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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. petetheroadie

    Nice! Do you have a link?
  2. BrutalLegend

    I just tested both the Hugo and Mojo and they both do the same upsampling to 192kHz when using the micro USB connection.

    I somehow prefer the Hugo than the Mojo though. It seems to pair better with my Ether C and the soundstage seems wider which should suit my long listening periods but that's just my personal preferance.
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    Already posted:
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  4. Vorgode
    Been experimenting & feeling very confuse lately.
    SETUP A (CD RIP FLACS > AK100II > 3rd party Toslink > Mojo > 1964 V6 Stage = Forward & Heavy)
    - "heavy" lows & bass(?) were overwriting details. Still audible if pay attention closely.
    - More expansive soundstage (width) for sure
    - Bass hits harder both quantity & quality
    - Entire spectrum sounded more forward
    SETUP B (Spotify Premium > Macbook Pro Late 2015 > Chord USB > Mojo > 1964 V6 Stage = Fun & Detai)
    - Instrument details were much clearer. No effort needed to pin point every instruments
    - Bass & lows hits less harder but > quantity versus setup above (noticeable in Lana Del Ray Young & Beautiful opening where there is a slow rumble)
    - Vocal is more forward where instruments were more located "behind", "left" & "right" for the lack of better description.
    - Entire spectrum is more dynamic & fun
    SETUP C (CD RIP FLACS > AK100II > 1964 V6 Stage = Laid back & "light")
    - Everything sounded flat and neutral
    - Lows were softest among the 4 setups
    - Still enjoyable and sounded "light", good for long listening experience.
    - Less dynamic & fun
    - Average soundstage, but still good.
    SETUP D (CD RIP FLACS > Macbook Pro Late 2015 > Audirvana > 1964 V6 Stage = Forward & Harsh)
    - Everything seems more punchier & forward
    - Sibilance detected in certain tracks
    - Sounded "dry"
    Anyone else feeling the same as above? I was surprise that Setup B was something I enjoyed most. I would rank them from most enjoyable to least as below;
    B > A > C > D
    Waiting for my Sys Connect Toslink to arrive tomorrow for further testing.
    EDIT Holy shyt... not sure what's happening
    1) Optical out from mac > mojo = wide soundstage, detail & clear, crispy sound
    2) USB out from mac > mojo = warmer sound, tad smaller soundstage & better lows
  5. headmanPL
    Response from UAPP developer:
    "The issue comes from the fact that the Mojo fades in the sound. The USB specification says that whenever USB is not used (playback stopped), the driver should set the 'USB alt setting' to 0, meaning it doesn't consume USB bandwidth. We do it like that and whenever playback is started, it switches to another 'USB alt setting'. This is where the Mojo (and Hugo) start fading in the sound.
    We could indeed add a feature that prepends a half second of silence, but unfortunately we cannot tell when that will be implemented since it's less trivial than it sounds."
    Personally, I can live with the occassional delay
  6. Ike1985

    If you hear a difference between a bit perfect phone signal and a bit perfect computer signal it's your imagination. If you do hear a difference with the pc,one of your programs is sampling the material before sending it to mojo. Onkyo HF app for phones does bit perfect transmission.
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  7. Ike1985

    It doesn't matter at all which source you use so long as they are both bit perfect.
  8. Ike1985

    Onkyo HF plays MP3, flac, dsd, just about anything and it does it bit perfect.
  9. NaiveSound

    Is there any settings I need to change in the Onkyo app to maximize experience?
  10. petetheroadie

    I'm in the same boat. Am now pestering him to refund my money.
  11. M-13
    Anybody using a Cowon Plenue as a source for their Mojo?
  12. audi0nick128
    I believe I know that the source and even USB Cables can make audible differences.
    It's not all about something like bit perfect and bits are bits.
    The OS will make differences, as will other running processes. The power supply of the source might affect the sound ad well... this is why I believe a Linux based dedicated Music Streamer is the best option.
    And since digital audio signals are transferred via a quasi livestream using USB Cables are important even USB.
    At least that's what I believe.
  13. Dobrescu George
    Transports and cables to make a difference, in theory too, but it remains to see how much of a difference they do make, and how much do YOU hear that difference. 
    Buy why linux based music streamer? I mean, shouldn't windows 10 be best?
  14. Angular Mo
    Admittedly, I am not an electrical engineer...

    Bit-perfect, "bits are bits", "ones-and-zeroes", as I understand are transmitted via electrical impulses (USB) or light impulses (optical). So, as I have read the arguments from those more knowledgeable than I..... many factors can influence the quality of that signal, and it is not a merger of "either it works or it does not" in a binary sense.

    Radio interference, power cleanliness, and (as I have learned from our son studying lasers at Cornell) cable geometries particularly in the case of optical all have an impact upon the transmission of but-perfect data.

    Whether one's ears are good enough to discern the differences in a separate and personal matter.

    Again, I am not stating these hypotheses as factual, they just make sense to me.

    Personally, having recently been hit with tinnitus, I have plenty of my own interference in my brain.
  15. audi0nick128
    Linux based, because I can afford to build a Raspberry Pi 2 Streamer running Music Daemon Player without any real risk, money wise.
    I have read that Auralic heavily relies on Daemon Player, but I don't want to invest that much money, now :)
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