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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. jarnopp

    FWIW, the TaoBao cable still works under iOS 9.3
  2. Peter Hyatt

    I just did the iOS update...no problem with Mojo.   Levon Helm Dirt Farmer via Tidal coming through with gorgeous fiddle.  
  3. Paul Meakin

    He also claimed the iPhone 5 sounds great. He must have low standards, as the one I own is poor. Both the Mojo and my Cowon Plenue M stomp all over it, and I'm not someone that is inclined to over hype differences.
  4. warrior1975

    Well that was a new question he asked. :wink:

    So, I ordered the Fiio X7 this morning, I'll have it tomorrow. I'm seriously considering ordering the Mojo now as well. Figure I should spend the money now and start enjoying it. Plus, wifey isn't here, easier to hide. Lol
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  5. RedJohn456

    Given how different Mojo is from conventional dacs, I honestly feel that the brain needs atleast a week to adjust to the Mojo, in terms of interpreting all the data being thrown at it. I would imagine a short 5 minute listen at a store won't yield much besides "hmm this sounds a bit different, probably sounds worse than my iPhone, yeah that must be it!"  
    I suppose the same could be said for any audio gear, but I feel this is even more important for the Mojo , which would also align with many people who state they they feel the Mojo sounds better and better as time goes on, suggesting that their brain is acclimatizing to how the Mojo handles audio.
  6. Paul Meakin

    I used to work for a Hifi retailer long ago and found that some musicians are not the best judges of a system's musical performance; they tend to focus on the sound of the instrument they play, rather than listening to the music as a whole.
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Lol, it's not that intense, but yeah, I guess it depends on the individuals CPU speed... :wink:
  8. wahsmoh
    I read a little spiel online about a guy who was selling a Theta Ds Pro Basic IIIa. He said he owned a Benchmark DAC2 before the Theta and thought the Theta sounded better than the DAC2 so he sold the Benchmark. He felt the DAC2 was more sterile and had less liveliness than the Theta. Then he said he was selling the Theta Basic IIIa because he thought his Theta Chroma 396 (a cheaper DAC than the Ds Pro BasicIIIa) sounded as good as the IIIa. So.. he went from $2000+ new DAC to a 1994' DAC that has a $2500 MSRP and back down to Theta's bottom of the line DAC (from before 1998).
    So really sound is all a preference and just because it is used in a recording studio doesn't make it sound better than everything else. There are mastering studios that use MSB DACs and AD/DAs as well as Meitner DACs and those things go for $20000+ so your argument is invalid.
    EDIT: I just realized you were being sarcastic. Mr. Ken Rockwell's reviews show mastery in the art of hyperbole.
  9. Peter Hyatt
    This is our experience, particularly with the mild adult autism.  
    In review, her first experience with the Mojo was Bob Dylan's "Hard Rain" in which he had invited a lot of musicians to join him.  In the live album, the guitarists, in particular, are competing for the spotlight and it is distinct.  Pre-mojo, it sounded overdone and muddy.  With Mojo, it is just too much going on and unpleasant!  For the mild autism, it meant not just a slight headache, but dizziness.  
    From there, she went to simpler music, especially acoustic.  She increased the time with Mojo, and became hooked.  She went back to "Hard Rain" and has found that she can now better process the overwhelming 'data' but does not enjoy it.  
    With Mojo, my guess work of "DAC v no DAC" and the various music presentation ("Tidal" versus iTunes") has improved dramatically.  
    The definition in Mojo is like nothing I have heard before.  It is exciting to hear something, for example, that I have heard for 40 years, as a boy hearing my big sisters listening to the Beach Boys.  Simply, I heard them too often to enjoy their albums, but now listening to their harmonies via Mojo?  Wow.
    As someone else wrote about their journey, I do not regret having gone through a number of various Dac and amp combos, with the wish that I simply started with Mojo when it first came out.  The efforts, testing, back and forth, lots of reading of comments and reviews...has all made me appreciate what I have now, even more so.  
    It is special.  
    If you want to know how special, read (where you can find) the detractors and carefully follow the language.   I tell HR professionals to convince really good applicants to put down an enemy for a reference and then measure their NTP (need to persuade) and you may find a really glowing reference.  [​IMG]
    Here is what one wrote.   Notice how he feels the need to describe the Mojo's silence, in particular:   "And if the numbers mean anything, loaded, it even beats out Mojo. Of course, Mojo hisses quite a bit less, and boasts better unloaded performance-by-numbers."
    It's a clever method used in propaganda and avoids praising Mojo's silence, while avoiding outright deception.  
  10. Rob Watts
    The brain breaking in problem I think is actually about us dealing with conventional digital audio - we listen to digital music all the time - TV, Hi-Fi and portable gear and actually listen to un-sampled music probably less than 1% of the time - so our poor brains is saturated by having to deal with the timing problems of sampled digital music - and I guess it has created coping strategies to deal with uncertainty in the timing of transients. Then along comes something different, with the timing uncertainty removed - so the brain has to unlearn the coping mechanisms.
    Now I am of course only guessing here, but it was very odd when I first heard Hugo - and that took 9 months for me to get used to the sound - I had this constant feeling that SQ was getting better - it was not Hugo, as new units sounded the same as my old unit.
    Having said all that, the first ten seconds of listening to Hugo I knew immediately that something very strange was going on, as the sound was very different to what I was used to, so people should hear the difference that Mojo makes very quickly. But I have the benefit of being an experienced and sensitive listener.
    The really curious thing about all this is that the actual timing differences in terms of error is very small - the ear/brain is a remarkably sensitive system, and science has little understanding about things we take for granted, such as out perception of sounds. How does the brain separate sounds out into discrete entities and put an extremely accurate placement tag on it? There is some amazing processing going on for which we have no understanding.
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  11. Signal2Noise
    So in regards to Windows Phone w/ Mojo, received an email response from Chord on the subject after discovering I could not get my 950XL to send audio...
    From Chord's Marketing Manager:
    "I'm sorry to say that we have discovered that Windows phones do not work with Mojo as they are unable to install the drivers needed. Other Windows tablets are able to, along with Windows PCs."
    Oh well. [​IMG] 
  12. denis1976
    :thumbsup:i have a iphone5 even a Fio x3 first version sounds better. ...away better...
  13. bavinck
    I have been listening to mojo non stop for a couple months now. Recently I have switched to using my Fiio x7, then back to mojo. I am trying to convince myself I don't need the stack. However, the x7 feels harsh, disjointed, rough, generally not "put together" . It is like in the x7 I am hearing several layers of the music all put on top of each other, but none of them fit very well like a poorly cut puzzle piece. The Mojo feels like the musical layers are put together smoothly (seamlessly) and no longer does the music have a harsh edge to it. Not a harsh edge in terms of a bright sound, but in terms of an unpleasant aound/feeling it produces that I cannot see clearly.

    You think this is the timing issue you are talking about?
  14. warrior1975
    bavinck-Please stop bro!! I ordered the X7 this morning, I'm getting a mojo, was trying to put it off, but posts like your are forcing me to purchase that today as well!!
  15. bavinck
    Lol, sorry dude. Honestly, the x7 is my most regretted hifi purchase to date. Worse, I scrapped it's easy to scrape surface in two places and therefore cannot return or sell it.
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