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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Mython Contributor
  2. Peter Hyatt

    No it is just that demo video! It would not play through!  
    The music is fine. 
    I did take the one month free Tidal trial on the iPhone.  $26.99 per month.  
    What color will be the "HD" lossless file?   Red?
    The macbook pro does not have Chrome, so it only offers low and medium def.  Will these show different colors?    Blue? 
  3. Carl6868

    Ah sorry didn't watch the video as was just on my iPad, yes mojo should be showing red for all playback from tidal unless the MacBook is doing some up converting ?

    Edit: you realise chrome is just a browser you can download for your MacBook ?
  4. x RELIC x Contributor

    Lossless Tidal is a higher bit rate (kbps - Kilo Bits Per Second - a measure of data size) as opposed to lossy that is typically max 320 kbps. Lossless Tidal is CD quality, not high resolution (24bit depth) and both lossy and losslees formats are 16bit bit depth (not bit rate) and 44.1 kHz sample rate (not bit rate).

    So yes, high quality lossless (as opposed to lossy) Tidal straming is 16/44.1 lossless, the highest offered by Tidal, which is red for the sample rate indicator. High resolution audio is too large in data size to stream in the current format.
  5. Deftone
    speaking of chrome, i still cannot get anything browser based to play through mojo (tried multiple different browsers too) its been wrecking my poor head for days.
    obviously its overkill for youtube but if i want to watch it i have to disconnect it to listen to sound through the monitor.
  6. xeroian

    Money saving tip: Don't sign up to Tidal via the iPhone app. This incurs "Apple App Store Tax" of 30%.

    Manage your account via a web browser e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox and it will only cost 19.99 per month.

    And if, being in the UK, I could make Tidal think I was in the US or Europe I would only pay $19.99 or €19.99 rather than £19.99.
  7. rbalcom

    You can download a Tidal app for Mac here:

  8. Pablosammy
    This may be old info, but I really struggled to find a definitive answer to whether this works natively with a Samsung S6. In the end, I ordered it along with an OTG USB cable, and decided to just try it.

    Well, the good news is that is DOES work natively, despite some posts to the contrary elsewhere on the web.

    On the flip side, it really doesn't improve things a massive amount. This is probably testament to the S6's excellent stock DAC, and probably also an indictment of my ears. However, it does improve things, and I've only used the amp for a few hours so far so it will most likely improve further.

    I'm listening with Etymotic ER-4Ps. The main noticeable benefit I've found is improved instrument separation - details sing out, and grab my interest in a way that the stock S6 completely fails to. The soundstage seems fairly similar, and the frequency response is almost identical to my ears. I've found that complex passages can still be overwhelming, but this is almost certainly down to the ER-4s rather than the amp.

    I've got an ER-4S conversion cable winging its way to me soon, so it will be good to see how much difference it makes. I have a love-hate relationship with these earphones - some times, most times, they utterly blow me away, and I have a hard time imagining how anything could be more detailed and immersive. Other times, I find them harsh, tiring and easily out-of-their-depth with complex or bass-heavy music.

    Can anyone who uses the Mojo with Shure SE535 or SE846 care to share your experiences? Or does anybody have any other IEM pairing recommendations? I'm a sucker for detail, but sometimes find myself craving a bit more 'body' for certain genres.
  9. georgelai57
    I just realized that the Chord Mojo is an income generator.
    I had been charging it near my computer, when I realized my Resonessence Concero HP can now be made redundant. Too many toys to think clearly. So the Resonessence Concero HP is now up for sale.
  10. NaiveSound
    Would a old Sansa clip sound better than a basic android phone when feeding mojo?
  11. harpo1
    Sansa doesn't have a digital output so you can't use it with the mojo.
  12. Carl6868

    And how would you get a digital signal from it ?
  13. noobandroid
    you need to change your default audio output to mojo if on pc

    on android i think everything audio will be channeled to the otg audio

    mac i have no idea
  14. noobandroid
    i think on otg the phone doesn't process the music but only sending it to mojo for processing, so saying the dac of the phone doing a good job "might" not be true
  15. sheldaze
    Most people know how to select the Mojo for audio, on the Mac.
    But if it is the same Mac issue I have encountered, it is that the Audio MIDI Setup tool must be run to set the "format" back to something reasonable like 44.1kHz. Once set, the Mac will continue to keep that format each time the device is re-inserted to the USB. It is only an issue the first time.
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