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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. AndrewH13

    Why didn't you get the DX90, it pairs superbly with Mojo? You asked months ago and I recommended it.
  2. Rob Watts
    It was designed to run this way. If you want to maximize battery life, then turn Mojo off when not using it, with the charger connected permanently and it will be fine as the charger will disconnect automatically, and re-charge automatically when the battery voltage drops.
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  3. noobandroid

    the color only shows sample rate, red is 44.1khz
  4. georgelai57
    Thank you, Rob Watt, for the very detailed explanation. I will turn Mojo off after using it whilst charging/playing. It's good housekeeping after all. Cheers.
  5. echoz

    Thanks for the answer Rob. My next question is on what is the optimal setup when hooking up to power amp with speakers. Would it be best to output to 3v at mojo and control the volume on the amp or minimise the voltage output at mojo while increase volume on the amp? Assuming the output from the Mac is bit perfect. Thanks
  6. Mython Contributor
    You should set Mojo to output your chosen 2v or 3v level, and then handle everything else on your amplifier.
    Here are some related posts:

    Setting Mojo to Line-Level (e.g. for use with a Preamplifier or Active Loudspeakers, etc.)
    To set the output level to 3V ( line level ) for connection to a preamplifier press both volume buttons
    together when switching on the unit. Both volume balls will illuminate light blue. This mode is not
    remembered so when you switch off it will reset back to the previous volume stored for safety reasons.
    To set the output level to 1.9V RMS, first follow the above guidance, to attain 3V, and then continue further, with the following:


  7. echoz

    Thank Mython!! Loving my mojo day by day!
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  8. bocosb
    After more then a month of reading about Mojo i'm ready to place the order at the local dealer.. my question is: as i intend to use it a lot as a desktop dac, i'm thinking of ordering an Audioquest Jitterbug too, my pc has some age and probably not the "cleanest" usb ports regarding RF noise - any opinions about this? Or should i maybe order just the Mojo and later the jitterbug if needed.. (my poor wallet [​IMG] )
    Also as someone was saying some posts ago, i wonder if the Mojo will replace my desktop amp too (Bottlehead Crack) for powering my HD650.
  9. echoz

    Why not use

    Why not use optical instead? If USB directly it will sound very harsh. 
  10. Mython Contributor
    LOL - IMO, that is a substantial overstatement.   Not saying you're wrong, just that, IMO, the potential difference would be relatively subtle.
    Having said that, as you know, Rob does have a preference for optical, in real-world scenarios when the USB connection is sometimes not as clean as it ideally could be.
    x RELIC x collated a few of Rob's related posts, here:
    The following is also of interest:
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  11. Mython Contributor
    Does anyone in this thread own a 3D printer..?  [​IMG]
  12. wym2
    Can you tell me what you are trying to do/hear with your MBP?
  13. rkt31
    mojo with USB will be very harsh us not correct. differences between all inputs are very less . in fact I retested it today itself. I fed from Windows lenovo laptop using a cheap USB cable and the difference was not much. though jitterbug will help for its price to some extent.
  14. Staxton
    Thanks, Rob!
  15. Staxton
    I just got one last week.
    I just got one last week.
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