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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. xtr4
    To be honest, when comparing at hi-fi to summit-fi level of equipment, the consensus has always been personal preference over measurements and graphs.
    Why I say this is that objectively on paper, Mojo is better than almost anything in it's price range and up to double or triple. However, subjectively, there will be users who prefer say a Schiit Multibit to the Mojo for example. I do have friends who find the Hugo overly bright and the Mojo somewhat bright which is why I can say for certain that audio subjectively will always trump any objective graphs or measurements.
  2. masterpfa
    I, when choosing any item, car, phone or audio equipment, I have always researched using mainstream reviews What HiFi in the case of Mojo, Once decided on an item, I have then looked for the best deal and then purchase. Only then do I join the forums. The Mojo was one such blind purchase so for me personally it had no hype to live up to. Since purchasing I have then joined this thread and surprised to hear the majority of contributors felt the same about their pride and joy. The only true test for people is to listen with their own ears and to listen to their music and not to analyse it.
    I could not have put it better. The S6 and it's inbuilt DAC may be a good performer "For a phone" but a dedicated DAC can offer so much more, all the above for example, plus the ability to be used with your PC or in a dedicated home setup too.
    If you were to choose a Mojo all this could be yours for £400
  3. rkt31
    @xtr4, I may be wrong but many so called Audiophiles prefer softer sound which is many a times colored by compression/lack of dynamics and lack of timing or even colored by rolling off highs. Hugo and mojo have changed the sound for better. now digital music can sound very accurate and transparent along with a timing which was not possible before at least for the price point. what more all this with extremely good dynamic range and without hint of harshness/ hardness. therefore some people habitual of colored soft sound may find Hugo and mojo to be bright. ( yggdrasil may be a step towards accurate sound that's why gumby and bimby lovers describe yggdrasil as more detailed ,lol )
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  4. Peter Hyatt

    Well said.
    There is something else.  
    I wonder if some of the critics are line the proverbial wine critic who is served top shelf wine that he has written glowingly about, but in a cheap wine bottle, to which he tastes and disparages.  
    The technology of the Mojo allows for far more data from the music.  I have heard an 'improvement' in my hearing over time with Mojo, going from hearing pleasant background harmony, to actual discernment of the background harmony being a male and female voice.  
    I returned to listening to it without the Mojo and it was deeper in the background, and I could not discern the voices. 
    I plugged in Mojo and listened to the bass, for example, being distinct, and the background harmony having the male and female voices.  
    It is amazing.  
  5. noobandroid
    I'm so happy rob replies to my question, this is the type of after sales that leaves an impreasion
  6. Peter Hyatt

    I wonder if there is anything that even comes close to Mojo, even at far, far more money.  I appreciate the honest comments Hugo owners have posted and how similar sounding they are, with some saying that they might not be able to tell the difference, blind.  
    The iPhone has become a standard, but if we consider it, it is a phone and a full computer, which is like taking thousands of dollars of articles and putting them into a $600 phone.  In this sense, I wonder if the Mojo is as good as a 25K dac, based upon the technology, though I am unlikely to ever hear a 25K dac! I'd love to hear Dave.  
  7. audi0nick128
    Also I think the perceived burn in, that Rob mentioned is very real.
    I witnessed 3 stages after 3 month excessive use.
    IMO those changes in SQ for the better where so substantial that I had to listen to all my favorite albums again... So I think this is important for comparing mojo to other devices.
  8. shigzeo Contributor

    I think the first part is due to people's willingness and expectation. It's a sensory version of motivated reasoning. Of course high end gear is more emotional, and your experience of that gear (at any price) will and should trump someone's measurements. The thing is: each of us should bow to the facts. Our opinions of gear is just that: opinion. And we can be damn wrong. Being wrong about bass roll offs, or boosted mids (whatever they are I have no idea), and more, is pretty easy to test for. Mojo does, as mentioned above, make detailed and dynamic sound great. It made the top of a number of lists primarily because it does so many things right, and does it all on batteries, and if you have a good unit, in an almost noiseless internal environment.
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  9. Peter Hyatt
    I feel that the constant reviews and praises for Mojo had set me up for disappointment.  I was coming off a well made and highly praised DAC so I felt like with the lofty expectations, Mojo had nowhere to go but down.  
    It has replaced my desk top DAC, desk top Amp and portable DAC/amp.  It blew me away from the first listen, with its definition.  That I can discern more detail now than the many hours ago when I first got it, suggests to me that my brain is now processing the increase in data and it is more enjoyable today than it was on Day 1 when it gave me that "wow!" moment.  
    It is interesting for me to follow others' experiences in the passing of time with the Mojo.  
  10. Mediahound

    The Mojo is certainly a great portable but really does not compare to the Schiit desktop DACs, especially my Gungnir MB. 
  11. rkt31
    @Mediahound, can you pls tell me the difference between mojo and gumby only for the sound quality ?
  12. Mediahound

    I get a lot more power out of my Schiit system for one, especially since I run balanced. So it's more alive sounding in general with hard to drive headphones, that would be the best way to describe it. The detail resolution is also higher. But this is really like compare apples to oranges. A tiny portable that fits in your jeans pocket should not really be compared to a big powerful desktop setup. 
  13. Blasyrkh
    are you talking about driving capability..am I wrong or gungnir is only a dac without HP output?!
    maybe you aretalking about the gungnir + mjolnir combo, that's a quite different story.
  14. Mediahound

    Right. There is no way to actually hear the Gungnir MB without hooking it up to an amp. 
  15. Blasyrkh
    then i do not understand your statement about lively sound with hard to drive phones....that's a mjolnir quality, not gungnir's...
    you should hook up both dacs to the Mjolnir and make a comparation
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