and mojo care to try the connection from an android to mojo using this small connecting cable, see if it works. All good if not lol
  7. Rob49
    Yes, very true, regards, Sony !
  8. warrior1975
    I'd try it, but I don't know if I have the cable anymore unfortunately. I'll look, but I doubt it.
  9. Peter Hyatt
    When I was a young man of 24, with two kids and two jobs, my mentor wisely advised me:
    "Sell your coat and buy Spurgeon."
    I was glad I did.  
    Different setting, topic and era, but in telling my grown kids who love music about what we are experiencing, I give them pretty much the same advice.  
    "Use eBay, sell your stuff, and buy Mojo."  
    They won't regret it, and it will save me a small fortune Christmas 2016.  :)
    ShreyasMax likes this.
  10. AndrewH13
    Just had an MMM, (magic mojo moment). The album, 'An Evening of Yes Music Plus' by Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe. 'Time And A Word' which morphs into 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart' and then back again.

    Steve Howe's acoustic guitar over Jon's vocals are sublime. Every pluck of the strings sounds magical. At the end as the audience clapping surrounds you, you are there, a true shiver down the spine.
  11. esm87
    ok buddy
  12. Carl6868

    Seriously you need to try it yourself but as its just a Micro USB cable for charging the amp and you need a USB OTG cable for the phone to mojo connection then I doubt very much its going to work, why didn't you just order a normal OTG phone cable then you could have used the micro cable that comes with the mojo ?
  13. wahsmoh

    I'm starting to get that same feeling after listening to the Mojo for little over a day. It is such a clean and transparent experience. The timbre, tone, and clarity are just spot on. I think it is going to be hard to justify owning my desktop rigs now that I have the Mojo.
    I can tell the resolution in the high frequency detail is better than the Theta and the bass sounds faster than the Theta, but the Theta still has more mid-range drive and bass slam. The Mojo gives out such clean and transparent sound but the only thing it is lacking is a little bit of the oomph and pace/rhythm of some good desktop DACs I have heard/own.
    The differences are so subtle though you would only notice when going back and forth. It is obvious though that the Mojo has better resolution than the Theta, overall tonality though is different and not as warm.
  14. bettyn
    Wonder how the Chord Mojo will sound with my Questyle QP1R. Have emailed Moon Audio to see if they have a good connecting cable for these two. Anyone have any ideas as to what I can use to do this if there is no specific cable available for these two devices? I think the Qp1R sounds sublime on its own, but I would sure like to hear it with the Mojo.
  15. esm87
    I've ordered an 8inch otg cable I need. It was an after thought/realisation with the c5 micro to micro cable but then realised my c5 box is over my house. If it did work happy days if not it doesnt matter. When I get home tomorrow I will check the cable myself, thanks
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