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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. wym2
    Great to hear! you are well on your way...Good listening.
  2. chillaxing
    I think you guys are talking about USB-input, no point in having an output on the headunit.  The newer aftermarket headunits support android and ios, don't know about OEM headunits.  Haven't bought a new car in years.  No point in using the mojo if your gonna use it with radio through the usb.  its going to bypass the any dac you use and use the headunits own dac.
    with that being said.  I'm gonna have to rip my car apart and install an AUX cable to see how the mojo does in my setup.  If I like it enough my next build will be a tablet and dac setup.
  3. captblaze
    I use the aux input connected to my portable dac / amp which in turns streams tidal (hifi), or I stream with plex media server back to my NAS (both over LTE) coming from my source tablet dujour
  4. chillaxing
    Ya it was stupid of me not to put in the extra cable when I did my install.  I was thinking why the hell do I need AUX for,  I got BT and USB now.
    Now I got to take the dash apart for one cable.
  5. masterpfa
    [​IMG] No "Face Palm" emoji available
  6. Mython Contributor
    Will this do? [​IMG]:
  7. chillaxing
    Haha. Perfect

    They do need to have more emojis
  8. masterpfa
    That will do
  9. Mython Contributor
    Hahaha - I love the (unintended) double-meaning of that reply!
  10. audi0nick128
    Yeah that's an option, but it lacks flexibility... Like playing Death Metal, while anoid by other drivers

    But the blunt aside :D The signal would be send back to the radio through the analog mojo output... So I ment usb out...

    chillaxing likes this.
  11. vilhelm44
    Just caved in after months of reading reviews and got a Mojo.  I'm looking at the Fiio M3 as a transport as it's tiny and don't want to have a massive stack on the move. Is anyone using the M3 as transport or have any other DAP ideas to keep the stack small please? Preferrably with up to 64GB card slot and play FLAC?
  12. bavinck
    Welcome to the family!
  13. vilhelm44
    Thanks :). I must say that it lives up to the hype and sounds amazing, I wasn't expecting it to be so good. It's nice that things can still have the ability to surprise you.
  14. bavinck
    For sure. What headphones are you using?
  15. vilhelm44
    Cosmic Ears CE6P. I have a QP1R too but prefer the warmer Mojo sound. Just looking for a small DAP to pair with it now for travel. I was goung to use my Samsung S5 but getting some interference from it every now and then, even though I've turned mobile data off.
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