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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. imattersuk
  2. imattersuk
    Agreed but the cables supplied with HA-2 are good quality.
    Oppo are selling a much cheaper product and supplying Apple cable, still think Chord are being tight fisted.
    The adapter for iPhone costs £25 in the UK and makes the rig more bulky, that may put off those who want a truly portable solution.
    I will use mine with Macbook Pro and LG but won't bother with a camera connector for iPad, some users will only have iPhone.
  3. ejong7
    Just wondering if anyone here could help with some advice:
    What's the difference between using different DAPs and the Mojo? I understand that theyll have different outputs but is there actually an advantage of say using an QP1R vs AK120ii when both are digitally out into the Mojo and hence they kinda gonna have the same sound (since the DAPs just become kinda like storages)? Just need to clear this up cause I'm consindering this.
  4. mjdutton

    It would be good if the Mojo could have the Apple chip inside.  To say that it will work with all smartphone (inc Apple) is not strictly true since you need CCK cable - something none of the reviewers (so far) have mentioned.
  5. Mython Contributor
    But that is a limitation imposed by the control-freaks in Cupertino.
    Why blame Chord for it? [​IMG]
    The Mojo will operate with an Apple iPhone. Yes, one may need to jump through a hoop imposed by Apple, but Chord nonetheless told the truth, from their own end.
    By going through the certification process with Apple, a manufacturer is basically making their own release schedule, and engineering independence, vulnerable to a 3rd-party. I don't blame firms for not wishing to play that risky game with megalomanic corporations.
  6. mjdutton

    Fair comment Mython, but it would still be nice to plug-n-play out of the box.  Without Apple the portable music market wouldn't be where it is today - but that's another topic all together.
  7. obsidyen
    Without Sony, there wouldn't be a portable music market at all. So what? Apple no longer cares about portable audio.
  8. Mython Contributor
    True. We can certainly agree on that. C'est la vie! [​IMG]
    Let's not go there....
  9. Mojo ideas
    I believe a requirement of using the camera kit Apple chip inside your product is complete design disclosure to Apple engineering hardware software the lot. We might be a bit mad but we're not totally crazy. If we had not much technology to hide. Say if we were just using a industry Dac chip we wouldn't have a problem in doing this, but for us today it's a very different story. This is why we will soon offer a plug in module that swallows the official Apple Camera adaptor leaving just the Lightning tale to plug into the I phone.
  10. mjdutton

    A "plug in module" would be great - thank you.
  11. emilsoft
    Ok after tinkering further - the high pitched noise on the Mojo is coming out of my left earphone and I can hear it on sensitive IEMs like my Ortofon EQ5 and a more quietly on Focal Spirit Pro. Only is evident when starting Mojo without USB plugged in. Playing about with the volume does get rid of it sometime.
    Is anyone else noticing this on theirs with highly sensitive IEMs and Mojo? It's in the background high pitched whine after turning on without usb connection. 
  12. Whitigir

    Sounds like a defective unit. Mojo should be pitch black
  13. emilsoft
    It is pitch black when I'm using it via USB audio which makes me think it's unrelated to the headphone amp section. I agree my expectations of Mojo are high so I would be surprised if this is the norm. I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't try my Ortofon EQ5s with the optical input.. If anyone has high sensitivity IEMs and would like to check: Turn off Mojo, unplug USB ports, plug in IEM, turn Mojo on, wait until colour sequence light is completed after which the high pitched squeal should start  - you have to listen carefully in quiet place to hear it, but it's there and is annoying when playing quiet music. Changing the volume does not affect the loudness of the high pitched noise.
  14. Wilderbeast
    I’ve only had the Mojo for a couple of days so please take my observations with a pinch of salt; I often change my mind completely about audio gear after a few months or even a year of ownership. [Edit: I've had Mojo for a couple of months and haven't changed my mind at all] Here are a few thoughts on the Mojo / Hugo:
    Soundwise I concur with others in the thread - Mojo seems a little darker in signature than Hugo. It is definitely a ‘Hugo-like’ sound, as claimed by Chord. So far, I’ve listened solely with Noble’s K10 (custom), itself a warm-ish earphone. I think the prominent bass works in its favour when using public transport - bass can disappear in noisy environments.
    It’s possible (again, suggested by others) that the Mojo’s treble is a little recessed compared with Hugo. This might explain the mids that people seem to be enjoying. (Reduced highs can lead to pleasing mids - think Shure SE530). 
    Mojo is a breeze to turn on and set up. With Hugo, I find myself searching for the on switch (usually the wrong end), applying cross-feed by accident, turning down the volume, clicking through the inputs, clicking through the inputs again having gone past my setting, then trying to plug my ‘phones into the wrong hole. Turn on the Mojo and you’re good to go. Buttons and usage wise Mojo easily wins, though I do prefer the volume wheel of the Hugo over the two button volume control of the Mojo.
    Is the sound of Mojo a match for, or even better than, Hugo? Mmmm, I’m not sure about that. I must reiterate here that I’ve only had it for a few days, but I think there is something very, very special about Hugo. At times Hugo sounds entirely lifelike and real to my ears, in a way that no other DAC does. The rasp of a trombone, the squeak of a guitar string, the depth of an orchestra, the space between instruments. I can’t put my finger on what exactly, but Hugo has a special sprinkle of magic that I’m not sure Mojo has. Yet. I repeat that I have only listened so far with the Noble K10, which is a very special IEM; differences might not be so obvious with other ear/headphones.
    Sound from Mojo sounds a little more closed in, a smidgen more ‘intimate’. There is a good chance that those who find Hugo harsh or fatiguing will like Mojo’s presentation.
    Over the last couple of years I’ve owned many DAPs, including AK120, AK120II, iBasso DX90, FiiO X5II. I also had the Oppo HA-2, which I suppose is a direct competitor. In my opinion Mojo sounds better than all of them. I suspect Mojo would pair well with a brighter-than-K10 IEM. Something like JH13 Pro.
    I don’t see myself taking Mojo out with me. I’m not a fan of carrying around multiple devices, less so cables. I have an iPhone and dislike having to use the cumbersome and ugly CCK. Interference is, um, interfering. The advice from Chord is to use airplane mode, but for me this is only realistic on a aeroplane.
    All the differences noted above may well be down to confirmation bias; I expect Hugo to be better than Mojo, given the size and price difference. Regardless, I think Mojo is fantastic. 
    Would like: Mojo DAP. The same little box with a screen and SD slot would make a wonderful device.
    Would really like: Hugo 2. This would sound exactly like the Hugo, but with the usability of Mojo. The smaller the better. Add a screen, playback controls and SD slot and THEN you have a game changer!

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  15. proedros

    and sorry to break people's bubbl(i)e , but apparently Steve Jobs was more a thief than a genius [​IMG]

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