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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Ra97oR

    If you have accidentally pressed a volume button while in Line out mode, that new volume will be saved and be recalled next power up. One step up or down line level is VERY loud for any IEMs.
    With my FitEar, I make sure that the volume is all the way down to zero before using it. One mistake it might be the only one you can ever make with IEMs.
  2. Ra97oR

    Line out mode is an exception, unless you have pressed a volume button while in it. Then the volume you set will be saved, if you did not change volume in Line out mode, it will not save to 3V for obvious reasons.
  3. nntnam

    Not when you use the 3V output. It won't remember that setting.
  4. s7uart
    My bad, sorry I did not realise this, I've not really used my Mojo in line out mode much.
  5. nntnam
    It could be the case. Now I'm much more careful :D . Never plug IEM in before checking the volume :p.
  6. x RELIC x Contributor

    Always a wise practice! :D
  7. Antihippy
    Hmm, I am getting coil whine when charging. Not loud, but noticeable.

    Didn't someone in this thread have the same problem? Did they find any solution or is it just the characteristic of the mojo?
  8. Ra97oR
    Check the FAQ.
  9. Antihippy
    Hmm, alright, thank you. Hope I have a spare apple charger somewhere.

    edit: Yup, apple charger did the trick. Thanks for your help. :)
  10. mazzy009
    while I'm waiting for my micro usb cables to plug in LG V10, to test Mojo with it, just tested few days with Macbook via Audirvana, all I can say it is fantastic muscle sound, with advantage on middle and sub bass, like you in disco bar or even on live concert. Instead my onkyo dp-x1 - warm, more natural, more for jazz or relaxing music. Both devices are great engineering pieces, but with different signature and philosophy, my associations like brave and calm samurai with muscle british bouncer.
  11. GreenBow
    A few people have asked how the Mojo compares with the Meridian Explorer, among many DACs. I made a post in the Meridian Explorer 2 Impressions thread, comparing the ME1 with the Mojo.
    Meridian Explorer vs Mojo.
    ME1 compared to Mojo
    A bit thicker and weightier sounding.
    Slightly richer sounding.
    Fractionally more fun sounding. E.g a buzzy sound is warmer and more buzzy.
    Smoother softer sound.
    Mojo compared to ME1.
    Extra definition puts some stuff right. Instruments have a slightly clearer defined space. Instruments have more definition, e.g a tom-tom beat; you can hear more of the impact of the hand. You can hear more of the defintion of what it going on with the skin of the tom-tom when struck. You hear a clearer decay of the instrument. (Whereas the ME1 some decays can sound dull with having less detail.)
    Sligthly less weighty sounding, but might be down to more focus.
    Slightly more balanced soundfield.
    More crisp reponse to steel strung acoustic guitar, though the ME1 does a really good job.
    Cymbals are more focused and clearly defined.
    These descriptions are what I mean by the Mojo 'sounding more planted'. More noticable with my (good) desktop active speakers, and less with my headphones. It feels more sat in front of me. The ME1 by comparison sounds like it's hovering a little, and as if I am listening to speakers from off centre. Additionally being slightly less focused. This is by no means a criticism of the ME1 though, because for the £150 I paid it's very good.
    Bass notes sound slghtly drier, tighter, and more defined. The ME is a touch boomier.
    Copes with congested music better making it sound pleasant, whereas the ME can make congested music less fun to hear. In other words the Mojo makes music better.
    Smooth because it's clearer.
    Bit less sibilant.
    Bit more transparent.
    Bear in mind my audio kit is not top-notch so others will hear more.
  12. Hansotek
    Just got my Mojo in the mail on Thursday, and finally got a chance to test it yesterday with my HD800 on both the Liquid Carbon and the Liquid Crimson. Gotta say, I'm pretty floored by the level of sound you get from this little device. The musicality is just bonkers... I mean this little sucker makes you want to get up and dance! Very nice microdynamics - I always get a little frustrated when things are overly smoothed out, but I found the Mojo had a nice tactility about it with the individual notes. Really nice 3D floating soundstage. Really feels like you are swimming in the music. Can't wait to put in more time with this little guy today. Thanks everyone for your loud and constant praise of this device, I'm glad curiosity finally got the best of me!
  13. Mython Contributor
    Further options:
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  14. highfell

    Been waiting since Nov 23. He hasn't been online for the last six days. So maybe he has done a runner. He promised the end of the month. If I have not received the cable or had no more communication from him I'll file a Paypal claim.
  15. jarnopp

    Welcome to the club! I've been really enjoying the Mojo -> LC -> HE-6 pairing, but I'm sure the Crimson would be simply spectacular.
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