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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. masterpfa
    Testing for yourself is the only way of really finding out..
    Your tastes and preferences will differ from the next man or woman
    What he said!  [​IMG]
    I am not too sure on the iPhone but are you able to playback all fie types,ie FLAC, WAV, DSD?
    Would using something like Onkyo HF Player work with the inbuilt DAC of the iOS devices?
    Are you able to add additional storage?

    Again everyones needs differ and those who are happy with their iPhones may not need these things mentioned above, or need a mobile device that can also be connected to a PC or be used in a stand alone home system. Or the ability to drive most headphones.

    But the decision can only ever be yours.
  2. rkt31
    mojo and Hugo reminds me of the old time fm telecast which used to be in analog chain like vinyl mastered from analog master tape and broadcasted through fm without any digital in between. this is because both mojo and Hugo try to create the accurate analog wave form by the processing power of FPGA. I don't have vinyl rig so I can't compare but those who have vinyl or tape systems can tell how close mojo is to vinyl ( not all vinyl is from analog sources so LP s made from native digital recordings can only be as good as the dac used to convert to analog. this raises a question as to what dac the companies use to cut the LPs for native dig recordings ? will they nos use Dave ? )
  3. rkt31
    nos =now
  4. corius
    I'm not an audiophile and can't really articulate how one sound is different to another, however I have been on a voyage of discovery over the last few years that has culminated in the Mojo with an iPhone 6s and ie800s
    I've had.. iBasso DX50, Fiio X5 V2, 2 ipod touches, Teac HA-p50 Dac/amp, Sony Zx1, Sony ZX2, AK 100, AK Jr, AK100II, AK120II and probably some I've forgotten.
    With these I used B&W P7's and Shure se535s
    I can honestly say that I couldn't really hear any significant difference between them. The iPhone 6 sounded just about the same to me. I tried 192khz FLACS, CD FLACS, Tidal FLACS, Apple Music and Spotify, and I still couldn't hear much difference. 
    I then bought the ie800s and in the same week the Mojo and everything changed. I can hear a huge difference with the Mojo compared to the iPhone on its own. I don't really know how to express it, but I just find myself smiling and my foot tapping. I guess the nearest I can get to describing it is that it doesn't sound as of the headphones are present. The sound is airy, and wide open. everything is un-muffled and able to breathe.
    Now, the iPhone 6 sounds great on its own, but to me, the Mojo/ ie800 combination is a huge step up from anything I'd tried before. I just wish I hadn't spent so much money learning this !
    I still can't hear any significant difference between 256kbps AAC and 192Khz FLAC. I suspect the real difference is in the production quality of audiophile recordings that makes the difference and not the encoding. That's an entirely different discussion though, but I'm very happy with Apple Music for random listening and my FLACS being played through ONKYO HF Player.
    Anyway, the one thing I've learned from HeadFi is that there is no "best solution", so this is just my view. But, right now, I'm a very happy person.
  5. hellfire8888
    when i first bought the T1.2 i was thinking..What have i done or purchased...damn ...but then when i add mojo into the equation, my purchase on T1,2 is justified and it remove that remorse buyer feeling from me..
    overall it is a good product..the only cons is the mojo dont come with any leather case?? i mean come on..if i am willing to pay for mojo i am willing to pay for that case as well!!!
  6. rkt31
    mojo while very enjoyable and musical still it dissects the recordings but in an all pleasing way. I can now hear tiniest difference in level from song to song, any glitch is clearly audible, any fault in panning is audible . one can easily differentiate between very good, extremely good and poor recordings. after getting mojo I was listening to many albums . I found the opus3 recordings to be one of the cleanest. listen to the tiny island album and you will get what i mean. another very good label which stands out is reference recordings. I have found reference recordings have some of the most dynamic classical numbers.
  7. Dionysus
    Where is the case already? From the Facebook page, beautiful.

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  8. M Coupe
    I wonder how that case will impact the heat the mojo puts off.
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor
    An important thing to mention is an earphone or headphone will have a performance ceiling, a percentage its able to scale up with higher-end sources. If you own a headphone, say a cheaper Senneshier offering then there is good reason to hear an iPhone similar to Mojo because the headphone has basically capped out, the tape water can only run so fast at its maximum and Mojo won't show its true performance. Its an often overlooked subject where your headphone or IEM will bottleneck the system, and people expect amazing results from their beats or similar.
    Then there is the entire subject of synergy...
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  10. Heartsmart
    This post will be about Chord Mojo, Ifi Micro iDSD, Ifi Micro iCAN and Ifi iTube. Hifiman 400s with stock pads and with the grills taken off.

    Recently, I'm trying to feel the music rather than listen for the differences as I did and it has given me a completely new perspective.

    I admit I am a bit lazy to write on the forum. I read what others have written and are grateful for the tremendous source of experience and thoughts I may have access to here. Tanks all of you!

    One of the reasons why I do not write so much is that I do not master the English language without the need to use Google translate. and sometimes it can end up in a big laugh as once when I commented on one of Rob Watts posts and google translate really messed things up :).

    I'm sort of a beginner in the audiofile world. But enjoying immensely the music and especially when it is presented with good sound. One thing that limits me is that I do not like to experiment by switching in and out of different devices, but still can not help but try a bit in my quest for a pleasurable sound.

    Before Mojo was released I had Micro iDSD and Micro iCAN. My choice ended up there because I wanted to have the possibility to vary the sound through the controls that Ifi units have . When I bought Mojo I used Mojo -> iCAN because I wanted to continue to have the opportunity to influence the sound without EQ from the source. For me Mojo sounds fantastic directly from the device without iCAN. But since I do not like to test too much and felt that iCAN contributed I decided that that was how I wanted it.

    Then I read about Ifi iTube and was curious about what it could to bring the sound. After a bit of reading I realized that for me it probably would mean very little audible difference by adding iTube in the chain. but bought it anyway a week ago. I was courios in tube kind of sound. iTube have created an emotional difference for me. Maybe it's just mentally but I do not care. I simply want to believe that it adds. And that I can feel the difference.

    After some testing, It feels like the combination that gives me the greatest pleasure right now is: Mojo -> iTube -> iCAN. When I remove the iTube and iCAN and run directly from Mojo it feels like music loses some fun for me. At the same time I think that Mojo is absolutely stunning, and maby sounds technically better alone.

    I really would like to use iDSD as dac in my home setup when this would be more convenient as I'm using Mojo portable and wouldn't need to reconnect it all the time. And now I have no use of the iDSD. But When using iDSD as dac it feels like something is lost compared to Mojo as dac. I hear some difference sonically but it is more about how I feel than how it sounds to me. Both Mojo and iDSD is for me very good units. But right now I feel that Mojo is the heart in my setup.

    When switching between iDSD and Mojo as dac the audible difference for me is small. but something happens emotionally to the music when the Mojo is dac compared to idsd.

    What do you think about having iTube and iCAN after Mojo in the chain. Is there anyone else who have tried this combination. Ore other combinations with Mojo as dac?
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  11. raelamb

    I'm using CCK with Moon Audio Black Dragon and it works and sounds great. Maybe it's me and I'm just unlucky but I also own the lavri cable and the FILO F-19 and I find they only work intermittenly at best. Very frustrating.
    Curse you Apple!
  12. Blasyrkh
    Tube is something that definatley changes the sound...
    it's true that mojo output is superclean, but driving a headphone (especially hard one, and it this case, highimpedance one) is not an easy concept.
    my desktop chain has a yaqin 300b, it's nothing special or esoteric, and does not take a full advantage of the 300b...but it definately sounds awesome, and amplifies some of the advantages of the Mojo.
    being a full tube amplification, it has the drawbacks of them, sligtly background noise and adds distortion (the good tube distortion), but with hd800 it definately adds:
    -bigger soundstage
    -better dynamics and difficult passages Handling, that makes the sound livelier (and i am sure that it happens because it can driver high impedance cans better)
    -more realistic sound (and it's hard to have it more realistic than the mojo...and it's hard to explain, who use tubes should know)
    -ability to change the caracteristics with tuberolling
    with the AQ jitterbug,i saw all those pros reaching another level...there's no trace of digital harshness, and without harshness, the HD800 is something really spectacular
  13. Peter Hyatt

    It is a significant step up in sound quality.   
    I am on the 30 day trial for Tidal and thus far, am loving it through the iPhone (2, with my wife) and the MBP laptop (Chrome).  We did find that when using the combination of Beyer T51 and their dac/amp (a200p) that the iPhone 6 + had better sound than iPhone 6.  
    However, once the Mojo was applied, the sound difference was immediately recognizable for all of us.  
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  14. Peter Hyatt

    Fascinating post and I wonder how many others share the journey, and feel the sense of 'arrival' with their current headphones and mojo. 
    I am curious regarding telling the difference with or without the Mojo:  how long have you had the Mojo?  Or, perhaps a better question, how much time have you had with them?
    Here is why: 
    I could do anything but 50% guess work on Lossless v Lossy (excluding the higher quality mp3).  
    Mojo arrived. 
    my work has me, on average, listening to music 4 hours per day.  
    Having some fun with both the online tests and our own A/B, I can tell when Mojo is connected, immediately, and when it is not.  My online results are close to 100%, with only one sample (just percussion) that I have to guess at.  Otherwise, I immediately hear the difference. 
    Then, in focusing on specific songs, at specific points (such as two acoustic guitars), I can discern the sound with Mojo easily.  
    Perhaps I should post what I have done separately:  I took the "Mojo's Greatest Hits"; that is, the specific songs that are referenced in reviews, and listened to them with and without Mojo.  When a reviewer specifically references a song and a specific point in the song, it is a great way to test the proficiency, not of the Mojo, but of how we are adjusting to the increase in data. 
    I do not possess gifted hearing, nor audiophile language  (which is why I appreciate your description) but I could tell the difference between Mojo and other DACs, instantly and I am "hearing more" now, than I did when Mojo first landed.  
    I have not been this blown away since...here goes...the very first release of an iPod from Apple!  
  15. Peter Hyatt

    I love it!  
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