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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. shuto77

    My good sir, it's always good to run into you.

    Please start posting your Mojo impressions, along with the headphones used.

    Every time you talk about good gear, it me want to buy it, lol.
  2. bavinck

    Well, first impression with 2 hrs listening is that it is much more dynamic than the m&m schiit stack with the dt880s. Like a lot more dynamic.
  3. bavinck
    Also, I have discovered that the mojo attracts toddlers. My 2 year old immediately noticed the bright lights and wanted to play with it lol.
    Mython likes this.
  4. Roscoeiii

    Have heard that the Schiit is a bit more laid back compared to Mojo.
  5. NaiveSound

    What does *laid back* mean in sound? I never understood. Is mojo considered laid back
  6. Roscoeiii
    Laid back or relaxed tends to suggest less dynamic punch and a less forward sound. Less in your face is another way to put it. This can also mean less fatiguing.
  7. NaiveSound
    OK I appreciate it, it makes sense, I like my sound a little punchy and in your face, but also not fatiguing haha, mojo definitely *warmed* up my sound and I enjoy that, because it still stays very clear and detailed
  8. martyn73
    It certainly can and I sold my M1-HPAP. Having said that, it has to work quite hard to drive the HD800S headphones which are a sibilant mess.
  9. jarnopp

    I think it depends on the reception you are getting at any moment (2g/3G) and the particulars of your placement. I have found it intrusive when using the CCK and short USB cable. So now I usually use a 1m USB cable with the CCK and keep the iPhone away from the mojo. No problems. Or airplane mode. I generally don't carry a stack when walking around, so my use is home or work.

    Also, just ordered a glass toslink cable. Started using the Apple TV to stream at home, and no issues there - sounds very enjoyable. Will see if the new glass cable sounds any different than the current plastic one.
  10. CareyPrice31
    I'm always on LTE - but in my house (near a window) so signal may not be the best.
    On airplane mode, the Mojo is dead silent. Same with my laptop and every other player except my iPhone 5.
    Did you experience the same if on stack (back of iPhone), with airplane mode off in terms of RF noises on Mojo?
  11. spook76

    In my experience, using almost any portable amplifier with a phone or any device stacked with cellular or wifi capability with cause intermittent radio frequency interference. If you want to eliminate it turn your phone or device into airplane mode, do not stack your amplifier on top or close to your device or buy a device that does not have cellular or wifi capabilities.

    Before you inquire, I have had RFI issues with ALO, Fiio and 3 different RSA portable amplifiers stacked on my DAP. My solution was an iPod Touch that is permanently in airplane mode.
  12. CareyPrice31
    Appreciate your help.

    So can you confirm that you have RFI noises when using a stack of iPhone+Mojo?
  13. Mython Contributor
  14. CareyPrice31
    I tried using a shielded cable with same result, though?
    AND when using RWAK100 + Optical to Mojo as a stock, if that stack is near my iPhone (foot away), I hear RFI.
  15. spook76
    Actually I just tested my iPod Touch 6th generation and iPhone 6s plus stacked on top of my Mojo. With the iPod turned on the wifi and backed it up to iCloud so it would be communicating to see if I could detect any interference. With my iPhone I engaged location services while listening to test.

    I have always assumed like all other portable amplifiers I have owned I would hear RFI interference. With both iDevices I do not hear any interference either when a song is playing or paused. WOW
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