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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. x RELIC x Contributor

    Hahahahahahaha! :D
  2. georgelai57
    I hope the Mojo starts a better naming convention than Chord has used previously.
    Basically, if you experience RF issues when Mojo is connected to a smartphone, then:
    1. ensure you are using a proper coaxially-shielded connector cable
    2. if available to you, try to operate your smartphone on 3G or LTE, and not on 2G/Edge
    3. try using the smartphone in 'Airplane' mode whenever possible
    4. you may find it worthwhile obtaining a small ferrite choke to clip around the co-ax connector cable, locating it as close to the phone end as possible
    5. Co-ax cables, and USB connector cables, may benefit from use of a ferrite choke
    1. With the jitterbug between my samsung S4 and the mojo, the RF are nearly gone.
    On 100 km on the highway, only once i can detect the change of  gsm relay.
    2. I have the Pink Floyd album " The Division Bell" in 44.1 and 96.
    The benefit of the jitterbug on the sound quality is more audible when i use the 96 kHz/24bits files.
    3. When I use the mojo with a PC, my portable or the S4, and the Jitterbug, I have poor quality by comparaison with the folowing setup:
    Oppo BDP-103D connected with "Wireworld Supernova 7 Toslink optical" to Mojo. In this setup, i place the jitterbug between the HD and the mojo.
    4.  I have try the new Sennheizer HD800S versus HD800 and Oppo PM-3 versus HD600.
    on Oppo BDP-103D connected with "Wireworld Supernova 7 Toslink optical" to Mojo
    I prefer the HD800S because the little acidity of the HD800 is gone.
    The sailor said me that all the listeners who compare them in his shop think the same.
    I like the HD800S to but i am still waiting to ear it with the Dave.
    5. Oppo PM3 Cable replacement: Wireworld nano silver eclipse

    Read more at http://nicollpr.com/wireworld/releases/2015/WW_HeadphoneCP_FinalPR.pdf
    I think that Wireworld chooses the Oppo PM-3 for a good raison.
    I have try the Wireworld nano silver eclipse between the Mojo and the PM-3.
    I listen more dynamic, more details and the picture is more open.
    I am sure that the 200 Euro are a good investissement. I think that you have to try it to have the best of your Mojo with the PM-3.
    In some days I will receve in loan the Wireworld nano silver eclipse and the Wireworld nano platinum eclipse.
    to following

  4. henriks
    I got this tiny fellow today, working with my usb-c otg cable..
    under 1$
  5. Antihippy
    That actually seems perfect for what I need.
    Now I need to find a USB A to USB C OTG cable that is both short hand angled on both ends.
  6. GreenBow
    John Franks lost me in that interview when he said the Mojo will stand up against £25,000 DACs. Then be better. He did say in terms of measurements though. I don't know if he was referring to sound quality so I watched on. It was a great interview. Especially the part where he revealed he had sold his house to Rob Watts, haha. I will be looking into 1960s jazz too. (Healthy looking 60 year old or what!)
    With reference to burn-in, it is undeniable in transducer technology, like some headphones and loudspeakers. One example, my new speakers initially did not respond to tweaking an equaliser at 31Hz. They do now. They were very bass light when new. Grado headphones from the previous SR and SRi ranges I have owned from new. They made a clear-cut change from new out of the box. Nothing to do with what the brain does. I owned apair of ex-demo SR60. They were wonderful from day one. I gave them to a relative. I bought some new SR60 boxed, sealed, new, and they sounded terrible. Over time they developed the sound the first pair had. Exactly the same with a new pair of SR125i. Most of us concluded seventy hours was needed. The new Grado e-series is meant to fill out in the bass and improve tonally, and it did for me. Nothing to do with brain.
    Personally I think the analogy of burn-in with 3D-pictures was not conclusive. Those dot pictures were about letting your eyes relax rather than working the eye muscles, before the image appeared. We do not have those functions in the ear. (Those pictures were not about training the brain to do anything.) Taking it as purely analagous though it presents a different question. The reason why we later hear stuff in music after buying a piece of audio kit is more simply explained. We are focussing on different parts of the same music at different times. (We do however adjust to new audio kit whatever kind of burn in you could call it. many of us like the improvement of new kit from day one, then admit they sound better later.)
    It is hard though to try and figure out why audio kit appears to burn in. I have a theory but no idea how relevant. Mechanical items like cars need to be run-in. Also they run better at certain temperatures etc. Well electrons and currents moving, are mechanical operations. It is not unreasonable to think electronic components need time. Many are after all are tiny gates, or storage facilities, current (power) diversions, or chokes.
    With reference to the Mojo, and initial impressions, I think I was right to give the advice I did. (Whether it be brain-burn-in or otherwise.) My very first impression of the Mojo was not favourable. I could hear all the extra detail, but it sounded harsh like throwing a pile of crockery and metal plates. There was too much detail and it sounded slightly hollow. [Please bear in mind I was coming from the Meridian Explorer. It is a smoother, softer, less detailed DAC than the Mojo.]
    It was the extra detail that kept me listening, plus the wonderful stuff people say. The sound changed after about two days, then got smoother from then on. The Mojo has settled for me though it does seem to get smoother and more solid. I think the smooth sound is what other people call 'effortless'. (Anyway I guess I am in for a hard time over this post.) 
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  7. Antihippy
    Hmm, ordering from amazon Japan is weird though, shipping wise.

    By the way, is it common for the balls to rattle a bit? Only happens with a firm shake.
  8. Saoshyant
    Ok, going to avoid the obvious joke.  I must admit that's a nice looking cable, too bad it's not seemingly available on the US Amazon.
  9. oleWhiskey

    This guy
  10. Ike1985
    I don't know I only have an iphone 5, my next phone will be a Samsung s7.  I sure hope Android phones can output youtube/bandcamp/tuneshell/onkyo/stitcher to mojo via usb.
  11. Rob Watts
    Electrolytic capacitors take time to break in - leakage current takes 3 months to minimize and so does ESR (equivalent series resistance). If you use them in the audio path (I do not) then bass distortion gets lower with time. It is possible to reduce break-in time, and I do this.
    With Hugo I kept on getting the feeling that SQ was getting better and better - even nine months on - but when given brand new product from Chord, once warmed up, they sounded the same. So it was not the hardware, and either I was deluding myself, or my brain was un-learning digital music. Now Mojo/Hugo/Dave do things in the time domain that no other DAC's do, so its easier for the brain to make sense of the music as timing of transients has much less uncertainty. Certainly the brain does get used to a particular sound, and creates processing short cuts that allows better understanding of the sound, so its not a great leap to state the possibility that our brain's unlearn digital sound as after all, we are surrounded by it.
    I can say that since Hugo I can no longer tolerate listening to music using conventional DAC's.
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
  12. Ike1985
    Thanks for making a TOTL audio product that can compete with any in the portable market that those of us without 25k/month audio budgets can afford.  Mojo is always with me and even streaming mp3's sounds fantastic.  I look forward to getting one of your desktop rigs some day.
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  13. cj3209
    BRAVO! to the creators of the MoJo. [​IMG]
    I was on the sidelines for quite some time before I just picked one up from moon-audio.  I'm simply amazed that I can get similar high quality sound compared to my reference transportable ALO CDM in a mobile unit - connected to my Samsung Note 4.  
    If we can get an SD card attachment w/screen, my AK120ii is in danger of being delegated to the drawer...
  14. Pokersound
    I was listenin some mp3's music last night and I was amazed the good the sound is with this little wonder.
    Most of my music is in flac buy since Mojo the mp3 is important again.
    Thanks Chord team
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  15. oleWhiskey

    Just purchased 7 for a rainy day lol  DONT JUDGE ME!  ◕‿◕
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