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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Sound Eq
    guys which android phone do u think is great to use as transport and is small in size and has great specs
  2. Mython Contributor
    Sony Experia Z3 Compact is one option
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  3. Sound Eq
    do u know of it accept 200gb micro sd cards
  4. Mojo ideas
    when the Mojo is being used and being charged especially when driving lower impedances there is a net drain on the battery. This means that the charging circuit does not quite provide enough power to power the Dac and amp circuitry and keep charge the battery at the same level this is because we had to limit the amount of charge over a given time due to thermal constraints. Our charging time with the Mojo switched off is usually four or max five hours this is a little inconvenient but when we compare this to other Dac amps that need up to a full twenty four hours to charge we feel that we didn't do such a bad job.
  5. msp
    Hello I am a new mojo owner.

    I use it with a B&W P7, and are relative happy with the sound, but I am considering trying a Fostex th600, I like a relaxed full sound will it be good match, or is there any other recommendations?

    Kind regards Morten
  6. Mojo ideas
    You shouldn't be too surprised as the amount electronics i.e the processing power that Mojo has is about five hundred times what a normal industry chip Dac design contains. So it should be a very high level performance.
  7. Sound Eq
    oppo pm1 is a heapdhone that just did give me all i want in a heapdhone, 
    full layered sound, great bass, relaxed, good soundstage, and never ever fatiguing 
    best headphone i tried when i auditioned hifiman he 1000, lcd 4, lcd 3, nighthawk and others
    it just ended my search for a full size headphone after i struggled with lcd 2 and how to get the sound sig i am after
  8. msp

    Interesting and the mojo can drive them?

    Br Morten
  9. Mython Contributor
    Not sure, so you'd need to do a bit of your own research before considering buying one.
    Also, there are several different Experias, so I'm not suggesting Z3 is the only worthy one for you to consider
  10. Layman1
    I love Workingman's Blues no.2! (no hash key on my mac! baffling!) I rarely hear it mentioned so this was great to read, especially how it sounds to you on the Mojo!
    I haven't heard that Alison Krauss album, but I loved her duet album with Robert Plant, especially "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us" and "Killing the Blues". Crazy bass on that album though! [​IMG]
  11. x RELIC x Contributor

    The Mojo's line out "mode" is nothing more than a shortcut to 3V. After setting it to the 3V shortcut you can change the output at will. If you want approximately the standard 2V output then just click the volume down 4 times from the line out shortcut.

    The Mojo's analogue section is not like your typical opamp amplifier in most devices, but rather a discrete analogue stage that can't be bypassed, and is very transparent. Essentially the Mojo is always a variable line out. Again, holding the buttons down during power on is just a shortcut to 3V.
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  12. Mython Contributor
    I know from personal experience that Mojo really likes Alison Krauss [​IMG]

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReJPsyKfI2M   (sorry about the poor SQ)
    And so many more...
    * Please bear in mind that the above youtube clips have highly-compressed audio - not a patch on the SQ of Redbook!
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  13. Sound Eq
    i think i will buy another mojo for a portable setup as i am liking the mojo so much
    right now i am using the mojo for my oppo pm1 in the following setup android--- mojo--- alo mk3 B
    now for portable use on the go I will buy another one : android-- mojo---iem
    man i love this mojo so much I think right now nothing comes close to it, and that is why i am selling my ak380 and amp
  14. Peter Hyatt
    I don't have the vocabulary to do the Mojo justice for what it does for the music library I've heard for 40 years.  
  15. Sound Eq
    yes it can with authority, but i am a basshead so i add an extra amp with bass boost which is the alo mk 3B, but really sometimes i feel i do not need that extra amp
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