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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Mediahound

    That's is indeed the sound comparison when trying each DAC hooked up to the MJ2 amp. But the Mojo is not really designed to be used this way permanently so not really a good comparison.  It works in a pinch, but not an ideal setup. 
  2. rkt31
    wow, wow that's amazing. now I fully understand Rob watts comment that chord could charge lot higher if they would have put mojo into a large metal box . I very clearly asked about gumby vs mojo only for sq not for drivability of headphones . first of all the only way to compare both is to add an amp that would degrade transparency of mojo but I still feel purely for sq mojo will beat gumby ( even yggdrasil ) if attached to same external amp.
  3. Mojo ideas
    That's an interesting view point. How do those Dacs you mention actually measure when comparing actual specified test results to Mojo. A unit can only be called better if its specification really is!
  4. rkt31
    I would say mojo and Hugo are first of all are dac, portability and headphone drive are added bonus due to clever and revolutionary design. I find no problem in desktop set up with Hugo . I have not tried mojo in desktop set up not due to any difficulty but it will require a 3.5mm stereo to rca adapter. Hugo is fed directly to benchmark ahb2 power amp in low gain mode . in low gain mode benchmark power amp increases the output about 3 times only so I get about about just below 10 watt with 8 ohm kef r300. this output is more than normal listening levels. only during movies I have to got 3volt of Hugo otherwise Hugo requires to go only upto 2 volts or so. that way I have one of the most transparent desktop set up for the money as benchmark is very highly rated for noise and thd. after getting mojo I don't need to remove Hugo from my desktop set up. Hugo will go only when I have enough funds for Dave.
  5. rkt31
    in gumby's cost get two or more mojo. use one with desktop and other for portable. in yggy's price buy 6 mojo. use one in desktop , one for portable, one in car audio, one in the office , gift one each to better half and growing kid. lol.
  6. Mediahound
    My Mojo setup is sorta funny:
    Since my headphone cable is a balanced 4-pin XLR, I have an adapter to go to 1/4" and then another adapter to go from 1/4" to the Chord mini jack. 
    I could stand to eliminate one of these. Anyone know of a 4-pin XLR to mini jack adapter? 
  7. bakieryigit
    Chord Mojo + İOS 9.3 version working with  "Fiio L19 Cable" Without any issue.
    worked with my iphone 6 plus and ipod touch 5.
    Sample caps here;
    İpod touch 5 + Chord Mojo + Fiio L19 Cable + Earsonics S-em9
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  8. sheldaze

    I bought my adapter from Amazon - cannot find the link for it at this moment. But here's one that might be even better suited to your needs:
  9. Mediahound

    iOS 9.3 also working fine with the Apple Lighting to USB (CCK) adapter and the Mojo here. 
  10. Mediahound
  11. rkt31
    @you can buy a 3.5mm stereo to 2 rca adapter and then use 2 rca to xlr interconnects of short length. although rca to xlr adapter of neutric can also be used in place interconnects.
  12. deuter
    Where to buy the bands to strap the ak100 and mojo ?
  13. Mython Contributor
    Post #3
  14. Townyj
    Has anyone compared the Bimby to the mojo. I am a bit bored of the mojos sound, yeah it sounds ok. Its a bit to polite and compressed. Wouldnt mind something a bit more lively to pair with a G109A.
  15. bavinck
    Compressed? That's a first. What makes you feel it is compressed? What headphones are you using?
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