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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. krismusic Contributor
    Ah. Yes. I should have remembered that! Is it possible to order the Fiio L9 from UK?
  2. salla45
    And getting on for a million views. That's amazing!
  3. Carl6868
    Don't think so, if you find somewhere please let me know as would like to try one.
    Anyone in Asia know anywhere or willing to help get a couple ?
    Cheers, Carl
  4. GreenBow
    Ref back on page 655, post 9811. I mentioned that the Mojo cut off the first second of music even when the sampling frequency didn't change. I replied to Rob Watt's post and he PM me yesterday. This was @Rob Watts message:
    I noticed your post about J River and mutes. J River often issues no data commands, so you may be at 44.1, then no data, then back to 44.1, so Mojo will see this as a sample rate change and then mute.
    I got this back from Matt at Chord:
    Hi Rob,
        I think J River starts and stops the track each time you skip. This means the sample rate will effectively change so you get the mute.
    I would see if the customer has the 'play silence at startup' set to 0.5s and also find out whether he is using WASAPI, Kernel Streaming or ASIO as it might
    make a difference.

    Matt Bartlett BEng CEng MIEE
    Manufacturing Director

    So give that a go,
    I imagine putting in the second's silence would fix it when changing albums. Not sure about switching track on the same album. Not tried it yet.
    However it's not just JRiver that does it. I have it with Media Go. @headmanPL has it with USB Audio Player Pro. @nmatheis has it on the Soundaware Esther DAP.
    I have put the info here so others can potentially solve their issue. Plus quoted for other Head-Fiers who had this issue.
    For reference: last night I bought some HD-audio, to test sampling frequency change on my Meridian Explorer (ME). The ME doesn't mute the first second like the Mojo does. The ME delays starting playing music for a couple of seconds, until it has completed the change of sampling frequency.
    I am not sure I would have gone ahead with the Mojo had I known this. I wonder also if there could be situations where the Mojo would be the preferred method. Like if I was listing to HD-audio, and then started PC gaming. I wonder if the delay made by the Meridian Explorer would cause out of sink sound in a game. I doubt it as sound would catch up in silent parts, but I am trying to rationalise the Mojo. From a purely music perspective the Meridian Explorer method wins on this for me.
  5. Saoshyant
    Sorry in advance.  I'm sure the information is in here, but as Chord graciously pointed out the thread's surpassed 10,000 posts, so that's a bit to sift through.
    So here's the question.  I'm aware that Moon Audio sells the Mojo for $600, as well as suggests and sells a cable for me using my Fiio X5i as a transport.  The question I'm slowly getting at is, is there another option someone can recommend for purchasing the Mojo?  I just want to weigh my options, and I'm about 90% sure I'm ready to break down and pick up the Mojo.  I've always gone the inexpensive route for my dac, having used a stoner acoustics ud110 for awhile until it went on strike (works on other computers but no longer works on mine, spent hours trying various solutions to no avail) and am currently using the previously mentioned Fiio as my dac/amp.  All in all, the Mojo just seems like it'd suit every need I have, and some I haven't thought of yet.
    So if Moon Audio is my best option for purchasing, I appreciate the confirmation.  If there's another seller to consider, I'll gladly take any suggestions, and thanks in advance!
  6. Torq
    Todd the Vinyl Junkie carries the Mojo - that's where I bought mine (after cancelling my original order with Moon Audio).
  7. Paul Meakin
    I'm using the Plenue M, optical out into the Mojo... for the person that asked earlier, I forgot to press the Quote button!
  8. AudioBear
    I like getting personal e-mails from Todd.  I had a problem with my iPhone-Mojo-CCK connection and Todd was very helpful.  It was a defective Apple CCK.  I also personally wouldn't buy an expensive silver interconnect like Moon sells that still needs the Apple CCK.  Use the cable that comes from Chord and the CCK or look for less expensive 3rd party solutions in the 3rd post.
    At $599 for the product of the year I doubt that you are going to find serious discounts.
  9. betula
    I discovered, Mojo sounds much nicer to the ear via usb than coax. Why is that?
    I use Mojo with Foobar Asio driver and Android. The sound is much smoother than coax or optical. Livelier with better bass (quantity and quality). I tried coax from DX80, and while it is still a nice sound, highs are more piercing, and hurts my ears after a while. Sound is very clear and transparent, but not that consistent as usb. Coax sounded like crystal clear needles to my ears. While usb is a velvety smooth night sky with stars.
  10. heliuscc
    Is it good?
  11. Ike1985
    Am I correct to say that one click to increase volume on the mojo is equivalent to +5db? I typically listen at 4-8 clicks with my ADEL ciems, so that would translate to 20-45db, I listen for at least 8 hours a day.  If I'm correct I should be well below dangerous levels.
    But are the mojo's lights truly accurate when some albums are quieter and some albums are louder than others?
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  12. Danthrax
    I've been reading that the sub bass is rolled off a bit, as are the highs, can anyone confirm this?
  13. betula

    If it does, it is out of my hearing territory (20-16000Hz).
  14. Ike1985
    Not confirmed, mids are very lush and rich. May give that impression but upon focused listening it's all there-at least to me and my setup.  So many variables here, album, mastering, phones, environment, etc.
  15. jarnopp

    I believe I read that clicks within the main region were 1db each, but much finer at the extremes (where one ball stays solid and only the other cycles through the colors). Certainly not 5db per click at any point.
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