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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. ahmad-bayern
    mojo or NFB-29 ?
  2. esm87
    ye Im in regular contact with him, awesome guy. Have you tried the sz2000 with mojo? Im trying to determine the quality upgrades I will get from using the c5 as my amping source as to the mojo being my dac and amp source. Cheers for replying bro
  3. chillaxing

    I sold mine awhile ago but gonna buy another pair. There is no,other headphone like it and probably will never be again. So I want a pair before they are all gone.

    If your kung-fu is good with the eq and you have the funds the mojo is a great choice. It will probably kill the upgrade big for awhile too. That's why I just went ahead and got one. No need to upgrade from here. I would prefer a bass switch but no need if you know how to eq.
  4. esm87
    ye I'll probs grab an sz2k aswell as they are going to be hot property down the line. Theyre unique, im learning the EQ, i take a preset then custom the bass if the vocals are crisp. I got it sounding good for my ears, it will get better in time.

    Im going to an audio shop tomorrow morning to test this mojo. Im happy to drop £400 if it sounds as good as everyone says plus its future proofing. Im eyeing up the se846 or beyer t5p 2nd gen, both of which should pair awesome with mojo
  5. theintrospect

    Thank you Rob. I want to use the Mojo with my Shure se846, which are very sensitive at 9 Ohm output impedance. iPhone 6+'s output impedance is 3.6 Ohm, so I thought that the mojo with it's stunning 75 mOhm would be much quieter. It seems it's not only the output impedance that matters as far bg noise floor is concerned; please excuse my ignorance.
  6. music4mhell
    whivh usb cable u r using ?
  7. theintrospect

    I have not tried the Mojo yet; I was asking how it compares to iPhone6+, and some folks reported that it has higher bg noise floor compared to the iPhone when paired with the 846s.
  8. analogmusic

    I run a mojo in my car every day the way you described and I love it :)
  9. bikutoru

    Are you sure the mojo's noise floor doesn't bother you? How can you concentrate on driving? [​IMG] 
  10. masterpfa
  11. theintrospect

  12. noobandroid
    this popped out today
    Angular Mo likes this.
  13. Wyd4
    Can't wait for the add ons.

    Particularly the bt and dap mods.

    Very excite.
  14. Lohb

    Which add-on is that one ? [​IMG]
  15. ph58

    I really like to ! ,  if someone make a comparison of this 2 Dac Amp . I have the MOJO that is great , but how about the Audio GD NFB 29 ?  That is more powerful then the MOJO , Iit is for my LCD 2 Fazor . Thanks in advance .
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