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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. music4mhell
    I will do that, i am going for VE ZEN 2.0 .. any alternative or that will be best for my Mojo ?
  2. cj3209

    I'm in the same boat.  It would take me literally 5 minutes of pain to get some rubber flange ear tips to properly seal. I tried a bunch of others tips and it just would not give me a proper seal - it drove me nuts.  Custom IEMs solved this and I haven't looked back as well.
  3. EllieFreckles

    Sorry for the late reply. Had some things come up. Thanks for the advice. I did a lot of thinking, and decided to take the plunge and order a Chord Mojo.

    Currently I have a Schiit Lyr + Fiio E17 combo amping my HD800. I know my set up isn't what most people would use. Truth be told, I'm not that rich. Been collecting headphones for 10 years now, and have been wanting the HD800 since they were first released. They have been a dream of mine, something I could never achieve.

    But the money and timing was right, and when the price dropped, I scooped one up. I actually cried when I used them for the first time, since I had spent so many years dreaming of that moment.

    In some ways, it's kind of a positive I'm a casual audiophile. I don't have great hearing, and don't understand all the technicals. I just love different sound signatures and appreciate high quality audio. So even with my current set up, I was in heaven listening to the HD800.

    But I also wanted something better then the E17. Something to hold me over for 3 years until I could afford a better set up. After reading all the reviews and impressions, I fee like the Chord Mojo is up my alley. And since I'm a casual, I'm hoping I'll be really impressed.

    I fee like the risk isn't high, since I have a family member that wants a Mojo and would pay me it in full if it's not my thing. But I'm still a mix of nervous and excited. Trying to keep my expectations in check and just clear my mind and go in with a neutral mindset.

    Probably a stupid question. But given I have a Lyr, would you guys recommend using the Lyr for the amp and using the Mojo for the DAC (replacing the Fiio). Is that possible to do? Or would it be better to just plug directly into the Mojo and Amp/DAC.

    Can't wait to get it. Should be here by Wed.
  4. SearchOfSub

    You can get amp your hd800 with lyr and just use the Mojo as a dac. I'm pretty sure Mojo would sound better on its own though as an amp and a dac for your hd800. I generally do not recommend schiit products from the Valhalla2 I had. Not very good in sound IMO. Mojo would be light years better if it sounds anything like the Hugo.
  5. NaiveSound
    IA Hugo significantly better than mojo
  6. EllieFreckles

    Yeah, I think I read in the HD800 thread, people that had the Mojo and HD800 said they preferred using the Mojo for both DAC + Amp. They had even tried using a separate amp, and ended up liking the sound better by only using the Chord Mojo.

    I'll just try that first. I'm not a super audiophile so I'm not expecting a miracle. Based on what I've read though, I think this will be great for me. Super excited.

    If you guys don't mind, I'll post my impressions on head-fi even if I don't know the technicals and am an idiot. I'll at least update you guys on how it's going.
  7. Currawong Contributor
    Try both and see what you think. My experiences so far with Schiit tube amps (not the Lyr) are YMMV depending on what stock tubes they could get in large quantities that were OK. There seem to be a few 6922 and the like tubes out there which are quite an improvement over what came stock for not unreasonable prices. 
  8. x RELIC x Contributor

    Personal impressions are part of what makes Head Fi fun. Please do post your impressions.

  9. EllieFreckles
    Will do. Would be easy enough to A/B, so it makes sense to do it. 
    I got my Lyr years ago, and it's a Lyr 1. I'm still using the Stock tubes that it came with, and have never changed them out or done anything with them since I first got it. I've been satisfied with the Lyr + the Fiio, but I also have never had anything else to compare them to. I've never known anything else. And honestly, I probably shouldn't have invested in a Tube amp, when I didn't even know anything about tubes. I have no idea what type of tubes I got with my Lyr, and have never rolled them. Given tubes impact the sound...you can see the problem there. 
    Truth be told, I'm probably not getting the best out of my Lyr + Fiio set up. What really appealed to me with the Chord Mojo, was how much it streamlined the process. Which would be a big deal for someone like me that is ignorant.  And if nothing else, the size is also a plus. I have to travel to Japan quite a bit in the year, and when I'm back at home, I bounce between two apartments. So carrying around a Schiit amp, isn't really realistic.

    I'm really happy I found this place. [​IMG] Everyone here has been so kind to me, and has treated me so well, despite my lack of knowledge and being dumb. I've gotten PMs from people + thread replies, where people helped me out. I've never felt pressured by anyone to buy a product, I've actually had people give me "multiple options" (even if it's not what they are using) + info to go along with it. I've tried posting in other audiophile areas, and have been given the cold shoulder, or were snarky towards me, because I lacked knowledge about the more technical aspects and was a casual. But everyone here has been really nice and helpful, and it's really made me happy!
    Anyways, now I'm rambling and going off topic. I'll post impressions when I eventually get my Mojo in. Thanks again for everything guys.
  10. music4mhell
    Guys i just bought my Chord Mojo.
    I am thinking of buying VE ZEN 2.0
    Any alternative i should think of ?
    Thanks in advance guys.
  11. music4mhell
    I just ordered VE Zen 2.0 from AE.
  12. rq1111
    Can anyone share with me how the onkyo dpx1 compare with ak100ii stack with mojo?
  13. starNdust
    im not a fan of the earbuds but in the budget my fav always is the shure 215 , they cost around 100usd 
  14. sonickarma
    DP-X1 Stack
    Someone else can help you with the AK100II as I only have the RWAK100
  15. music4mhell
    See i am in the minority. For me i cant wear IEMs at all. I feel like dying if i wear the In ears for more than 5 seconds :frowning2:
    Now you got me, why am i going for earpods.
    If this wasn't the issue, i would have easily bought Sennheiser IE800 or Se846 months back.
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