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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Skampmeister
    Thanks Rob.
  2. shootertwist
    Thanks sir for the explanation, appreciate it a lot :)
  3. heliuscc
    DerGabe never sent my cable at all, and answers no messages.
    It's been over a month, seemed OK, but maybe not.
  4. ZzmadzZ
    Hmmm dergabe sent me all 4 of the cables I ordered plus another one due to faulty cable. Took awhile but it came! The last he told me was he had problems with his cable supplier? Not sure what's happening but the cables came and they worked great.
  5. masterpfa

    I personally have gone for the Onkyo, not necessarily to use with the Mojo but primarily as a stand alone device. My rationale being the dual dac and balanced out warrant the small differential in price

    Currently Onkyo is only available directly from Japan but using a service such as PriceJapan has meant delivery to the door of approx 4-5 days for some users and had it not been for customs and duty I would have mine too by now.
    Check out the forums for both if you haven't yet Pioneer and Onkyo
    I am not too sure of the solution but it may be covered in the Mojo Issue solutions thread here
    EDIT: Rob Watts has answered above 
  6. x RELIC x Contributor

    Rob did answer, top of this page. :wink_face:
  7. masterpfa
    I blame the F5, I had not refreshed the page this morning and posted my reply.....

    But I now see Rob's answer.

    But still a good idea to have that link [​IMG]
  8. Skampmeister
    He answered the question about the pause at the beginning of tracks, but not about the slight static when using an iPhone.
  9. Mojo ideas
    . Chord's own case should be along in just a few weeks now!
    masterpfa likes this.
  10. joshk4

    Is this from an official statement? That would be really great, as it can get warm playing.
  11. Skampmeister
    Um, the owner of chord said it, so yeah, can't get more official than that.
  12. sonickarma
    concur this makes it very official now [​IMG]
  13. joshk4
    Haha ok, my apologies, didn't know.

    Nonetheless, good to hear!
  14. GreenBow
    What I don't understand is why it happens when using JRiver on desktop PC with CD FLAC rips. (Windows 7 PC is at 44.1KHz, and so is the music. I don't even own any HD-audio yet. Though I am about to buy some Beethoven from Technics Tracks.)
    It can happen at anytime, like the first music I listen to. Or I can be playing one album, and change to another, and sometimes it happens that the first half-second is missing. (I think it can happen when jumping to another track on an album.) Then if I re-start that track it can do it again, but sometimes not.
    The Norah Jones album Come Away with Me, suffers it sometimes. The first track comes in quickly. Yet sometimes it doesn't do it, like I just tested now, and plays perfect.
    Luckily most albums have some silence before the first music begins so it don't hear it often.
    I don't think I set JRiver up to include some silence play, since I re-installed it. However with 44.1KHz music I presumed I would not have to.
    It happens as well with my other music player app Media Go.
    (NB. It never happened with my other DAC which I used every day for over a year.
  15. Ra97oR
    Further testing on the charger and cable compatibility. Chosen Anker PowerPort 5 for good measured performance and multi-port charging with Anker PowerLine due to good construction with braid + foil shielding. All are available at a reasonable price.

    Case 1: Virtually silent, only heard very minor hiss when ear is pretty much on the unit
    Case 2: Only noticeable hiss when you put your ears near the unit
    Case 3: Loud whine lasting the only the first few seconds, faint charging noise after that.
    Case 4: Loud whine, and it goes on for a few seconds and off for a few (voltage drop causing charging circuit to shut down)

    Combo 1: Sony or Samsung charger + Sony or Samsung USB cable + extension cord = Case 4

    Combo 2: Sony or Samsung charger + Any cable = Case 3

    Combo 3: Apple 1A charger + Sony or Samsung USB cable = Case 2

    Combo 4: Anker charger + Sony or Samsung USB cable = Case 2, slightly quieter than combo 3

    Combo 5: Sony or Samsung charger + long 6ft Anker cable (same cable length as Combo 1) = Case 3

    Combo 6: Apple 1A charger + Anker cable/Chord Mojo's bundled cable = Case 1

    Combo 7: Anker charger + Anker cable/Chord Mojo's bundled cable = Case 1, slightly quieter than combo 6 directly compared, with no pattern to the noise (always the same loudness)

    Anker PowerPort is tested at it's worse case scenario(unloaded), the ripple and spike measurements are better when the charger is fully loaded with devices. The Anker charger have noticeable more steady noise pattern than the Apple charger even with the best cable connected, the Apple charger's noise ripples in loudness and the Anker one is very steady at the same amplitude.

    In short:

    If you already have a Apple charger handy, just getting a quality USB cable like the one I've tested will yield noticeable gain, especially if you are using longer cables.

    If you don't have an Apple charger, getting an Anker charger with their PowerLine cables will yield the best possible result without going to go with a lab bench linear power supply. Having a multiport desktop charager will also allow you to run shorter cables.

    Link where I bought them:
    Anker PowerPort 5: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00VTI8K9K
    Anker PowerLine: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B014H3GKZ4
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