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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. wahsmoh
    Hey I'm just wonder, would you all recommend Moon Audio for purchasing the Chord Mojo? It says on their site they are in stock and ready to ship.
    Approximately how long does it take with standard shipping to receive the Chord Mojo?
    I just want mine as soon as possible and I'd hope to get it before April 5th when I leave for a trip to Arizona. I really don't need it until this summer when I'm leaving on a month-long trip to Peru with my girlfriend but I'm going to use this short vacation as my first test for portability.
    Final question, is Astell and Kern the only DAP manufacturer that has an optical-out? I could see myself using the Chord Hugo with the optical at my desktop, but I'm wondering if there are other options for DAPs that have optical outputs cause I don't care for DSD recordings that much. If you have the answers thank you for your help.
  2. Townyj

    I've used my X2s and DT150s with it. Havent been blown away since listening to the mojo. Something a bit more open would be cool.
  3. Mython Contributor
    Moon Audio are a good dealer for the Mojo, and so is Todd The Vinyl Junkie. There are many happy Mojo customers, in the USA, from both these dealers.
    If you need to know delivery time accurately, you should give the dealers a phonecall, but April 5th really shouldn't pose any problem at all, as there are good stock levels of the Mojo in your country.
  4. Mython Contributor
    Questyle QP1/R
    iBasso DX80 does, too, but it might not be the most 'bulletproof' option
    It would be very wise of you to ask around the threads, thoroughly before buying any DAP, to check that  they will perform reliably over optical connection.
    There are probably some other DAPs with optical-out, but the above are the only 2 that occur to me, at this moment
  5. Light - Man
    I have been looking also.
    You could consider IFI micro IDSD but several people have mentioned that they were getting channel imbalance at lower volumes which was forcing them to listen at higher volumes than they wished to.
    Some prefer it to the Mojo and others think it can be a bit bright!
    I seem to remember Relic was one who thought it was a bit bright but I am sure a lot depends on what you pair it with?
  6. vapman
    I like the mojo as just a dac better than an amp too. The amp in the Mojo isn't bad but i don't think it's TOTL by itself. At home I like running the mojo thru a tube head amp.
  7. jincuteguy
    How do you guys hook up the Mojo to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? or any other Samsung phones? Like what kind of cable do I need? I never use a DAC / Amp with my phone.
  8. bavinck
    This doesn't make any sense based on the design of the mojo. As others have stated many times, the mojo is basically an awesome dac with excellent, super clean power output like a line out. If you find adding an amp makes it better to your ears it is not because the amplification of the mojo is lacking, but rather you like the distortion the added amp provides to your music. I think you misunderstand how mojo is designed.
  9. bavinck
    post #3
  10. Light - Man
    Sorry Bavinck, we cannot conclude that he does not understand how the Mojo is designed, he could be an Electronics Whizz Kid for all we know. [​IMG]
    He is not the first person to mention that he prefers the Mojo paired with a good amp.
    vapman and warrior1975 like this.
  11. Mediahound

    The Mojo certainly isn't the end all be all of headphone amplifiers.. Are you trying to imply that there's no better amp? Because that is certainly not the case.

    It does well as a portable for sure but going to a desktop amp will certainly improve the sound.

    Chord even states in the instruction manual that the Mojo is designed as a portable.
    sheldaze likes this.
  12. jincuteguy
    So I just hooked up my Mojo to my Samsung S7 Edge phone using the micro usb cable that came with the S7 edge that is using for charging the phone, but there's no sound coming out from the mojo? Do I need another cable?
  13. uzi2

    This is an old chestnut, but adding an amp can only add distortion. Whether you like the colouration the amp gives will depend on whether it "improves" the sound to your ears.
  14. warrior1975

    I have to respectfully disagree. Vapman definitely knows how it works and understands the design. He just prefers it with an amp. Nothing wrong with that, and he isn't the only one. Not many say it, but some have said it. Mojo definitely appears to be an amazing device, but that doesn't mean everyone will love everything about it nor does it mean that the sound can't be improved upon.
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Far as I'm aware you will also require an OTG cable for this connection. The charge/data cable alone won't do it.
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