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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. masterpfa
    Hopefully a future project of mine


    Thing is with most modern cars these days have optical connections between head unit, amp and rest of the car......
    But that is another matter
  2. Angular Mo
    My Mojo is now all I have and my phone for audio joy. My hobby as an "audiophile on a budget" relegated to the tiny basement. Audio in the living room supplied by the excellent Peachtree Audio Deep Blue2 speaker.

    My wife is on a war against cables (previously called them "wires" derisively); I had to remove from the den and place in my tiny basement man cave everything I collected over the past five years; I had two listening stations, one for the iMac and another on the sofa for TV audio headphone listening.

    Blu-Ray/DVD player
    Apple TV
    iPad Air2 used as a video input
    Schiit Bifrost multibit
    Schiit Vali, first edition
    Schiit Wyrd decrapper
    Mayflower Electronics O2 amp with the wood front panel
    Toslink switcher
    RCA switcher
    Rolls RCA mixer I use for left-right balance
    Denon UD-M31 Mini Stereo receiver and Speakers
    Wyrd4Sound Recovery USB Reclocker
    Akiko USB Tuning fork
    IBasso P4 Warbler amp
    Upton Regen
    Elijah Audio Konvertible cable
    Straightwire USB cable
    Supra USB cable
    Lifatec glass toslink cable
    iFi USB iPurifier2
    Belkin 12-outlet pivot plug surge protectors
    Airport Express
    Beyerdynamics DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm
    Fospower 20-ft Toslink cables
    Polk Audio subwoofer remains as an end table only.

    Her current target is the listening station I set up in our son's room as he is away at Cornell Engineering;

    Computer monitor
    Kangaroo PC
    LH Labs Geek Pulse Sfi DAC/AMP
    LH Labs Pulse Blue
    Riva speakers, two, wired to the Blue
    Fiio E12 Mont Blanc
    USB Hub
    Airport Express

    She wants a den esthetically pleasing though she never uses it. Does not even like seeing me in the den, though she does not uses it herself. Neither so I because there is nothing there for me.

    And she wonders why I am so depressed.

    "Those cables are your toys?"
    "Yes, they connect my toys to one another."
    "What are they for?"
    "Here, let me show you, this connects a computer to a DAC which converts the signal from the..."
    "Oh, I don't care what they do."-

    So, now all I have is my iPhone and Mojo; headphones I need to hide in a closet. Cables are in boxes in the cave because drawers should be perfectly neat when she randomly chooses to open them.

    Mojo is a life-saver, her's (joke.)
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  3. masterpfa
    I feel your pain [​IMG]
  4. chillaxing

    You can. People use ipads and tablets for head units now a days.


    But I doubt you'll hear the advantages of the mojo since you need a lot of processing and eq work to truly have great sq in a car.
  5. Peter Hyatt

    I have and like others, I want to be prudent about specifics because although I chose Mojo over others, there are some fine companies, with excellent reputations that I do not wish to disparage via comparison.  The companies are in a tough spot with the technology poured into the Mojo, and like you, I initially asked this question but deleted it, instead opting for PM's for opinions.  
    Also, I am not an audiophile, nor a professional engineer, so my opinions are quite subjective.  The only specialty I have is in carefully reading reviews and company's own statements (press releases, interviews, etc) and listen for honesty, first and foremost, as well as how much 'need to persuade' they employ, and so on.  
    An extreme example of such is seen in policy disagreements where, if you don't agree with me, you must be suffering from mental health issues (phobias) and/or are of such a low moral character as to render your opinion worthless.  When something needs to be defended by deceit, or worse, by attack, it is likely not truthful.  
    A smaller example is products at amazon where there is a cluster of 5 star reviews; all from those who "received the product for free in exchange for my unbiased review."  The percentage of free products and 5 star reviews is something to behold!  
    I saw rechargeable 18650 batteries with an entire page of 5 star reviews, all written by the same author (as evidenced in the language) who's first language is not English!  It is comical.  
    I thought I was 'set' with my Desktop Dac and Amp, and portable Dac/amp when I began to read the reviews on Mojo.  It was overwhelming.  Then I listened to the 30 min youtube interview with the head of Chord and was impressed by the honesty and humility.  It is rarer than most may think for people of success to speak this way and I, and others, find it in the business world to be actually inspiring.   
    When I tried Mojo, my reference point was good quality Dacs and amps.  I went immediately to a most familiar song (40 years familiarity) and immediately knew what the reviewers were all saying and why it was "product of the year" in some magazines.  
    I do respect differing opinions and I am grateful to Head-Fi for the abundance of knowledge here.  I have received excellent counsel on various issues and even now take Rob's posts, copy/paste the references I don't understand, and look them up.  
    =784602&advanced=1]On Mojo, one man donated  many hours of work for us in the Q and A on Page 3!   
    This is a great forum.  
    Now, if I could just save my pennies and get an in ear that is worthy of the Mojo, I'd be all set.  I have the Beyer T1.2 and use Tidal now.  Both came from reviews and recommendations here at Head-Fi.  It's an interesting place to read reviews, opinions, and to learn!   
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  6. Layman1
    Good God... I've dated an oriental girl who was 5'2" and felt she was tiny (and I'm only around 5'8" lol)..
    You guys together must be like when Klitschko was dating Pannetiere*, awesome! [​IMG]
    I salute you both.. does it cause any complications? Or have you tried sharing earphones whilst out walking? Might be a good excuse to keep the Mojo to yourself [​IMG]
    *NB: I don't follow social media or celebrity gossip. Names may be hideously mis-spelled [​IMG]
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  7. Peter Hyatt
    For all my whining about pennies and needing in ears for Mojo, I can  scratch that.  No hiding cables in man cave in Maine.  
    I just got a text from my wife about having not known the slide guitar was used on "Red River Shore" from Dylan and how happy she's be with her own Mojo!  
    "Tell Tale Signs" album, first version "Red River Shore" has it.  6.10 mark.  I didn't know either!
    Next up:  Mojo for wife! 
    5 feet nothing and barely a hundred pounds:    I wouldn't dare mess with her.  I'll get the Mojo! 
    It's a lot of fun to share such amazing things in life.  Neither of us can fathom what it is going to do with our growing love of classical music.  
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  8. Mython Contributor
    LOL! - that reminds me of the cover photograph of a nice album (not uber-well-recorded, but very pleasant):

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  9. audi0nick128
    Concerning mojo use in the car.
    I thought the easiest way would be to get a car radio with usb out and analog in... Does a car radio like this exist?
  10. wahsmoh
    I bought my Mojo from Moon Audio on Tuesday and it should be here on Friday. They have excellent customer service and I wouldn't hesitate to order again from them. Free shipping is also a major plus to ordering with Moon. A service
  11. captblaze
    the factory radio in my 2012 Chevy Suburban has a 3.5mm line input that I connect to my portable music rig to. the usb input is useless for anything other than an iPhone, and I don't ride that horse.
    although I get some decent sound from the factory radio, with my portable rig supplying the music and power, the sound in my vehicle is much more pleasing to the ear
  12. captblaze
    did you purchase any dragon cables also? I was on the fence when I put my order in the other day. the tablet(s) that I use for mobile audio don't support s/pdif out and I have a few decent short usb cables already
  13. audi0nick128
    I was thinking of an USB out on a radio running Android.. That way you could you could use the controls of the car radio... It didn't even come to my mind to use the phone... Since it is forbidden to use in a car with running engine... At least in Germany... I think I am getting old :)
  14. masterpfa
    Yes that's us

    Except that she's the one with just the tash [​IMG]
    "Only joking my love, no no please not the Mojo anything except the Mojo"
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  15. captblaze
    with my vehicle you can do that with an iPhone. I don't do iPhone, so useless for my application. in the US playing with device while driving is illegal also, but I have many playlists and load those up prior to getting on the road
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