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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. bavinck

    What makes a desktop amp so special? More power? Ok, fine I agree. Then use Mojo like a line out for more power (probably not really needed for anything short of hard to drive planars) . What that tubes sound? Fine, LO Mojo to your tubes. Just be aware that Mojo is a beautifully clean source with lots of power, so adding an amp will not make it better, just different.
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  2. bavinck
    I sure can assume that. As soon as someone starts talking about the dac and amp section of the Mojo as two discrete parts (like vapman did) I k of there is a fundamental misunderstanding of the design of the Mojo. Mojo does not have a dac/amp distinction. It's unique in the world of headphone audio.
  3. bavinck
    Try reading through post 3. You need otg cable.
  4. jincuteguy
    I did read through it, but it's a mess.  Need the infos to be organized better, not just a bunch of links of different posts.
  5. Mojo ideas
    When you get your Mojo and on your trip around Peru please take some "mojo on vacation " shots and post them here. I'd also like to encourage a few others here to do the same if it's a popular idea We at chord will give away a few of the new Chord Mojo cases when they become available in May to those posters of the most interesting places Mojo visits. John E. Franks
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  6. Blasyrkh
    you have the OTG adapter inside the package...with my s7 edge i had it...it's a white piece of plastic
  7. Mediahound

    More power and dynamics. More able to drive hard to drive headphones.

    Even if I wanted to use the Mojo in my desk system because i thought the DAC was better than my desktop dac (it isn't) I still would not because it's not designed to be used that way as a permanent solution. Chord even designed it so every time you power it off, the line out level cancels.
  8. twiceboss
    So, may i know what's your preference that can beat Mojo in $600 price range? desktop system i mean.

    Because I will get the Mojo tomorrow, and i still can return it since Im not sure to use it as portable or just sit in front of my computer. (mostly listening in front of my computer)

    Hence, no point for me to get a portable $600 if there are many other options (desktop am/dac) that can easily beat Mojo in that price range.

    Really lack of exp about amp/dac... need help 
  9. bavinck
    Just because you cannot follow the organizational structure does not make it a "mess" . That is very insulting to the caretaker of this forum, whom I know goes to great pains to keep it up to date, useful and helpful.
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  10. uzi2
    Nice idea! Mojo selfies. I think the case should come before the visit to Peru,though. Mojo at Machu Pichu naked will not go down well...
  11. bavinck

    I think I am not being clear. Is the ifi micro portable, transportable or desktop? I have heard people call it all three. It has way more power than ever needed, dynamics are amazing, and runs on clean power.

    Portable or desktop, it's just becoming semantics with the new gear coming out.
  12. betula

    What is your source? Mojo with X2 using WASAPI and a quality USB cable did blow me away. :)
    And Nighthawk and TH-X00 are on the way, but I really wonder what else can come. :)
  13. betula

    I have Mojo for almost 3 months now. I can say, I am still blown away by its sound as I was on day one.
  14. wahsmoh

    Thank you for this little piece of information. I will be sure to snap an epic picture of the Mojo chilling at Machu Picchu or in downtown Miraflores and maybe I'll get one at Sedona, AZ on my upcoming trip in a few weeks.
    THIS. Okay I have another question, so if I buy an OTG cable such as the one of these listed here: http://www.amazon.com/Cable-SanDisk-Clip-Sport-Player/dp/B00WTVI4SS or this one http://www.amazon.com/LIFETIME-WARRANTY-Electronics-Micro-Cable/dp/B005GGBYJ4
    Does that mean that if I want to connect my Chord MOJO to have DAC functionality with my Sansa Clip Sport I must use a Micro USB B cable - > USB A and then use the OTG cable to connect it to my Chord Mojo? If I just go line-out from the Sansa Clip to the Chord Mojo input then that would skip the DAC section?? I am placing an order soon and I don't want to make a careless mistake and buy the wrong cable.
    I want something like this, but with my Sansa Clip Sport being used instead of an iPhone or Apple device:
  15. betula
    In my opinion nothing beats Mojo under $1000-1200. Neither portable, nor desktop.
    iFi Micro is portable theoretically. In practice it is just too big for portable. Approximately 3 times bigger than Mojo.
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