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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Rob Watts
    Its a brain issue, and is (mostly) down to two technical problems - one being noise floor modulation, one being timing uncertainty. With timing uncertainty, when the sampled digital data is converted back to a continuous signal, the DAC creates timing errors. These timing errors then interfere with the brains ability to actual perceive the starting and stopping of notes - and when the brain can't easily recognise something, it has to work harder to make sense of what is going on. Its a bit like one being in a party trying to understand somebody speaking with a lot of noise - your brain has to work harder to understand the voice, and its tiring. The noise floor modulation problem, means that the brain has greater difficulty separating sounds out into individual entities. What people forget, as we take hearing for granted, is that the brain is processing the data from the ears, and separating things out into individual entities, and also putting a placement tag onto that entity. Noise floor modulation makes it more difficult for the brain to separate things out into individual entities, so the brain has to work harder to make sense of the music. And when it has to work harder, you get listening fatigue.
    Now the timing issue is a unique problem with digital audio, and noise floor modulation is about ten times a larger problem than with amplifiers, so you can see why listening fatigue is a particular problem with digital.
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  2. music4mhell
    I am just a noob,
    what's a bit perfect track ? I listen to only 320 Kbps or Flac files, no DSD, do i need to install 3rd party app ?
  3. x RELIC x Contributor

    Bit perfect refers to no extra DSP / up / down sampling happening to the file before it is sent to the DAC. What ever the format is do not convert it before sending it to the Mojo as the Mojo will be more capable to handle the data.
  4. Ra97oR
    Currently Android should resample everything to 48kHz without a bypassing app like UAPP if I am not mistaken.
  5. Antihippy
    No, Android upsamples every music I have to 192khz.
  6. PhilW
    depends on the phone/Android version. Some upsample to different sample rates annoyingly when not using a driver.
  7. Skyfall
    That's very good news it overcomes the limitation of the UAPP which only does Tidal so far ..no Spotify, YT etc.
  8. Skyfall
    Don't have Mojo yet but Hugo otg with my Note 3 playing songs from Tidal at "high quality" always shows orange light.
    Red      =44.1Khz
    Orange =48 khz
  9. GreenBow
    Talking of bitperfect, my JRiver trial recently expired and I had been using WASAPI with it, and the Mojo.
    On being made to use Media Go again I felt music sound changed. It was now a little colder, a little less detailed, but something wrong with soundstage. I recall Rob Watts telling us that if you don't use bitperfect, use the max outputs on you PC. E.g. in Media Go have max volume set and max volume on the windows slider. Even this didn't cure my listening woes.
    I googled for "direct sound vs WASAPI, ASIO". The general idea was that there was no preceptable difference.
    Anyway after re-adjusting to non-bitperfect for a few days, last night I extended the JRiver trial. I found it more dynamic and the depth of soundstage from rear to front was better represented. (Without bitperfect it was to be honest a bit of a mish-mash.)
    (I experienced something similar with my Meridian Explorer and WASAPI when using the JRIver trial. I have an album by Sacred Spirit called Chants and Dances of the Native Americans. When listening in bitperfect it was clearly different. Sounds had their own clearly defined places and had better textures. I felt like I was almost listening to the album anew. Without bitperfect the sounds were almost like a layer of sound with less clear placing.)
  10. masterpfa

    I also found UAPP was the Eureka moment with my Mobile
    Another alternative will be a decent mobile with a single Micro SD and an arrangement using a 512GB SD card 
    Maybe no need for the whole 10 Kagillion AMP battery, but with a case or different back for something like the Samsung Note 4
    These issues may be due to Android default sampling rate
  11. mediabox
    I am planning to buy the HD10 as a travel unit. What is the SQ with Mojo like in more detail pls
  12. vince741
    My (soon to be) mojo is in transit, but I sent a message to lavricables to build a micro-usb -> usb A in data (+ground) only.
    I'll keep you in the loop.
  13. AllenShrz
    This is my first post on head-fi, I had to do it since trying finally the mojo.
    Keep in mind I pair it with the se846  with custom tips made in japan and iphone 6s+, that being my main form for listening to music.
    Unfortunately it was a let down trying the mojo, specially after rearing all the hype from it. Maybe with other more demanding headphones the mojo will shine but not with the se846.
    There was an improvement in audio, yes, but not at all a 600 euro improvement. 
    If I were to quantify the improvement, I would say it was 10% at max (while really looking for the difference) to almost nothing on other types of songs.
    In fact I would say I was more impressed with the JVC SU-AX7 with some others genres of music while being much cheaper.
    Im not sure how is in other countries but I live in Japan and here the electronic stores allow you to try all kind of audio equipment, rows and rows, from amps to headphones, cheap to expensive, as much as you want and after hrs unfortunately the mojo didnt win me over.
    Im not saying is bad , Im just cautioning people if they intent to buy it and use them along the se846, dont expect great results.
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  14. Carl6868
    Naïve is that you [​IMG]
    Sorry couldn't resist
    Seriously though I think you are in the minority with that last statement as nearly everyone else thinks the Mojo/SE846 combination is superb
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  15. Currawong Contributor
    That wont work, as the USB circuit needs to see 5V to activate. This is how the Mojo figures out which input is connected. 
    Nice to meet another person living here. The thing that made all the difference for me with the Mojo and other Chord products was just the greater resolution as how much more natural music sounded compared to other DAPs and DACs I'd owned or tried. Granted this wont be much use for someone not interested in a lot of acoustic music. Aside from that, headphone or IEM synergy with one's preferred choice of music is the most important thing. That is where the really big differences are for sure.
    Next time I'm in the city or when I go to the Tokyo headphone festival I'll have to give that JVC a go. They are a brand that doesn't get that much attention here and I tend to like AK-based DACs.
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