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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. obileye obiyemi

    Thanks for your reply!       how do you rate the portability of the combination ?  do the connections get badly affected  by  everyday movement like walking running etc ?   or is very securely connected ?     is it convinient to carry in the pocket etc ?                 Thanks so much    
  2. masterpfa
    With the OnePlus X's size the short OTG cable which is the most secure of all the cables I have tried, means I have a firm continual connection ALWAYS with my OnePlus One
    Strap both together to reduce movement and you should be fine.
  3. obileye obiyemi
    Thank you !!!
  4. simonm
    All electronic devices are susceptible to this when plugged in if not grounded.  My MacBook has that electrical buzz sensation when I use the short wall mount adapter that lacks grounding.  When plugged in using the extender chord that has a grounding prong the sensation is completely absent.  It's not really a problem unless you hear noise in the audio out when charging, but from what I read there shouldn't be and you can use a grounded power supply if it bothers you, which should solve the problem.
    I haven't tested this yet but I'm not concerned as I didn't buy it to be a desktop DAC.
  5. oleWhiskey
    Ill still stick to my statement and this comes from years of crazy and awesome experiments,  I have seen weirder things happen when troubleshooting other devices and electronics. regardless of it being grounded.   I must have a extremely dry sense of humor for anyone to provide a rebuttal to my satire statement
  6. JamesKH
    Got my Mojo working!

  7. spook76
    Please point out where is the option in Onkyo HF Player iOS app to transmit bit perfect? If you mean turn off the up or down sampling that I have already done. Thank you.
  8. NaiveSound

    I also need verification about this

    And any other tips to get the best out of mojo

    Most on other threads believe this mojo is just hype and people will sell them and move on to other things shortly, I will be keeping mine, I love it, how about you guys?
  9. AudioBear
    It's a keeper.
  10. x RELIC x Contributor
    IMO if people get bored and want to move on that's fine with me. I've heard enough gear to know the Mojo is special and has no competitors, even well above its price. The tech that is inside is quite stunning and the musical reproduction is, to say the least, remarkable.

    I've seen the hype on other products recently based on marketing claims and buzz words but for the Mojo I find the hype to be absolutely real. I'm still enamoured by its natural sound, which is rare for me (as my wallet can verify).
  11. Bighappy

    Well said!!!
  12. San Man
    My carry case for the rig (Lowepro LP36372) , I added a piece of foam from one of my Glock gun cases (visible on the right/inside case area, now the fit is perfect.   I also put a small foam piece on the top of the mojo to prevent it from sliding up (even though it doesn't move-that inner strap keeps it snug too)
  13. sabloke
    I'm just about the get my hands on a DP-X1 DAP that I purchased after reading that its balanced output is on par with, if not better, than the Mojo. I guess I'm about to find out. Worst case scenario, I got excellent transport for my Mojo :grinning:
  14. MrDerrick
    Of course the balanced output is going to be better than the Mojo, the Mojo doesn't have balanced output.
  15. sabloke

    Well, that's like saying a dual processor PC is always better than a regular one. Problem is, you could compare a 2002 dual Pentium Pro rig with one powered by the current i7. Not much of a contest there, is it?
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