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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. vapman
    How many people want to see Chord sell a no-battery Mojo with an AC or DC jack instead of a second USB power for those of us who always use it in range of an outlet?
    I can tell you right now I'd have one on my desk at work [​IMG]
  2. Ike1985
    Lol, your loss.
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  3. Peter Hyatt

    Thank you for the link.  I am going to try the samples.  I am in the free 30 day trial of Tidal and am enjoying it.  
     I thumbs up your post, though I must admit that I am having a lot of fun with the critical (analyze) listening at this point, because I am impressed by the definition and particularly enjoy highlighting specific points of specific songs and going back and revisiting them, particularly as 'brain burn' or 'cultivating taste' or, as I consider it, 'data processing' with Mojo continues.  
    I am both enjoying the music and getting an education.  I take Rob's posts, copy and paste things I don't understand, and do some quick research to help me grasp his engineering references.  
    I also take reviewer's specific song references and listening for what they hear through Mojo.  This is a lot of fun.  I may compile a "Mojo's Greatest Hits" thread of suggested songs from reviewers; especially those who reference exact points of songs or specific instruments to listen to.  
    Eventually, I am likely to reach a point where I am simply enjoying the music and become accustomed to the complex definition for some of my oldest music catalog, though I don't think I will live long enough to say the same for the complex classical pieces.  
    What a joy Mojo and good headphones provides.  
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  4. uzi2

    I don't see the difference between the DC jack of the Hugo and the Mojo's second USB, which is essentially a 5v DC jack.
    The USB version is more flexible as it can be charged from PC etc. as well as the dedicated wall charger.
    Mojo with AC jack is going to require the charger to be built into the Mojo - more than doubling it's size...
    The battery is also part of the design in order to eliminate mains noise.
  5. Slaphead

    That would actually be my preferred format, maybe one where you could put a 9V PP3 battery in it for on the go use

    The thing about devices with non user replaceable inbuilt LiPo batteries is that once the battery has died - which it will do, then I'll just throw the device into the recycling.
  6. uzi2

    The battery is said to last around 10 years and it is replaceable. Yes, you would need to make the effort to return it to your dealer for battery replacement, but I can assure you that when the batteries finally die in my Hugo, it will not be going into the recycling... just the batteries.
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  7. martyn73
    The battery is apparently designed to last 5,000 recharging cycles from 0 - 100% and the battery can be replaced in any event by Chord. I doubt whether the cost of replacing the battery would exceed the price of a new DAC/amp. However, I'd buy a desktop version of the Mojo as mine is mainly being used with a desktop PC and has worked well with Stax gear. The size should be smaller than 2Qute/Hugo and I prefer Mojo's warmer sound signature.
  8. Peter Hyatt

    With a 6" USB connection to Macbook Pro, it is a 'desk dac' for me that I simply grab on the go.  It's the best of both worlds.  Plus...the battery may last longer than 10 years, as it is not known at this time.  The AC wire would actually be 'more footprint' on the coffee table that I work from.  
    How it is that my wife has an office and I am relegated to a coffee table in the living room is for another story.  [​IMG]
    With the Mojo at home and on the go:  It's quite exciting to be part of something so cutting edge.  
  9. masterpfa
    My pleasure

    (Confession I used to critical/analyse myself, thankfully I'm at the purely listening/enjoying stage now)
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  10. headmanPL

    Personally, not an issue for me
  11. martyn73
    Have you compared Mojo to equivalent priced desktop DACs? I'm considering buying a 2Qute, but the cost is a serious factor and I have an Asus STX II.
  12. headmanPL

    Being a Linn DSM owner myself, and previously posted my comparison between the Linn experience via headphone out vs Mojo, I'm not surprised at your experience.
    You can never truly compare Loudspeakers to Headphones because they both give something the other can't reproduce because of the interaction with the room. That said Linn have SPACE to counter positioning issues (probably not for discussion here)
    I'm not for trading my DSM for our main room. However, since I bought Mojo, two things have happened.
    1) I haven't listened to Music via the Loudspeakers
    2) If I use the Linn for music, it's for convenience (all my music is on the NAS drive), but via TOSLINK into the Mojo and headphones
    I use it for TV and Music.
    I haven't connected Mojo to be the source, and the DSM then used as a power amp. I might like it too much.
    The main point is that had Hugo, Mojo or specifically DAVE existed when I bought the DSM, I am convinced I would not have the Linn.
    Nowadays, I would never get this expense past the Wife!
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  13. masterpfa
    My missus was also quite pleased, she could accept the expenditure on HD800, CIEM's, Mojo, DX-P1 but when we heard what the price was for the Linn set up we were listening too, a hasty exit to the door with her dragging me in tow, funny how strong a 5'1" woman can be when required (says a 6'5" 16st Mojo owner)

  14. wdh777
    Does anyone use a mojo in their car. I think I could run a mini out from the mojo into a mini in for my car speakers?
  15. Mediahound

    This is a non issue. You can leave it on and plugged in to the charger all the time if you want. It will not hurt anything and the Mojo will not charge the battery unless/until it needs to. 
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