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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. dallan Contributor

    Corner split within three weeks. When I contacted they offered me 10% discount on new cable after I sent them pictures. They were less than helpful, I bought a moon cable and it has lasted 11 months with out a problem. Take it how you will but that tells me something.
  2. warrior1975
    They didn't offer a replacement? 10% discount on a new cable? That's horrible.
  3. dallan Contributor

    Yeah, I was pretty pissed. No more of my money that way. I mentioned it in the Hugo thread, just as long as people know that once they get it they are on their own.

    After having some Hugo issues and seeing Todd (TTVJ) stand behind me It really makes appreciate the help and ability to have recourse instead of being snubbed like with sys concept -so I speak up here about it.That's one reason for having the forum, so you can read and make educated purchases instead of being frustrated or taken.

    FYI-while I'm at it, Chord stepped up to and made everything right. I'm totally impressed with Chord and plan to buy more equipment from them in the future.
  4. NaiveSound

    That's simply not so, for me note 5 is better than dx80, and asus laptop better than both
  5. NaiveSound

    Wow that's awsome, I want one for my dx80 to mojo, jeez that even looks Good, I wish I could make it or buy it
  6. San Man
    That's pretty ****ty customer service.   Moon would have been my first choice, but they don't make a port-over-port cable like sys does.
  7. DJBaila

    I have noticed that here at Head-Fi a lot of people look more for defects than for qualities in the products, maybe looking for an excuse to upgrade or buy another products, we all know this hobby is addictive and some people would never be happy with what they have.
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  8. kenman345
    Budget is sub-$200. I am looking for an earbud,not an IEM. I have CIEM's and Aurisonic Rockets (now Fender I guess) but I want something that doesnt go inside the ear but rests on it. This will be for work when I dont want something clamping my head. I listen to most every type of genre, even country. I like neutral sounding headphones normally. Anything else you need for a recommendation? I was thinking Yuin PK1 but its only because its one of the only earbud I know of.
  9. zeddun

    My favorite sounding earbud and it's priced around $199 is the Celsus Sound Gramo One. With well recorded material it sounds very good for an earbud with decent transparency and soundstage. It is not all that forgiving of less than stellar recorded material though if you are looking for an earbud to make all your music sound good. http://www.sonicunity.com/products/gramo-one
  10. sling5s
    Anyone drop their Mojo? I feel I need a protective case or skin for it.
  11. kenman345
    I think i need something not that picky. but thanks for the suggestion.
    I am thinking earbuds and now also earphones like the Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M but higher end
  12. Coopaw
    Should I jump on the Mojo Bandwagon?
    HI all;
    I have been lurking around Head-Fi and the other headphone sites for a little while now. I’ve been wading through this thread, I read the beginning including the “3rd post” and picked back up on page 600 and trying to catch up to current but very time consuming. I picked up on One Tall Guy’s Q&A thread since I to am mid 60s and have typical hearing loss for my age and similar concerns.
     I’m just getting into the Head-Fi hobby.  I’ve been addicted to  audio gear all my life and have a pretty high end vintage stereo rig as well as an above average home theater setup.  The problem is with my wife home most of the time, I can’t really enjoy the stereo rig without disturbing her. 
    I have had a pair of Shure E5c’s and some SE4 series Shure IEM for a while and use a Geek Out 450 with them as well as a pair of HE-400s with Focused A pads I just picked up ( my first recent purchase), which I like very much.  I have a pair of Fidelio X2 coming in a week or so to evaluate against the 400s’ and I’ve signed up for the Massdrop Fostex TH-00x drop coming in May.  I tried the Oppo PM-3’s but I preferred the airiness and soundstage of the HE-400s.  The Oppo’s to quote someone from one of the forums, “are quite good and neutral but just boring”.  They were comfortable and the closed back was a plus but I just couldn’t get excited about them.  I’m hoping the Foxtex will fill that void.
    I mostly listen to rock, folk , R&B and popular with a lot of female vocals. I also listen to some Jazz and Classical as well.  Some EDM but can’t stand Techno, Opera or most Country.
    So hear is my question have any of you new Mojo converts had any previous experience with the Geek Out device and how would you say they compare?  
    I toyed with the idea of getting a Schiit Vali 2 Tube amp and feeding it with the Geek Out or one of the Schiit DAC’s as a cheap option.  I suppose I could also feed it from the Mojo to experiment with tube flavoring.
    I just don’t want to spend $600 on the Mojo to find out it is a 1 or 2% improvement over what I’m listening to. I like the GO and  from all I’ve read it’s very respectable.  I found a couple of comparison with the GOV2 to the Mojo and those people preferred the Mojo but not by a huge margin.  I’ve searched and can’t fine anyone who has compared it to the GO450 or the 450 to the V2 for that matter.
    I should also mention I would not use the Mojo away from home much if at all. I can survive the quality of my iPad or iPod into the Shure IEM’s for a 4 hour flight now and again.  I typically would use it from my Macbook while sitting in the family room and drawing the files from either my Mac Mini HTPC or from a NAS drive that has several thousand AAC and Apple lossless files stored on them.
    I’ve been reading how awesome the Mojo is but if I don’t need the portability, should I be considering some other option in a similar price range.
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  13. Carl6868

    What stupid statements, unless you have heard the noise or are slightly deaf then you wouldn't understand.

    I returned my first unit due to the high pitched whine when charging which I could hear from 2 metres away, the replacement is silent when charging.
  14. oleWhiskey
    Just going to remove this...
  15. Pokersound
    You could read about VE Zen 2.0. Is a very good earbud, I think is one of the best, I have Zen 1.0 and is the best earbud I've listened and pair very well with Mojo but the 2.0 seem to be even better
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