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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. iBrian

    ........Read what you typed a couple times. 
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  2. Ike1985
    Guys right now I'm listening to the bandcamp app. I love bandcamp, makes buying music super cheap and easy.  Anyway, they have a feature where labels, artists and fans you follow-they're album purchases or recommendations or in the case of lables-releases appear in your music feed. I've got like 300 people I follow so my feed is always updating so I just set mine to play and it will play the next song in my feed automatically with my iphone 5 screen off.  If I click a button it automatically dispalys album art, very nice.
    Anyway, the most of the albums offer a track or two or more as free streaming.  Most of these are im mp3 format(guessing).  The albums can all be downloaded in flac once you pay(in most cases, some are free). Now to the point: I am astonished at the quality of these streaming mp3's on mojo and my ADEL A12's.  I just listened to Heights(never heard of this band before) - Trick of the Light.  The guitars reach high and low across the sound spectrum, the cymbals decay for a very long time, the bass guitar is tight but has a ton of authority.  Everything-especially the drums are placed in the correct place on the large soundstage.  Who thought simple streaming mp3's could sound so damn good. 
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  3. Mython Contributor
    Perhaps the recordings are simple 2-channel mic'd, rather than over-produced, multi-tracked recordings, run through a mixing desk &/or digital audio software until barely any natural acoustic remains.
  4. felix3650

    Hey everyone,
    Any answers to my inquiry? I hope I'm not being pushy...I'm really on the edge (and mood) on getting the Mojo
  5. Mython Contributor
    700 pages....[​IMG]
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  6. Mython Contributor
    Which country are you in?
    If you're in the UK, and you're unsure whether to purchase a Mojo or not, then Phil might be able to let you hear it:
  7. betula

    I used iFi iCan with Fidelio X2 before I purchased Mojo. I am relistening my music for 3 weeks now. Nonstop. I didn't know X2 can sound this good. Mojo is an incredible device. 
  8. felix3650
    I'm from Italy. There is an official Chord reseller here but they do not offer any "Try before you Buy" options and going to their shop would be a 500km trip [​IMG]
    I can try Amazon UK. Get it, try it out a couple of days and then return it. Would that work?
    I hear good praises for the iCan. If it did that to your X2 maybe (I'm almost sure to be honest) it would do the same with my HP50.
  9. GreenBow
    I would say try it for more than two days. I thought it took a while but not too long, for the sound to really soften and warm properly.
  10. Mython Contributor
    John Franks had an interesting analogy about 'burn-in', in his interview, here:
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  11. mathi8vadhanan
    This is AK120 II. AK100 II is a little shorter.
  12. betula

    Great interview, thanks. Very informative. That sd card module sounds particularly interesting to me. :)
  13. Pokersound
    It is possible to use it connecting the phone (android) to Mojo via otg? I mean. it works like uapp?
  14. x RELIC x Contributor

    That was a very informative interview. Thanks for posting it.

    I particularly liked the parts about brain burn-in and visual and audio perception. The timing comments from John ring very true with what I hear with the Mojo.

    Also, the idea of the SD card add-on with a screen will be most welcomed by many. Mojo DAP!
  15. jarnopp

    Thanks, Mython. Great interview. I love hearing the additional technical and design details trickle out, like solving a mystery (of how this unit sounds so fantastic). John mentions that Mojo uses 60 DSP cores. Rob has said Dave uses 166. The Mojo's chip has 90 cores, so others could be used for other functions besides the DAC itself. Interesting,y, the Hugo chip has 16 DSP cores. Not saying more has to be better...not saying.
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