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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Meth
    Should I sell my iBasso DX80 for the MoJo to pair with my S6? I'm currently using the XBA-Z5 IEM.
  2. betula

    I sold my DX80, as I found Mojo much better sounding (paired with computer). Hoping to have similar results with smartphone, just waiting form my usb otg to arrive. I use Mojo 99% at home, so portability is not too important to me. DX80 is great value for money if you use it just as a DAP. Pired with Mojo wasn't my liking. I found treble too harsh for my ears. (Via coaxial.)
  3. barbes

    I've had mine for a week. It's worked perfectly with my iPhone 6S and a 128gb Touch. Threw one "not authorized device" message at one point, still worked just fine. Very nice solution so far.
  4. AudioBear

    Looks like this didn't get answered so I'll give it a try.  The answer is spread throughout this thread in many ways.  Mojo can be set to deliver a line out voltage of 3V at max volume.  Look back a few posts and you'll see discussion of it.  Just plug your little dot into the headphone output and turn it all the way up.  BE VERY CAREFUL not to plug an IEM or a sensitive can into the other jack.  The max 3V setting is essentially a line out for an amp.  This is not "double-amping" but all the fear of double amping is a bunch of silly crud anyway.    BTW, it's best to turn the digital volume control and the Mojo volume control to max and control the output level with your amp.
    All of this said I have grave doubts that you will notice any difference in SQ between the little dot and the Mojo. I don't see any advantage to feeding Mojo into a tube amp at all.  Mojo has it's own warmth and musicality with the advantage of near zero distortion and excellent detail and clarity.  Why muddy up the water?
  5. Mython Contributor
    In addition to AudioBear's advice, please check these links:

    If you need further clarification, just ask [​IMG]
  6. jarnopp

    Mython has kindly posted the DIY links above, but I wanted to clarify a few things in AudioBear's post. The 3V setting is not max volume and you should NOT run the Mojo at max volume into your amp. The 3V setting is about the middle of the range, and some find a few clicks down (3-4) is more acceptable (about 2V)and provides more amp volume control range.

    2nd, looking at the specs for the Little Dot, I believe the Mojo has more output power on its own than that amp. However, you may prefer the sound. You will need a 3.5mm to dual RCA cable, or an adapter like Audioquest makes that will allow you to use RCA cables.

  7. Skyyyeman
    Here's a recent Mojo review from Holland mentioned in the DAVE thread entitled "Chord Mojo Audiophile Gem." Not sure if it's been included here yet.
    Re USB cables:  "The short USB Micro cable that you get from Chord proved to be ‘not bad’, but it's limited length made it a bit awkward in use. Fortunately I had a longer standard quality USB micro cable lying around. That one sounded ‘okay’ as well, but when I moved it to the charging input of the Mojo and started using an AudioQuest Cinnamon Micro USB for the digital data, the improvement was almost as big as when I switched from ‘iPhone’ to ‘iPhone plus Mojo’."
    Mython likes this.
  8. lurk

    the lil issue i'm having
    unusable now as a portable for me
  9. heliuscc
    Is this derGabe? For me it was before xmas, no comms lately at all. I have made my own cable now. It's good,
    I'm not very happy about being scammed to be honest, if only for a small sum. He was still posting on here a few days back.
    I think I paypal gifted it as well, Bit stupid.
  10. uzi2
    Looks like you need a different interconnect - plenty of options post 3
  11. lurk
    its not fault of the cable nor the DAP, it's the coaxial port on the mojo
    I hv tried it with different cables i hv around
  12. OneL0ve
    OMG, Is that a FiiO L16 stereo cable in the coaxial port? [​IMG] 
  13. betula

    It is interesting, if a USB cable can make such a difference. I'd love to try if it is true. I was wondering, if the difference is noticeable only from usb A to micro usb, or there is micro-micro cinnamon cable as well, cause I didn't find the latter.

    EDIT: Also a very good deal at the moment on futureshop.co.uk:
  14. betula
    It has turned out to be quite effective to cool Mojo by holding it in your palms. In longer listening sessions (2-3 hrs) with charger plugged in Mojo heats up to a level when safety circuit shuts the device off. (50-55 Celsius I am guessing.) By holding the device after this 2-3 hrs in my palm for 1-2 minutes in every half an hour seems to provide enough cooling to prevent shut down. From 50-55 Celsius degrees to 37, using my blood as cooling liquid. :D (Not a big issue for me and seems to be easier than building a cooler.)
  15. egogo
    Have anybody tried using Mojo with iPhone/iPad + Apple Lighting to USB camera adapter with current 9.3 public beta 2?
    I'm getting loud, static-like noises a few times per minute (present both with radio module on and in airplane mode).
    Works totally fine with devices running 9.2 and 9.2.1 though.
    Also seem to work fine with the same setup, but with Mojo replaced with Fiio E17K.
    I'm about to file a bug on public beta, wanted to check if it's unit-specific or a common problem.
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