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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. esm87
    Does anyone know if the vertere micro to micro otg cable gives better audio than a run of the mill cheap otg cable? Vertere is £85 the one ive ordered is like £2 something...
  2. masterpfa
    Something like this and the provided USB OTG cable should suffice until your ordered cables arrive. I carry this as a spare in my IEM case

    I have  this and this and they work just great, only thing is the time it takes to be delivered, but hey time will fly 
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  3. warrior1975
    captblaze-Yes sir, xda is it. Thank you.

    Did some quick a/bing. Sounds better than stock, as in the bass hits harder. I'm trying to see if I can hear a difference with anything else yet, I don't. But could be too soon.
  4. masterpfa
    Oppo HA-2 was the DAC I was considering when I, by chance, came across the Mojo. I have never heard the HA-2 but I personally think I made the right choice
    In case anyone suggest that I would need to hear the Oppo first? Well as many owners of Mojo can vouch, once you've heard the Mojo there's no going back, plus above all I am happy with what the Mojo presents to my ears and brain.
    Chord Dave next

    OK only kidding [​IMG]

  5. Slaphead

    I can afford it, but as with everything it comes down to how important it is for you. I used to salivate over high end kit back 15 years ago, but with life changing circumstances I came to understand that dumping 8K on a single piece of audio equipment is a no go, unless that 8K is back pocket change for you. 8K, while doable for me, is not exactly throw away money.

    The £400 or so that I dumped on Mojo is effectively money that I can live without. Fortunately the Mojo seems to have very positve qualities and I'm enjoying it. Despite my previous posts I am hearing a lot more detail and musicality with the Mojo - after listening for a few hours, going back to my previous stuff really showed the Mojo to be somewhat special.

    I sometimes think that HiFi leaves people chasing very expensive tails for no good reason.
  6. Rob49
    Are these for use with the ZX2 ?
  7. Mython Contributor
    No, but if you check post #3, you'll find the correct cables under the 'Connecting Mojo to Sony Devices' section
    Firstly, you will need a Sony WMC-NWH10 cable:   (there's currently one for sale, in the classifieds section, or you can order from Amazon)
    and then you will need a male-USB-to-male-Micro-USB cable, to go in between the WMC-NWH10 and Mojo (the male-USB-to-male-Micro-USB cable is already supplied, in the box, with Mojo).
    Here, you can see the exact same cables in use, when I hooked-up a ZX1 to a Hugo:
    There are some 3rd-party unofficial cables which may get the job done, with just one cable instead of the above two, but I cannot verify whether they are reliable or not, so please do your own research before buying!
  8. esm87
    cheers for the reply, by the time I order I imagine my amazon otg cable will be delivered, top man for the links though cheers bud
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  9. masterpfa
    Coming from the Budget end of Audio (we all have to start somewhere) had it not been for the Mojo I would never have seriously considered another Chord product. I was coming from a £99 DAC and to me the £399 for the Mojo was a huge jump financial wise.

    Now I may consider the likes of Hugo, Hugo TT et al because of the performance of the Mojo and the sound and reproduction.

    The thing is @JohnFrank and @Rob Watts if I was talking about the Hugo TT the missus might have thought I was talking about a car and not given it a second thought, however there is no way I can convince her Dave is a car and/or justify the expense to her....... [​IMG]  
    I know I'll set up a new business and write the cost of my declared income as setting up costs
  10. esm87
    ye I understand that, I was wondering if it would also double as a otg cable for my s6 edge and mojo? Probably not...
  11. AndrewH13

    I can't be done with Camera Connection Kit and a further cable. On the odd occasion I want to play something off the iPhone, Hugo's Bluetooth works well. Also it is better suited in lounge on a coffee table due to its heavier chassis alongside HD800s and Grado 325s. But Mojo gets more use living on my bedside cabinet :)
  12. betula

    Lucky you can afford 8k equipment.
    Probably because you were watching what to spend for. (Or you get lucky otherwise.)
    Above 1-2k it really comes down to personal preference imo. Regardless what equipment we are talking about.
     Respect for the things you can afford. I hope, you have as well found the true values in life too, not just the one money can buy.
    However money can buy tons of joy. :) Bot not everything.
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  13. Rob49
    Thank you for the useful info & more helpful picture ! I was hoping for a one cable solution, but any solution will do ! Frustrating ( & ironic ! ) that a product made in the U.K. has a problem, to source cables, for U.K. residents !
  14. warrior1975

    No, the C5 is an amp only, doesn't output digital signal.
  15. jincuteguy
    This is what I did but it didn't work with my SAmsung S7 Edge phone.
    I thought we have to use an OTG cable?
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