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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. noobandroid
    it was kind of blurry in details, and it is still unnamed, but it works as a battery / connector of sone sort
  2. deltronzero
    Can we not post pics like that without explaining what it is?  What's the point, hype us up and have us beg asking you what it is?
  3. iDesign
    Its a ridiculous $45.00 box that is completely hollow and said to make it easier to strap the Mojo to an iPhone or Android device without covering the screen. End of story.
  4. lurk
    So one can rubber strap it easier with your smart phones...
  5. Slaphead
    Today is the first chance I've had to listen to the Mojo at length, this time with my DT880 Pros. I've been feeding it some ALAC (16/44.1) of various classical pieces and there's definitely something about this little box. It's almost as if it's tamed the DT880s a bit.

    At first I thought it had pulled the treble back a bit, but no the DT880 treble is still there, it's just, I don't know, more natural.

    I'm currently listening to Mozarts Piano Concerto 23, and I just seem to be.... .....getting distracted by the music. It's like I'm involved with it more than usual.

    Being the cynic that I am I'm going to put it down to the psychological desire to want to like a new thing.

    That said there does seem to be something going on, I just can't put my finger on it.
  6. SearchOfSub
    Timing is better and smoother on Mojo than your previous dac I would think. It sounds more natural because the dac is doing a better job converting.
  7. x RELIC x Contributor

    The accessory doesn't do anything except for swallowing (encasing) the CCK for a neater package. Chord has announced this a long time ago and it's the first in a series of add-ons for the Mojo. It won't solve any "issue" except for the issue of a messy cable connection, and won't replace your current cables.
  8. noobandroid
    so for the otg android it functions the same?or just cck only?
  9. x RELIC x Contributor

    Tuck your existing cable in the box. Plug in power to the extended USB.

    From the article:

    "Bringing extra length to the Mojo is Chord’s soon-to-released and as-yet-unnamed extension kit: a near-hollow plastic extender clips onto the Mojo and, plus-sized devices aside (see header pic), better facilitates smartphone strap-on. The extender widget’s internals swallows the larger end of Apple’s CCK or an Android OTG cable.


    A small internal circuit board ensures that a charging port remains accessible without the need for widget detachment. Expect pricing on the Mojo extender kit to come it at around US$45 (which includes rubber bands)."

  10. lukeap69
    Maybe useful to iPhones but not Android phones IMO.
  11. Mojo ideas
    Where did that nonsense come from! We will be supplying six difficult to get USB cables of various types plus, two optical cables, plus four bands and the adaptor for both Apple and android phones for around the figure you mention why are you sniping at us? When all we are trying to achieve with this pack is to help people who may not be so up in this hobby as you obviously are to get started with mojo. This total package is not a money maker for us if you think it is so ridiculous, you don't have to buy it. It module is the size it is for several reasons one to swallow the Fat end of the Apple CCK two it had to be a reasonable size to match the other far more complex modules that have so much electronics inside that they had to be that size. John Franks.
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  12. Slaphead

    To be fair that article fails to mention the collection of cables that come with it, and with that in mind $45 for seemingly just a bolt on plastic box seemed a bit much, even for me where in Switzerland we pay through the nose for a lot of basic things.

    For me it would be worth the price for the cables alone - last week I paid more than $45 just for two 1 meter micro USB cables just to hook my Mojo up.
  13. Peter Hyatt
    I read the article and I don't see a company yielding so much expensive technology into a package so marvelously suited and affordable for the typical smart phone owner to enjoy music in ways only audiophiles have, not following through properly...it is not reasonable.
    I am excited about the modules coming and expect them to be of the same top shelf quality as the Mojo.   

    I get the strangest feeling that I am holding technology in my hand that I can no way afford, yet here it is in a tiny package, giving me clarity and detail previously unthought of.  
    No way this company goes this far for us, only to let us down.  It isn't going to happen.  
  14. Mython Contributor
    It does seem like it's probably little more than an unfortunate case of 'Chinese whispers'.
    As Geoffrey Rush famously said, in the film 'Shakespeare in Love', "it will turn out well!"
    I've known about the cables for a while, and I'm confident this bundle will be of benefit to everyone.
    A substantial proportion of this thread is concerned with the hunt for suitable cables, and all of us know how awkward it is to locate them and ship them from other countries, so I reckon it'll be self-evident that the forthcoming cable bundle is not about profit, but about making Mojo customers lives easier.
    I must say, I was rather hoping that the module would be translucent, with a colour-changing LED 'mood-light', within.  Oh well, I guess one can't have everything!  [​IMG]
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  15. Duncan Moderator
    Don't even go there, had a short phase of getting "odd" USB cables, colour changing, light chasing etc...

    Crazy what you can get these days!

    I still think hand on heart that I prefer the mojo to the Hugo, a much more "me" sound.
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