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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. sabloke
    Silly question perhaps, but bear with me... Now that I've got cases for both Mojo and DP-X1, I'm toying with the idea to use magnets to stack them. I'm thinking some 1mm thick plates or discs under the cases, strong enough to hold both together. Would magnet affect the Mojo? Not concerned about DP-X1 as it does not have a GPS sensor and will never be used for anything other than transport anyway. I've found these 40mm X 20mm X1mm plates on ebay...
  2. x RELIC x Contributor

    The storage will be solid state and the battery is a chemical reaction so I don't see the harm.
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  3. x RELIC x Contributor
    I've said my piece about the Mojo plenty of times but tonight I was listening to the track Little Room from Norah Jones Not Too Late album and it was another :blink: moment.

    The part where she's whistling I usually can hear her take a breath between whistles without much effort, but this time I could hear the air through her lips as she was whistling. I know, I know, big deal right?

    I'm talking about the small amount of audible air sound that leaves our lips as we whistle that isn't usually played back through our systems. As an exaggeration, it sounds like when someone can't whistle well and it's half air that's heard and half whistle note vs someone who can whistle really well and you can hardly hear the air movement over the whistle note, if that helps imagine the sound. It added so much more realism to hear the air sound as well as the whistle note at the same time in the recording. It's like 2% air sound and 98% note, but it made 100% difference to feeling like she was right in front of me singing (whistling). Never heard that before on this track.

    It's these small, subtle things that I've come to REALLY appreciate with the Mojo on top of the great musicality. Neat stuff. :)

    Listening to the ETHER C from the Mojo.
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  4. Rob49
    I haven't got a Mojo, but I will transfer that album to my ZX2 ( & newly acquired Oppo PM-3's. ) & see if I can hear it ? 
  5. georgelai57
    Hello, @xRELICx, I bet the next time you will actually FEEL air from Ms. Jones into your ears! Now that would really make you jump up in the air. Glad to hear from you.
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  6. x RELIC x Contributor
    To be fair I just listened to the same track with the X5ii/ALO Rx stack to the JH Angie and it's there, it just didn't jump out at me like it did on the Mojo. When I say jump out I mean that it just happened and I went "oh, that's nice". With the stack it was like "can I hear it?".
  7. georgelai57
    Hi Rob, and John,
    I followed your exact instructions and the lights behave properly and I am now into my 6th consecutive album. When I now power off the Mojo completely, the battery white light, which was white throughout the listening session, now goes off, so it was definitely in trickle charge mode. I guess my Mojo wasn't fully charged when I had that problem earlier, or maybe it was a yellow light and these old eyes of mine cannot be trusted. I apologize for any confusion caused.
    I now have 3 questions, if I may:
    1. If I leave the Mojo plugged in to the wall wart all the time, that should be fine, correct?
    2. I presume that any time I want to resume listening in its present setup (meaning listening via the computer and with the charging cable still connected to the wall wart), the Mojo should be "ready to go" and that there is no need for me to ascertain the battery level? 
    3. If I then use the Mojo as a portable, and later on connect it back to the computer for listening (with the charging cable then connected to the wall wart again), what would be the minimum color of the battery light? Green?
    Thanks once again.
  8. tgx78
    Is the fiio X5 (1st Gen.) good DAP as a transport for Mojo?
  9. tkteo
    I use X5 first gen as my transport for the Mojo. Well good enough.
  10. Mojo ideas
    1) yes it should be fine
    2) overall there is a slight net drain on the battery so starting at blue or green on the battery indicator is a good idea but not mandatory
    3) difficult to answer as it depends how long you've been listening whilst mobile but see answer above. Happy listening George!
  11. noobandroid
    anything that does digital out will be good
  12. kkcc
    My experience with transport for Hugo is that "good" or "bad" largely depends on the form factors and usability of the DAP and the interconnect cable much more than any sound quality consideration.  In fact I had never felt ANY device is a BAD transport for Hugo.
    I tried coxial from DX50, DX90, HM901, Optical from AK100mk2, AK240, USB from a lot of phones/tablet/notebook/PCs and the SQ difference, if any, will never be significant enough to offset the size of the whole stack and the usability of the transport's UI/battery longevity etc.  Given Mojo's smaller size, I believe this would even be more important.
    Just my 2c... I know plenty of others who strongly feel there is SQ difference between transport that trumps everything and I respect that view.
  13. Staxton
    I am also considering replacing my desktop DAC (which, by the way, cost far more than than the Mojo) with a second Mojo, so I might have something to sell too! One question that I think remains unanswered is, Is it alright to leave the Mojo on 24/7 plugged in with a 2A wall wart? Will that adversely affect the battery or anything else in the Mojo? Would keeping the Mojo on all the time avoid the issues with the battery charging circuitry?
  14. Rob Watts
    John answered 1 and 2 fine, but I thought I would clarify exactly what happens when you charge and listen at the same time.
    I use a dedicated charging chip for the Li battery, and this has a number of safety features, and works with a number of settings to ensure safety.
    Now one of the safety circuits is a safety timer, and this is when the charger is in full charge mode. This timer is set to about 8 hours, and normally full charge mode takes 4 hours, when the unit is off. But when the unit is on and playing, there is a risk that the safety timer will be set, as it can take 12 hours to fully charge (from flashing red) and when playing music (for those 12 hours) at the same time. If the safety timer is set, then the battery LED will slowly flash white, and no further charging will take place. To reset the timer, just disconnect the charge USB, wait 10 seconds, and reconnect, and it will recommence charging. So if you are charging and playing, then when you have finished listening, turn Mojo off, and it will be OK. When Mojo is blue, and you connect the charger, then it is trickle charge mode, and the safety charger is not operating. So if Mojo is green, the safety timer won't trip out, as it will play and leave full charge mode within 8 hours, so you will be OK. It should be OK at yellow too. I guess the easiest way of dealing with it is to turn Mojo off after listening, then you will be fine, unless you listen for longer than 8 hours starting from fully flat.
    Note that you can get the flashing battery LED if the USB charger voltage is low, from a charger that can't supply the current, or a USB cable that has high resistance. But you will see this pretty early on.
    I hope this clarifies.
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  15. wym2
    Originally Posted by Peter Hyatt [​IMG]

    No it is just that demo video! It would not play through!  

    The music is fine. 

    I did take the one month free Tidal trial on the iPhone.  $26.99 per month.  

    What color will be the "HD" lossless file?   Red?

    The macbook pro does not have Chrome, so it only offers low and medium def.  Will these show different colors?    Blue? 

    You can DLoad Chrome for MBP here:
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