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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. bavinck
    Pretty sure it does if you tell it to use it's own driver.
  2. Mython Contributor
    Also see:
  3. Peter Hyatt
    Mojo giveth, and Mojo taketh away. 
    I have found the first that Mojo has now taken from me. 
    I have long enjoyed Dylan's "Hard Rain" album (but not the video).  The voice works, the rousing fun versions work, but it was always a bit muddled, which you can see more on the video:  There are just too many guitarists, acoustic and electric, fighting for the spotlight. In trying to be heard over the electric, several acoustic guitars are off tempo!  
    Listening with Mojo, via Tidal Hi Fi, this is pronounced and even clearer!  
    it's really rough on the ears in spots.  
    In the same time period, I jumped to Rolling Thunder Tour Bootleg Series (75), leaving Hard Rain (76), which, on the contrary, is even more beautiful with Mojo, allowing the banjo to break through, with perfect support clarity and definition. 
    Mojo giveth; Mojo taketh away.  
  4. Mython Contributor

    And he said, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The Chord gave, and the Chord hath taken away; blessed be the name of Chord.” - Job Enthusiasts 1:21  [​IMG]
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  5. sling5s

    The Bimby sounds warmer like a camera that is out of focus and the pictures is blurred in a pleasant smooth way. The Mojo on the other hand is clean, clear, and focused. But not in a bright unpleasant way. There is a degree of both musical layering and liveliness that engages your ear. 
    Not to say the Bimby is not lively, that is what Schiit gear is known for, but it's blurry and out of focus lively if you know what i mean. As for the Dac 19, it has the same amount of focus and detail as the Mojo but it's more laid back, less lively and engaging. 
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  6. Townyj

    I have read that.. i own both and prefer the hp. The mojo has positives, but for me the concero has a raw edge to it which makes it shine that little bit more. Im gonna sit on both for a few more weeks and hopefully not pull all my hair out listening. :)
  7. jincuteguy
    Is the Concero HP a Desktop DAC / Amp? I know the Mojo is for Portable so it has a battery.  
    Also, besides the Concero HP, what other DAC / Amp for Desktop out there that is as good or almost as good as the Mojo? thx.
  8. xtr4

    If it's possible for you to audition gear, say at a local meet or store, I would recommend it. Mainly due to the fact that one man's meat may be another man's poison. Recommendations and comparisons can be made but may not be accurate to what your preferences are.
    Chances are that if relying too much on outside opinion, there's the possibility to set ourselves up for disappointment. At least, thats how I feel when seeking direct comparisons or suggestions
  9. jincuteguy
    Well this is why we haev Head-Fi forums for right? I mean if I could go out and meet up then i wouldn't need to go to Head-Fi anymore [​IMG]
  10. Mython Contributor
    Oh, really?
    Then how do you explain threads like this? [​IMG] 
  11. Angular Mo
    I bought the Mojo the day they arrived at Stereo Exchange in NYC. The FPGA technology, Hugo, and Chord's other products made me confident in taking the risk to do so without even a demo.

    I likely would not have appreciated its capability and value for the USD 600. Its ability kinda creeps up on you over time; so I listen to my reference tune everyday to compare experiences longitudinally as an experiment control. Steely Dan's "I Got the News."

    Here goes, with my description, admittedly we are discussing subjective, personal views and vocabulary nuances.

    1. "Detail" versus hearing more.
    To me, detail, is often inferred as harshness, strict boundaries, or "bright", digititus, sibilant. Whereas, I experience more entire instruments, and the timbre and attack of acoustical ones which come out more in live studio or broadcast recordings. Apologies if I am not clear.

    2. Photography metaphors for musical.
    We speak of the golden hour when the sun is lower and light passive through more air, in contrast to summer sun when it is overhead. The former is not out-of-focus, rather it is more saturated in color, the visual frequency. This is how I describe the Mojo sound signature. It is pleasing and does not make you work when you want to focus on the music. I even enjoy listening to songs I have to date not particularly liked.

    3. Chord, the Apple of head-fi Audio?
    I think of how Apple designs the hardware (they used to make their own CPU chips IIRC) and the software to ensure it works in harmony as a whole; in contrast to the WinTel industry. It is that control over their DAC/AMP (I call I their "DAMP", as a wet or analog sound) that I bought into with the Mojo.

    4. Amp
    Glad to see their analog output is so clean as it can be enjoyed as a line-out sans the double-smiling effects. You get to enjoy its resolving ability and your own choice of amp signature.
  12. steffi
    What will be the difference between Moon Audio's Dragon cables (Silver or Black) to make the USB connection with the Mojo and CCK?
    What are most folks using to connect their Mojo to an iPhone?
  13. Mediahound

    I'd guess very little difference if any. I'm using the stock USB cable that Chord included. 
  14. che15
    I use Lavri cables pure silver all in one connection cable, sounds and works much better than cck and any other USB cable combo.
    A great price too, considering what u get!
  15. steffi
    Don't people have problems with this cable?
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