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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. NaiveSound

    The phone only Supports up. To 32gb SD card.... I almost bought it, but 32 gb is too small...
  2. Angular Mo
    I could not have said it better, the slow-boiled frog.  The color of those volume-marbles is as seductive as candy.  
    I had thought the worst I could risk, is that feeling when walking out of a concert, a little numb, that rapidly dissipates.
    The one-time gunshot is an acute, discrete event; my concern is that I slowly cooked my ears over days with the Mojo and (I did not do my research on-) the notoriously sibilant DT 990.
    Going on Day 10 of this in my head;
  3. Mojo ideas
    But not necessarily in capability or complexity or measured specification a bigger more expensive box does not always guarantee a better more capable design. But there again I'm bound to say that aren't I ... But it's true though ... JF
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  4. Mimouille
    Well the rig is obviously awesome, but the pic has less work on the lighting than Clieos' :D clean nails though.
  5. joshuachew
    Haha. Don't really get what you're saying.
  6. Carl6868

    I think they are saying you take a crap photo :D
  7. masterpfa
    As I said above

    The general consensus is as long as the SD Card is a microSDXC Memory Card in theory anything up to 2TB should be supported

    In reality that mean 128Gb and even 200Gb will be supported.

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  8. Carl6868
    Up to 200gb tested and working in the moto, see here https://forums.motorola.com/posts/d429e82217?page=2
  9. PapaoMD

    I am using iphone for my spotify music but i am contemplating on switching to a dedicated smartphone for simplicity - this would make the dx90 useless.

    I still like the feel of analog volume control rather than clicking hence the rx.
    I notice no difference using the rx. Am using shure se535ltd-j only though.

  10. chesterchan
    Hi guys, just my two cents on the Chord Mojo that I recently bought in th UK (exchange student btw) 
    By any means I am not an audiophile, just a guy that loves listening to music as much as the next guy.
    Audio iems and headphones tested with the Mojo:
    Audeze EL-8 open back
    B&W PM-7
    JVC FX-1200/1100 
    JVC HA-FXT208SE (copper coated cable)
    Source: Iphone 6 with CCK (no special cables)
    ONKYO HF PLAYER: various ALAC, FLAC, conversion to PCM and DSD5.6Mhz
    My personal sonic preference: slightly warm/neutral without too much brightness
    I own a Ifi Nano IDSD, it does really well in many terms as to allowing me to play music through the ONKYO HF PLAYER APP with relative ease. It is great no doubt, but the mids are just somewhat distant and not meaty enough for my liking. Sadly, I have not tried the micro IDSD as to compare with the Mojo. But recently I thought to up my game a bit since the for me purchasing the Mojo in the UK would be cheaper for me in terms of conversion of exchange rates. I have auditioned the HUGO awhile back but could not quite recall how the sound signature was like as to compare to the MOJO.
    When I first auditioned the Mojo, I didn't believe the hype that everyone was crazy about, "that the game has changed"; "Hugo for the fraction of the price"
    Seeing is believing but I can assure you the MOJO lives up to the hype intuitively. It only took me about maybe 15 minutes to concede that this truly is something amazing to the ears and to the soul, or by means bring me some mojo back (Austin Power pun intended)
    BASS: Very tight and controlled, bass extends slightly lower and much more precision with certain "rumble" if you will .
    MIDS: Without a certain of doubt I can reassure you the MIDS are just sublime. Listening to Adele's vocals were just so surreal and "right to your face kind of feel" This should be the main             selling point for the Mojo, the mids are meaty and textured, really enjoying the Mojo. Timbre is amazing , non too forward just nice without too much aggression.
    HIGHS: SMOOTH is all I can say for the highs, very subtle and very lush sounding. NON FATIGUING AT ALL,  very suitable for long sessions of music. 
    As I just bought the Mojo myself, further impressions shall be edited here [​IMG] ( BTW whoever just bought the mojo will have to endure a 10 hour charge which in case is like torture having to wait [​IMG]
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  11. salla45
    i like the coloured balls for that, keeps things in perspective. I know if i am going above red with my K3003's , i need to dial it down a notch.
  12. salla45
    Hah! Right. Sorry you are 100% right. Don't know what came over me. I think it's because I've listened to that SO much and rate it so highly that it only needed a mention in passing (a sort of "goes without saying" sort of thing). Got my first copy back in 1987 or 88, listened to it ever since :)
  13. San Man
    Thanks for the heads up, but for me, that unfortunately wouldn't work.   I take the mk2 off and use it solo at the gym, so all that wiggling and necessary stability for removal would be too much of a PITA for me.   YMMV though.
  14. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Finally sitting down with my HE-X and Mojo (last night was spent mostly charging it for the first time [​IMG]) through my iPad Air and Tidal and I am gobsmacked! Can't believe the SQ from a $599 device! And the ability to take this sound with me to work and have this type of sound quality is simply amazing!
  15. music4mhell
    Hey guys, I am having a small doubt.
    While playing through my Android mobile(Oneplus one) to MOJO.
    Should i put the max. volume in mobile and control the volume from Mojo.
    Will there be any difference in quality, if i won't use max. volume from my mobile and match up according to Mojo's volume.
    Let me give the example :
    Mob Vol(100%) + Mojo Vol(50%) --> X db (Y mw)
    Mob Vol(75%) + Mojo Vol(75%)  ---> X db (Y mw)
    I am giving the numbers randomly just to normalize the output volume in different scenarios.
    So, will there be any difference in sound output ?
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