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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. wahsmoh
    I like that if you hold down the two volume buttons at the same time you can dim the lights more. That way if I am flying on an airplane people can't complain about my Mojo blinding their eyes.
  2. SearchOfSub

    I've had both aq 1.2 and Mojo and Mojo is better in all areas.
  3. SearchOfSub

    I started playing mine 10 minutes in..
  4. sempaxs
    Newbie in here, I just want to share my experience with Mojo. My previous DAC/amp was E18 and currently I have Oppo HA2 and Mojo. I only listen to Spotify. After I owned Mojo for around 1 week I could notice the advantages. Im happy with Mojo but the charging is a bit too long in my opinion compared to Oppo.
  5. ShreyasMax

    Hey there, have a question; this might've been answered earlier, in which case please guide me to the relevant post.

    I will be picking up the Mojo soon for a trial run/ review, and hope to buy it if I feel its worth the upgrade from my iBasso D14. I intend to use it mainly out of my FiiO X3 Classic, connected through 3.5mm coaxial SPDIF interconnect that came with the D14, fed to the Fidelio X2. My question is, should I also get an android phone to test it, (I use windows phone, no usb audio) and are there any differences in the sonic outputs from the different sources, in your experience?

  6. ShreyasMax

    How would you compare the sound of the Mojo to the HA2?

  7. betula

    Many people will argue with my experience, but I hear clear differences between USB and coaxial inputs to Mojo.
    I tried DX80 with coaxial to Mojo, Android phone and computer via USB. This coaxial setup sounds slightly clearer and sharper than USB, actually highs were slightly too sharp for my relatively sensitive ears. USB on the other hand sounds smoother to me with a little more bass, and definitely not bothering highs.
    There is also noticeable difference with bitperfect input. (Foobar with WASAPI for example.) This is a clear step up in sound quality, do not miss it out.

    Be aware, that X3 first and X3 second gen use different kind of coaxial cables. (Check THIS link for pictures.)
  8. sempaxs

    I feel like the sound from Mojo is very smooth compared to Oppo which is a little bit harsh and the vocal is also more forward but Mojo is twice price with less accessories ( Aud$899:frowning2: ) so they are in different leagues
  9. ShreyasMax

    Thanks for your inputs.
    Yes I'm aware of the different interconnects, I've tried a normal stereo interconnect (Fiio L16) and also a SPDIF interconnect (supplied by iBasso, that ships with D14) to connect my X3. Both work fine. The X3II uses a different connector like you say and I wont be needing that in any case. I'll make sure to test out different sources.

    Thanks again, cheers
  10. ShreyasMax

    Thanks for your thoughts, appreciate it.

  11. audi0nick128
    @Mython :
    Hey there, just noticed that you were talking about a chord cable Bundle...
    Since you assumed it will be usable with different devices, it can't be add on one. Any link or further info on this?

    @Mr.John Franks:

    One more question concerning a video interview with you. You say there that add on two can be expected in 6 month... The video has been uploaded 6th of January... So if all works out as planned it will be available beginning of June... Or maybe even end of May! Can you confirm this in any way? Yeah I'm impatient and nosy, it's just that the release of add on two could save me a lot of money,and work. I was planning to invest in a better source, but could increase the budget for my near field set up at work, instead.
    Any answer appreciated, also happy holidays!

    BTW The happy holidays apply to EVERYONE :)

  12. Mython Contributor
  13. x RELIC x Contributor

    Add-on one can be used with Apple and Android devices and will include a cable bundle according to John Franks.

    Add-on two is thought to be the Bluetooth accessory, but John recently hinted that it may not be.

    John has mentioned in this thread that the third add-on (SD card accessory with a small screen) may not be available within the 6 month timeframe due to the complexity and Chords desire to make a product right.
  14. audi0nick128
    Thanks for the info...
    Was just a little confused since Mython assumed the cable bundle would outsell mojo itself, so I understood it would be a separate product not only aming at mojo but also other pocket devices...

    Anyway, Cheers

    Edit: @Mython yeah that clears it up... Didn't read this carefully enough before... And assumed your awnser was the common "damn you go read post 3"
  15. Mython Contributor
    LOL - I hope you understand the reason why some of us tersely point to post #3, quite often.
    It's nothing personal.
    As for the cables - I was being perfectly serious when I said I anticipate many thousands of purchasers for that bundle, as it will be so convenient and (relatively-speaking) economical.
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